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4:31 AM
When a question is both a duplicate and a Rfפ, should it be CVed as duplicate or as Rfפ?
4:45 AM
@MonicaCellio My pleasure.
@Shokhet in general duplicates are more benign -- instead of leading to a dead end (closed question) they lead to answers. But you've found an RFP that is a dupe of a non-RFP?
@MonicaCellio Yes, but it's already been closed as a duplicate.
@Shokhet ah. I think that's the right call -- closing as duplicate leads to a broader (non-psak) question that also addresses this asker's question, so -- problem solved!
@MonicaCellio @Shokhet ... plus comment countering the Rfפ, especially for new-ish users.
@IsaacMoses yes. Good comment there -- thanks.
4:54 AM
@MonicaCellio NP. Thanks
@IsaacMoses Well done, +1
@Shokhet Thanks
4 hours later…
9:00 AM
What? Socratic is awarded multiple times? And I was so relieved when I didn't have to schedule my questions to separate days anymore. Now I again have to pay attention to asking time? ;-( — Christian Rau Oct 19 '14 at 15:31
9:21 AM
Q: Is a link-only answer to within MY acceptable?

Scimonster @Scimonster I thought we decided that a mi.y link was OK. This is not to say, of course, that the other link shouldn't be expanded on :) – Shokhet 6 hours ago @Shokhet, 1) 2 upvotes doesn't necessarily imply consensus. 2) That "OK," such as it is, is for duplicate answers, while this ...

5 hours later…
1:52 PM
@MonicaCellio I "notice" that your Workplace account just dropped into 3rd place. :P
2:10 PM
@Meta-Man @Shokhet Pinging you in case you didn't see.
1 hour later…
3:26 PM
@Scimonster heh, that just happened an hour or two ago -- you're quick. :-) (I suspect that MSE and Workplace will bounce back and forth; on both sites the effects of a single post can be significant.)
@MonicaCellio I didn't just notice, i caused it. :P
@Scimonster ah!
(I'd like to reach 20k on MSE for the trusted-user privs. Closest thing a non-employee can get to mod powers there.)
1 hour later…
4:30 PM
Q: Writing a clearer answer than an existing one

YeZIf an answer is written in such a way that it is comprehensible, but could be written more clearly, what is the correct course of action for another user? Edit the answer to make it more clear Leave a comment on the answer to clarify, or to point out what could be clarified Write your own answe...

