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10:57 AM
Q: Tsedaka- Extreme YOLO charity!

MiguelHypothetically speaking, if someone wants Hashem to bless them with great wealth, would it be irresponsible for them to donate 100% of their earnings to charity? Would they end up poor?

3 hours later…
1:58 PM
Q: Soda from non-kosher restaurant

KirkThere are halachic issues with eating at non-kosher restaurants even normally kosher food for a variety of reasons. My question is whether a Jew is allowed to get a kosher soda (e.g., Coke) at a non-kosher fast food drive-through (e.g., McDonald’s)? Of course no food, just the drink. Would this...

9 hours later…
10:40 PM
Q: Is taking an Eshat Yefat To'ar allowed today?

Robert ColumbiaThe Torah provides that a Jewish soldier may, by following a specific process, take a woman captive as his wife and convert her to Judaism as an אשת יפת תואר (Devarim 21:10-14). Is this provision currently in effect in the modern day? For example, would a Jewish Israeli soldier participating in t...


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