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5:46 AM
@IsaacMoses would you find it helpful to dissociate "finding/asking questions" from "learning Mishnayot" (see e.g., what I did on Moed Katan) or is it important to you that the same person does questions and learning? I ask because I am looking to "unlock" constraints to further learning to allow the project to finish on time
6:30 AM
@mbloch Indeed, I had completed that chapter a while ago, but had never gotten around to asking a question on it.
@Alex are there more like this? I'm on a roll and just did 20 sets of questions on Masechet Shabbat which I'd like to complete
@mbloch I already started Chapter 1 of Shabbat.
@Alex yes sorry, I didn't meant to overwrite your claim - I just reverted
I'm asking if there are more chapters you learned and are missing questions for - so I can help
@mbloch I actually learned all of Eduyot, but I never claimed it because for some reason I thought someone had already claimed it.
@Alex no one did, so you can still at a minimum claim the chapters with questions and mark them as completed. If you feel like looking/asking questions for the rest, you can claim the complete masechet. If you need help for some questions, feel free to put a note here
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8:06 AM
@mbloch I think it was understood from the start -- at least, it was to me -- that anyone can add the listed questions on any chapter even he has no intention of learning it. You're certainly not the only person to have done so.
Yeah, the instructions (#4) say:
> If you find a chapter that someone has kindly already added a link to, you may skip to Step 5, but do feel free to add more links.
. . . which means someone can add a link to a chapter no one has claimed yet.
8:19 AM
@msh210 thanks
8:40 AM
Q: Examples of a functioning Sanhedrin in the Talmud

Al BerkoWe find many references in the Talmud to what could be perceived as a Sanhedrin, like Chachamim or Beis-Din, or that Hillel and his descendants were the Nessi'im (of a Sanhedrin presumably), but I don't recall a reference to an specific institution of Sanhedrin, with a team of 71/23 (full-time) j...

@mbloch sure, no problem. Thanks for adding links!
9:09 AM
@msh210 I have done Baba Kama as well in case you want to finish learning the tractate. If not I might do it when I'm done with Masechet Shabbat bH and bn
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10:20 AM
@mbloch I do hope בס"ד to learn it
@mbloch Thank you for adding the links!!
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6:23 PM
Q: When it rains it pours

AlaychemIs there a source to the idea of "When it rains it pours" (misfortunes or difficult situations tend to follow each other in rapid succession or to arrive all at the same time) in Judaism?

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10:45 PM
Q: Why cannot a convert make certain statements? I feel they are being pushed away at the same time respect is being given to them

Elchanan CampanIt is stated that a convert is in the same regard considered a Jew as a native born. Rashi on Dvarim 26:11 states that a convert cannot recite the declaration כי באתי אל הארץ נשמע ה׳ לאבתינו לתת לנו. Why is that? At conversion a convert receives a Jewish neshama, thus making him part of the Jewis...

11:25 PM
Q: Neta Revai is achzareyos?

samThe Chizkuni 22:6 explains that taking the mother bird with its young ones would be cruel. He also lists cooking a kid in the milk of its mother,and slaughtering a mother with its calf on the same day. All these examples he lists as something that is cruel ,but then he lists netai rivai(bringing ...

11:46 PM
@DonielF I’d say only ‘who, frankly, I trust more than a random Internet user. ’

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