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5:51 AM
@Dr.Shmuel Great reply. — Oliver 15 mins ago
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10:04 AM
Q: Websites or books about the Torah and history of the world

J. BauerI am looking for recommendations of good websites and books that talk about various ways of understanding the 'conflicts' between the Torah and a modern understanding of the age of the universe, the history of mankind, and events like the Flood.

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12:21 PM
Q: If a condition to bury someone's body wasn't upheld, is one allowed to exhume the body?

alichtA follow up to this recent question "(Why) May a Beit Din refuse to bury a body in order to coerce a man into giving a divorce?" where a Jewish burial society was instructed to not bury the body of a mother whose son is a get-refuser, in order to apply pressure on the man to give the get. T...

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4:37 PM
Q: Is immersion of utensils (tevila) valid before koshering (hagala)?

mblochdinonline (here) writes that The hagalah [koshering of non-kosher utensils] should be done before the tevila [immersion in a mikve]. Are there other sources saying so? Are there sources saying the reverse is also possible? I do not understand the rationale for the above and would like t...


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