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7:11 AM
Q: Kohanim hand symbol

Curious YidWhen I was a kid I always heard that only kohanim are able to do the 🖖🏻 hand position on both their hands. Leaving the “b-b-but I can do this and I’m not a kohen” comments aside, what’s the deal with this? Any basis in any sources? Old wives’ tale?

5 hours later…
12:34 PM
Q: Why weren’t the descendants of Esav or Yishmael also given the Torah alongside the benei Yaakob?

KyotiqAs we all know, Abraham had two descendants, Yishmael and Yitschak. Yitschak also had two descendants, Esav and Yaakob; however only the children of Yaakob were the nation that was chosen for the Torah, and Abraham is considered the starter of that nation. Some may say that Yishmael lost eligib...

5 hours later…
5:54 PM
Q: Groom entrance song

Richard AbrahamsI'm getting married soon, bezrat HaShem. But I need suggestions for a song to play when I approach the chuppa. I'm British Sefardi (daati), she's Israeli Ethiopian (Beta Yisrael), I'd like something Mizrachi/Sefardi. Any ideas? Thanks for your help

^ Anyone have any ideas? I'm closing the question, but maybe someone here can help.
1 hour later…
7:07 PM
Q: Running CCTV system with monitor over Shabbos

Moses SupposesDoes anyone have any sources for what the halacha is of running a home security CCTV system with the monitor on over Shabbos in a place where it is easily visible within the house? I'm specifically interested if anyone discusses the problem of having benefit over Shabbos from being picked up on ...


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