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3:45 AM
Q: Shalosh Seudos - 2nd Seuda at night

Gershon GoldIf one ate a second Seuda on Friday evening, does that count towards the Shalosh Seudos? Or does it have to be in the daytime?

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1:06 PM
Q: Infinite regress in answering 'Why G-d created the world"

user9806Many answers are given to the quetion of "Why did G-d create the world?", some of them being: He wanted a dira betachtonim, a dwelling place below He wanted there to exist beings besides Himself and to have a relationship with them He wanted to give good, and so created beings to give good to G-...

9 hours later…
10:22 PM
@msh210 I remember being told this about some frozen vegetables: if labeled with [insert untrustworthy hechsher], don't buy; if unhechshered, buy.

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