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2:20 AM
Q: Is davening/learning in a prison cell allowed?

EliDov In most prison/custody cells in the UK, and likely elsewhere in the world, there is no seperation between the living/sleeping area and the toilet. Is a person allowed to daven or learn Torah in such a place? In custody cells, the toilet itself has no partitions or surrounding walls. It is literal...

3:07 AM
There is a hot question of interest over at Academia, עיי"ש.
Q: Latin abbreviation for "see there"

SamI am writing a paper and want to reference another source. In academic Hebrew, this would be said using the abbreviations for, "See (source)" or "as explained in (source), see there". Is there a comparable abbreviation in latin?

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10:42 PM
Q: Is gelilah like getting all the aliyah

melli zeilerwhen I was younger one of my rabbi's told be that gelilah is like u get all the aliyah. I am wondering what the source on this if this is true?


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