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3:16 AM
Well, the biggest tractate is no longer on our plate (this time around). Let's raise a glass to @magicker72 and @Dr.Shmuel, who have finished Tractate Keilim! 35 up; 28 to go.
3 hours later…
6:00 AM
@DonielF I recently completed seder zeraim separately
The anticipation of doing so was what prompted this comment:
Glad to see this is happening! Can we claim chapters that we're learning anyway (e.g. as part of another mishna project)? — Daniel Apr 17 at 15:51
I suppose I could ask that as it's own question since it was never really answered
But if that counts, I've learned all of zeraim since this project began :)
2 hours later…
8:21 AM
Q: Is a new blessing required when taking off and putting back on your tallit?

Maurice MizrahiYou remove your tallit while services are ongoing (say, to go to the bathroom). When you put it back on, do you have to say the blessing on the tallit again?

1 hour later…
9:27 AM
I liked what Isaac had done to his profile pic but am not great with pictures. But now there is this so I had no excuses anymore
1 hour later…
10:31 AM
@Daniel Mazal tov and yeyasher kochacha!
@mbloch I did mine on my phone using Google Docs to write text, the phone's screenshot tool, and Google Photos' cropping tool. It's about as unsophisticated as a graphic can get. Where did you find yours?
@IsaacMoses yes that it is within my capabilities but I thought there was some value in using something that might become a bit more viral (from here)
but in any case it is the intention and message which matter
@IsaacMoses regarding Daniel's learning, I think he was asking (you) whether he can "double count" his learning, in which case he would "simply" have to locate/ask questions on the chapters which are not yet claimed
@mbloch yeah. I answered there with a shrug. I think it's a "use your own judgement" situation, like deciding how deeply to learn is.
4 hours later…
2:45 PM
@mbloch I just found addtext.com , which allows you to superimpose text on an existing image really quickly (like, less than minute, door to door). It adds a watermark, too, but that's the cost of convenience. I'll suggest this there, too.
A: How to put pressure on StackExchange Inc without damaging the community?

Isaac MosesIf you want to very quickly change your avatar without losing your original visual identity, and you don't feel like messing with real image-manipulation software, I recommend using https://addtext.com/ . You can drop your current avatar in, add "Reinstate Monica", and save the resulting image in...

Speaking of parades with fruit, yeyasher Kochacha to @ba on finishing Tractate Bikkurim! That's 36 complete, 27 left.
2 hours later…
4:51 PM
@IsaacMoses nice! Thank you for finding and posting about that, and thank you @mbloch for your support.
4 hours later…
8:25 PM
Oh, I see that @DonielF and @JoelK recently hit 20,000 reputation. Congrats!
3 hours later…
11:07 PM
Q: Practical advice for keeping tallis on while waving 4 species

DanielWhenever I wave my four species in shul, I always find that my tallis repeatedly slips off my head and shoulders. I typically have to adjust it every single set of waves, which is rather distracting. Do other people experience this? How do you keep your tallis on while waving the four species? I...


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