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3:39 AM

DonielFI've recently been perusing some old questions, and it's come to my attention that users just have a habit of screaming an awful lot. It's an incessant amount of shouting on here, from birthday wishes, to warning about potential issurim, to site policy, to howling, to random interjections, and e...

4:25 AM
Q: PTIJ: Do Irish Jews have "the luck of the Irish"?

ezraToday was St. Patrick's Day, and I started to think about Ireland and the Irish, which led me to start thinking about Irish Jews. Everyone knows about that old Irish luck, but I wonder if Irish Jews have that Irish luck too. After all, they are Irish, but then again Chazal famously said (Shabbos ...

4:44 AM
Q: PTIJ: Why do we blow Shofar on Rosh Hashana and use a Lulav on Sukkos?

LeitzWhy do we blow Shofar on Rosh Hashana and shake the Lulav on Sukkos? I would say that a Shofar lasts longer, so it would make sense to use it on a longer holiday, while the Aravos wilt within a day or two, so use them on a short Yom Tov like Rosh Hashana instead? This question is Purim Torah a...

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2:19 PM
Q: PTIJ: Which Dr. Seuss books should one obtain?

Y     e     zThe Torah warns us that we should not accumulate too many Dr. Seuss books, as it states in Deuteronomy 17:16 רַק, לֹא-יַרְבֶּה-לּוֹ סוּסִים One should not amass Seusses Being that one should only get a minimal amount of Dr. Seuss books, I was wondering which ones are recommended to get...

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3:40 PM
@msh210 - pun you might appreciate here
4:14 PM
Q: Mishloach Manot - why the word Mishloach is used specifically

Al BerkoIt appears that the Halacha does not emphasize the importance of actually "sending" the Manos, they can be handed or eaten in place. Moreover, the word לשלח is used in the Torah as "to expel", e.g. Adam was expelled from Eden or a divorced woman is "expelled" from her husband and its usage here ...

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6:04 PM
Q: Uncapitalizing a quoted text

AlexIf you are a regular reader of Mi Yodeya you may have noticed that I often cite the Soncino translation of the Talmud in my answers (and questions for that matter). One distinctive feature of the Soncino translation is that they translate Mishnah content in all capitals, while the translation of ...

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8:22 PM
@IsaacMoses :-) Thanks.
8:42 PM
Q: Why doesn't the chatan sign the ketubah?

DanFPerhaps, I may not completely understand the purpose of the ketubah in terms of it being a halachic legal document or a "shtar*. Aren't all legal documents supposed to be signed by the person drafting or responsible for its rules? My understanding - if I draft a promisory note to pay someone a c...


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