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12:04 AM
Q: can a divorced man sleep in the same household (no intercourse) with his ex wife

user34089The men is visiting his kids, from another country, and will stay in ex-wifes house

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2:00 AM
Q: Does anyone know from which book this excerpt comes from?

ddas91600Someone posted this excerpt on social media: Freedom in Judaism is defined by the ability of the soul to rule over the body, the capacity of the mind to channel the emotions of the heart. Not that the body and the heart are to be denigrated or ignored, rather they must be trained and channeled i...

2:23 AM
Q: Story of a woman hitting a rabbi because husband said

David BH I heard there was a story from the Talmud, correct me if I’m wrong, that a man told his wife to hit a rabbi on the head or something and she went hit him and after she hit him he asked: "My dear, why did you hit the Rav?" and she said: "Because my husband told me", and because she did what her...

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6:15 AM
Q: Does the Nefesh Behamis survive death?

Moses SupposesRabbi Aryeh Kaplan writes in his essay Immortality and the Soul that the Neshomo is effectively the data of our "memories, thought patterns and personality traits" and discusses the idea of transferring it to a computer or a new body. He also explains that Hashem is omniscient, so contains all of...

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7:25 AM
Q: New responsa on releasing terrorists in exchange for hostages?

DeuteronomyThe State of Israel has over the years engaged in the exchange of terrorists and criminals in exchange for the release of hostages. This topic has prior been explored in posts such as Q 10731 and Q 86771 In the context of the October 7th attack and the latest series of exchanges, have any new res...


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