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2:48 AM
Q: Halachic approaches to marital relations in a Succah

Al BerkoWhat are the Halachic approaches to allowing or prohibiting marital relations in one's Succah? Note: This question does not ask for the final accepted Halachah, but for the sources for different approaches to this issue - what different Poskim think on this. For precedence of "onah-to-sukkos" c...

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6:43 AM
Q: one file Shas and more data

koutyIs there one file Shas or more, to search topics and words. I want to make search's, and I am wondering if it's possible without websites that are already organized. Is there a possibility to reach data more directly?

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1:00 PM
Q: Should a young man establish an income/house first and then marry or vice versa?

Lexical MentatI learned a teaching about which order a man should pursue marriage first and a house / income second or the other order, but I have forgotten the source and the holding. If anyone knows the origin of the teaching on this subject -- it may be in Avodah Zarah or Mishlei -- would appreciate having ...

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3:59 PM
Q: Why is SE removing links and community ads about legal issues?

Juan MStack Exchange staff will actively remove links to a legal fund campaign from user profiles as well as community ads surrounding Monica's situation & reinstatement. Why?

@IsaacMoses Thanks. I got a notification as JNat left a commen on the post. However:
Isn't it on-topic for a SE site to collect funds towards improving the user experience on that site? Let's say, for arguments sake, that something bad had happened to a much appreciated moderator. Wouldn't it be appropriate for that community to advertise a fundraising campaign for the purpose of solving the the moderators problem so that the moderator can resume servicing the community? — Adám 9 mins ago
4:23 PM
@Adám I agree with Chris' response. The reason they're doing this is clearly not exactly what they say it is, but it's not terribly surprising that they're doing this.
@IsaacMoses I'm not surprised they're taking down the ads, though they should be honest about it. Editing profiles is much more problematic, as people have been allowed to advertise whatever they want there for years.
Also, excellent comments I want to note before they get purged:
For the record, it is clear to us on the outside that you were under such an internal risk-management gag-order since long before this "took a legal turn," if that's your way of referring to @MonicaCellio's seeking redress through an attorney. In fact, it's quite clear to us that this silent treatment you've been applying is the direct cause of this "legal turn." So, if anything, this "took a legal turn" as soon as you chose this risk-management strategy. — Isaac Moses 19 mins ago
To make this post more honest and better-written, I would suggest rewriting the first paragraph to make good use of active verbs, along the lines of "Starting right after we chose to remove Monica as a moderator, we chose, based on advice from our legal department, a risk-management strategy of not responding to anything regarding Monica's situation. We will continue to maintain silence on this issue." — Isaac Moses 11 mins ago
@MonicaCellio Thanks. Do you think they will get purged? I'm interested to see how far down the censorship rabbit-hole they're willing to jump.
4:41 PM
@IsaacMoses I don't know; it's hard to detect a pattern. I had an innocuous comment deleted within a minute a day or two ago, and I've seen entire threads disappear but without being able to see deleted comments I can't say whether they had degenerated.
@MonicaCellio I suppose comments could get deleted based on all kinds of decision-processes going on inside many different heads, including SE employees and MSE volunteer mods, independent of any particular company policy.
2 hours later…
7:12 PM
They even removed the GoFundMe link from my profile. Even if they say there's something wrong with others promoting it (I disagree, but let's say), how is my link to my page any different from a GitHub link or a blog link or anything else I might choose to talk about? Sheesh.
7:28 PM
I wonder if linking to my blog post that mentions the GoFundMe page would be a problem. Are they focused only on the GFM link itself and a layer of indirection is fine, or will I get suspended if I make that edit? No non-experimental way to find out, alas.
7:41 PM
@MonicaCellio well, experimentation is good, I have updated my profile with a blurb of text and 2 links to your meta post and the blog post you mention. Tell me if you'd do it differently and let's see what happens
@mbloch looks good to me. Thanks! I hope you don't get in trouble.
8:14 PM
Everyone's in trouble now.
The whole site's down
@IsaacMoses "SQL is very, very angry." Angry at SE? Join the club.
It appears that they're manually editing out links to the GoFundMe in posts.
There exists at least one high-profile post on MSE that still contains the link, so this is clearly a manual process. My post probably got edited now because I called attention to it in a comment.
8:29 PM
We're not doing mass editing, but we are to remove those links as we encounter them during normal use of the network. We are not redacting the edit history. — Cesar M ♦ 1 hour ago
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11:26 PM
Q: Use of "please" in Torah

EphraimHow many times is the word "please" used in the Torah? In the Akeida Hashem asks Abraham to "Please take your son" Are there any other places in the Torah where Hashem uses the word "please"?


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