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@Alex it probably lingers until people get the needed tag score, or until you bring it up where a mod sees it and fixes it. Done.
@MonicaCellio Thanks.
@Alex you're welcome. Thanks for your help in maintaining the site.
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Woohoo! Just got my second-ever Announcer badge. For a post that I don't recall promoting anywhere.
@msh210 Congrats.
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Q: The underlying reason for Shemitat Ksafim?

Al BerkoI've researched the topic for a while and I could not find a single interpreter discussing the reason (טעם המצווה) for canceling loans after the Shemitah Year. I know it is a Machloket (see my previous question) whether the loans are canceled or just forbidden to claim, but for the sake of this ...

@IsaacMoses That's the second hot question on that topic in a couple of days.
@Alex Yes. By the same author. I think the common thread here is questions asked in a way that elicit valuable answers, quickly - well-asked and not too far out on the long tail.
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5:39 PM
I’m assuming questions about Jewish music off topic-?- e.g. where can I find guitar chords to the song rabos machshavos by the rabbis sons
@Shmuel I've definitely seen one (or more). Might have been closed though.
Here are a bunch of questions about Jewish music to varying degrees:
Q: Where is the Israeli Niggun sung after a Mazel Tov from?

shman613In Israel it is customary to sing a wordless niggun after a mazel tov is read out in shul. (The only rendition I could find is here, excuse the cats). Where is this niggun from? Who wrote it?

Q: Looking for Jewish music that lifts the spirit

LeviI really love the soft sweet tones, chords and voices in the music of Shlomo Katz, Ishay Ribo, Yonathan Razel; but, searching for similar music, I just don't know where to go. Are there alternatives for this site, where I could ask questions about Jewish music? If this isn't the right place, I w...

Q: Need help finding a song

Jonhzyears ago I visited Majdanek, one of the most intact concentration camps. The tour ends in a huge heap of ashes. There I was, standing in front of those ashes, thinking about the meaning of life, after seeing all those gas chambers and crematoriums. I was feeling very sad. Then a small group of y...

Q: Identify this song?

mstenIs anyone able to let me know what the first song in this medley is (sung by Yaakov Shwekey & Yitzy Waldner)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMI1lr10HGs I'm looking to find it so I can track down the actual album version to buy. Thanks!

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7:34 PM
Q: Can we ask questions about Jewish music here?

Hacham GabrielIs there space here for questions about Jewish Music?

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9:58 PM
@Alex thanks
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11:56 PM
Mi Yodeya got a shout-out from Joel Spolsky in his speech at the WeAreDevelopers conference recently. He was mentioning how some of the smaller communities always have a comment welcoming someone the first time they ask a question, and he used Mi Yodeya as the example.

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