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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user (72): Germanic populations in Talmudic and other rabbinic texts? by Jason Henry on judaism.SE
Q: Does the nascent Sanhedrin in Israel sanctify the new moon with witnesses?

DanielIn 2004, a group of rabbis in Israel attempted to begin the process of re-establishing the Sanhedrin using the Rambam's method of universal consensus to re-establish the line of semikha. Rabbi Moshe Halberstam was selected as the first musmakh and he proceeded to confer semikha on others until en...

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6:12 AM
@IsaacMoses I am curious why you rolled back my changes on judaism.meta.stackexchange.com/posts/5104/revisions - the count of mishnayot already covered is not correct on a number of masechtot and I corrected two of them (Ketubot is another incorrect). Do you see it different?
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7:41 AM
Dec 25 '19 at 7:40, by msh210
@Mithical I think that's (chapter count/mishna count) and isn't changed until the whole tractate is done. Thanks for doing T'mura 1!
@Mithical it cannot be - there are many other places where there is a partial count of mishnayot - where the tractate is not done
@Mithical sorry, I understand what you mean, I thought it was the number of mishnayot done/total mishnayot but that is not the case
Yep. Very confusing at first glance.
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4:04 PM
Q: In sadness, it is time for me to go

Monica CellioChaveirim, I write this post with tears literally in my eyes. Though it pains me deeply to leave my communities, especially Mi Yodeya which I cherish and have helped build for close to nine years, I have decided I must leave the Stack Exchange network. I became an SE user when Mi Yodeya launch...

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8:14 PM
@mbloch @Mithical I'm sorry that it's confusing. We originally considered (comment dialogue with @DoubleAA, IIRC) making these a countdown of material left to learn, but we decided not to place the burden and complication of updating that on people who learn chapters. I recently added a note at the top of the post explaining what's in the parentheses. You are welcome to make further edits to improve the post.

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