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12:14 AM
@interested I agree you have good questions - that’s why you should ask them! But I think you misunderstand how downvoting works here; it’s not a matter of people not liking the question necessarily, so much as its presentation (on-topicness also, but that’s not relevant to these kinds of questions which are obviously on-topic). Just spend a few minutes writing out the question in full, very clearly so there’s no question as to what exactly you’re asking, and you’ll see there’ll be no downvotes.
But in the meantime, your posting questions and answers in the comments isn’t a very good solution, either. It’s not just that the system isn’t designed that way – it’s that moderators expect that comments are for certain uses, and intentionally misusing comments, leading to their having to then clean up those comment sections, could arguably be an issue of gezeilas zman.
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6:48 AM
Q: Why wasn't Avraham lying when he said "Eloh-im yireh lo haseh li-ola, bni"?

larry909When Avraham was going with Yitzchok to the Akaida. As far as Avraham knew at the moment, there was no lamb. So the answer to Yitzchok's question should have been that there will be no lamb for the sacrifice.

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9:57 AM
Q: Origins of "Kaddish Yachid"

DonielFI was recently introduced to the concept of a "Kaddish Yachid," attributed to Rav Amram Gaon. A few fairly unreliable sources online discuss it as some form of a stand-in for when Kaddish can't be said in a minyan (ex. 1, 2), and the person who originally introduced it to me only had its text and...

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1:57 PM
More spam leaked through the filter: judaism.stackexchange.com/a/113340. Proof that Jastrow is a Rabbi – links to his Facebook page.
2:42 PM
@DonielF not sure that is spam. The most recent post on that Facebook page exactly addresses the question, but as always, we would like to see content in the post itself, not in a link.
3:18 PM
קצת דרום מראש העין
עושים מעשיו של קיין
הורגים אחיהם בלאט
לבית כנסת כה מיהרתם
בבית מדרש צפוף למדתם
כן הנה הוא נוף אלעד
הי קורונה, הי קורונה, הי קורונה באלעד
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4:33 PM
Q: What is the source that says David wrote Psalms / Tehillim while hiding from Saul

Hash88I'm trying to find the source of the common tradition that David wrote at least part of Tehillim while on the run from Shaul, but I can't find any sources. Does anyone here know of a source for this idea?

7 hours later…
11:08 PM
@msh210 sounds remarkably like zemereshet.co.il/m/song.asp?id=1465 (for anyone who didn't notice)

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