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12:17 AM
Q: PTIJ: May one become a non-serpentine animagus?

Harel13As is well-known to all who have read Hilchot Potter, Vol. 1-7, there are certain wizards who have managed to become animagi (singular: animagus), i.e., able to transform into animals (one animal per person). I assume a Jew may not become a serpentine animagus (i.e., turn into a snake) because of...

1:14 AM
@Dovid Welcome.
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3:08 AM
Q: PTIJ: Using electricity on Shabbos heter

rosendsThere is a common stance that one may not "use" (whatever that means) electricity on Shabbos, but it seems that the talmud allows for a heter, a permissible case. Apparently, if one wants to insert an electrical wire into an outlet on the sabbath using the lower of two sockets, one can do so bec...

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11:23 PM
Q: Why did Rashi deduce Keruvim faces look like human infants (כְּר֨וּב = כְּיֶּ֔לֶד)?

חִידָהRashi on Shemot 25:18 כרבים CHERUBIM — They had the form of a child’s face (Sukkah 5b) כרבים. דְּמוּת פַּרְצוּף תִּינוֹק לָהֶם While no description of the Keruvim faces is given : Shemot 25:18 "Make one Keruv at one end and the other Keruv at the other end; of one piece with the cover shall you ...


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