4:42 PM
@YeZ not that I get some sick pleasure out of deleting posts.
@YeZ no it's ok; I knew what you meant.
4:58 PM
@DoubleAA meta.stackexchange.com/questions/247608/… I tried my best - not sure if I added anything.
5:12 PM
Meta is a very frustrating site. I feel like people downvote there for the silliest reasons.
@YeZ voting on MSE is definitely weird sometimes. And with feature requests there is, alas, a lot of "well I wouldn't use that so it's no good". I've up-voted requests I don't care about or wouldn't use because the question spells out a convincing use case; I wish more people did that. (Your question wasn't that; I upvoted because I, too, want that feature.)
@MonicaCellio Right - the most ridiculous thing is "there are 500 upvotes on this feature request, but no one would use it because I don't like X about it"
5:49 PM
@MonicaCellio I made one more attempt. meta.stackexchange.com/a/247609/248652
If nothing else, the feature request has gotten a few more upvotes since I started this.
1 hour later…
6:55 PM
@Shokhet If I knew how to make a shocked emoticon, I'd be doing so now. — YeZ 30 secs ago
@YeZ :O is a good one
@Shokhet @YeZ You don't know a shocked emoticon? :O
@Shokhet I waste plenty of time without your help, but thanks for the suggestion :)
@YeZ :)
7:57 PM
@reviewers: more on junk edits. This is the first instance of spam editing that I've seen on MY.
@Shokhet Not the first time it's happened. HodofHod used to have certain posts junk edited over and over for some reason.
@IsaacMoses Hm. This one seems fairly obvious; it's about clothes, so fancy clothing links make sense, I guess.
@Shokhet Yeah. HodofHod's ones made no apparent sense.
@IsaacMoses I saw an MSE post a while ago about the possibility of blocking certain posts that were prone to spam edits from being edited by anonymous users. If it's not a problem anymore then we don't have to worry about it, but I'm fairly certain that something like that had been discussed before.
@Shokhet ISTR they implemented something along those lines ...
8:03 PM
@IsaacMoses Could be. I don't think it's a problem here, yet, but it may be worth looking into if it becomes a problem.
@Shokhet There's some discussion here
@IsaacMoses I see. Hod linked to a page that requires moderator tools to see, though :( ....I'll get there soon enough
@Shokhet Yup, just 1500 more to go. :)
@YeZ Re: your current MSE initiative, I've found that there is a very strong cultural divide between people who are primarily used to small-town SE sites like ours and those primarily used to big-city ones like SO.
@IsaacMoses Yeah. My question fell into that pit, but I tried to bridge the gap with a follow up answer to a different question. It got more positive feedback, but of course the one detractor had to show up.
@IsaacMoses I've bumped into that divide before with some badge suggestions. I've all but given up on being involved in Meta because the big city folks run the show there. Happens to be this particular issue has a +500 voted question associated with it, so there is clearly some more general interest. I just wanted to renew the discussion.
8:19 PM
@YeZ It may be a little different now that MSO has split off from MSE.
@IsaacMoses And there are people like me, who are active in both big and small sites.
@IsaacMoses You would think so. But why only control one site when you could control two?
@Scimonster You're right. I forgot I was actually that close. =O
@YeZ Initiative: bring all the people active in small sites to MSE!
@IsaacMoses What they really need is a specific Meta for small sites. The problem is, SE implements policies across the whole network, not just on specific groups of sites, so it wouldn't really accomplish much other than getting to express our opinions without being bullied.
I'd post a MSE post about it, but it'd get squashed by the big city mafia :(
8:24 PM
@YeZ ... and the intent is for small sites to eventually become big sites
@YeZ I don't think anyone's being malicious. It's just that the experience on large and small SE sites is qualitatively different, so their denizens' assumptions are, too.
@YeZ I just took a look at the top MSE users by reputation. Without clicking through, nearly all are either devs or high-rep SOers.
So, apparently, it's true that the SOers run MSE.
@YeZ No, we'll support you!
@Scimonster Could that be because a very many older MSO posted got pushed over to MSE, bringing bundles of repz with it?
@Shokhet Almost certainly.
@IsaacMoses I don't know if the mafia means to be malicicious either. They just want things to be done their way. (OK, so they're a bit malicious, but it's a style).
@Shokhet Just skimming, but the top users of there seem to correspond to overall top users.
8:29 PM
@Shokhet If you look at their "last seen" and "recent activity" you will see that they are still very active on MSE.
@YeZ I know; I've never been on SO, but I recognize most of those avatars from being somewhat active on MSE
8:41 PM
If there's anyone who still hasn't voted on meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/a/3397/5151, now's a good a time as any!
@Scimonster One more ...
9:04 PM
@Scimonster Someone did it. Yeyasher kochacha again.
@IsaacMoses Guilty.
9:16 PM
Should we add a transgender tag for those questions which deal with the subject?
Q: Can someone have a soul of the opposite gender?

Noach mi FrankfurtInspired by this question: Prayer for changing name for transgender reasons? While the subject of transgendered individuals has been discussed, I was wondering if it is possible, from a hashkafic sense, for someone to receive an opposite-gendered soul? If so, how is this idea discussed?

@NoachmiFrankfurt How many are there?
@YeZ Thanks!
9:37 PM
@IsaacMoses Not sure, I tried a few searches, but as I recall we have at least 5, most of which I could not find
@Scimonster, I'd discount the latter, as it is not related to Judaism in any tangible way
Q: How is gender halachically determined?

AaronI apologize if this is a sensitive topic, but it seems that this question is foundational to some of the discussions that appear here. I hope that my wording is appropriate. If I understand correctly, halacha identifies four gender categories (זכר, נקבה, אנדרוגינוס, and טומטום). This status has ...

@Scimonster, that certainly counts… On second thought, I'm not sure
10:31 PM
Instead of tags for "androgynous" and "transgender" and whatever would cover "unclear", would a general "gender" tag work better?
1 hour later…
11:31 PM
@MonicaCellio agender, genderqueer?
@TRiG well, I'm looking for a single tag, ideally, that applies to all questions related to gender and gender identity that aren't specifically about men or specifically about women.
I don't know the political ramifications of agender, and I suspect that genderqueer doesn't cover some cases. First, androgyny. Second, I'm guessing that some transgender folks don't think of themselves as "queer" -- the ones I know, at least, are quite comfortable in their identity; it's their bodies they think are wrong. (My sample size is limited, however.)
@MonicaCellio Yeah. Neither of those are suitable tag names. They're more categories to consider when choosing a tag.
@TRiG oh I see. Thanks.
One thing I don't know nearly enough about is how culturally distinctive the labels are. The way Western culture divides up the sexuality/gender space as two distinct axes (one running gay->bi->straight, the other running male->agender/genderqueer->female) is not the same way some other cultures divide up that space.
India and Thailand, and at least some Native American cultures (though the latter these days are heavily influenced by general Western culture), at least, have had gender and sexuality terms which don't map to ours.

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