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2:59 AM
Q: Where can one find the midrash Tadsha?

ShlomyI saw something intresting brought from the midrash tadsha. I want to know where can I find this midrash. Online sources or/and where to buy online would be appreciated.

4 hours later…
6:48 AM
Q: Why does Rashi in fifth reading of Shmini change from the source?

John GoshenRegarding Moshe's response to Aharon at the end of the fifth reading of Shmini, Rashi writes that Moshe's response to Aharon (who said if we heard the leniency of eating the one time only sacrifices in mourning we shouldn't be lenient with the sacrifices of the later generations) that Moshe "wasn...

7 hours later…
2:02 PM
Q: Fiddler on The Roof -- Sabbath Prayer -- Authenticity, History, Story behind it

MicroservicesOnDDDIn the movie Fiddler on The Roof, I cry when I see this part of the film, because God is so real to me, and because I long for my fathers blessing, but he is no longer on the earth. I am jealous of the rich culture of the Jewish people, and this prayer is so meaningful to me, so I hope that there...


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