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3:12 AM
8 hours ago, by Shokhet
Open ended question: anyone have ideas for improving this question? .....I thought it was fine, but @DoubleAA and at least two others think it could be improved.....
3:33 AM
If I want to use Mi Yodeya to create a crowd-sourced database, does the "question" of the thread which will contain the database have to be phrased as a question?
this codegolf question isn't a question, but maybe they have different rules.
I guess the whole point of that site is "challenges"
@YEZ I'm pretty sure codegolf works differently
@YEZ Was this in response to my earlier message?
@Shokhet no - how would it be connected?
@YEZ Was trying to figure that out.....maybe because if I answer my own question it doesn't have to be phrased in the form of a good question ((blog.stackoverflow.com/2011/07/…ושלא [כדברי יואל)?
Wow, that didn't work.....just imagine the link on the words כדברי יואל, I'm not interested in fiddling with it to make it look nice.
@Shokhet I figured it out all on my own.
But I want to use Mi Yodeya to create a crowd sourced resource. It's not really a question, but I could force it into one if I have to.
@YEZ I think the community prefers "answerable questions" .....but I'm no expert.
@Shokhet On second glance, Jeff Atwood actually wrote that one....oh well.
4:15 AM
@YEZ We're doing a crowd-sourced repository of Jewish Q&A and a crowd-sourced list of Jewish significances of natural numbers. What do you want to do?
@IsaacMoses A crowd-sourced list of products which are labeled OU-D but are in fact pareve. The validity of such a list would depend on the answer to this question.
So I could ask "What are some products that are labeled OU-D but are in fact pareve?" Or I could be forthright and say "As an internet resource, please list any products about which you have contacted the OU and they responded that the product is Kosher, with the date of your obtaining this information"
@YEZ Either way works as an MY question, I think. See
Q: What is our attitude to "list questions"?

Shmuel BrinThere are a few questions on this site that are in the form of "List all ...". Are these questions on topic? Founders of Jewish movements Accurate list of Gedolim List of Techelet Wearers words often mispronounced Abbreviations before/after names good learning site At first glance, they a...

Requiring explicitly in the question that answers include info on when they contacted the OU seems like a good idea.
A: Creating a crowd-sourced database of non-dairy OU-D products

YEZ Oreo Original Sandwich Cookie, Double Stuf Sandwich Cookie, and Mini Original Sandwich Cookie - August 2014

Can I not upvote a wiki post as long as I am a contributor, or only if I am the only contributor?
4:33 AM
@YEZ you're the author. I don't think you can ever vote on it
@YEZ I edited that answer to explain how it is best used.
(and now it claims that 82% of the answer is me.....:P)
@Shokhet I got a ping for it.
@Shokhet Which means I am going to get a ping for every time someone adds to the list. Wonderful.
I'll be the king of OU-D pareve products!
@YEZ I didn't know that happened. Then again, I've never made a CW post that others have edited.
@YEZ Sounds like a plan :)
@YEZ What happens if someone emails OU for their current list?
@Shokhet If they have a list, I'd love to get one!
@Shokhet I imagine they don't have a list separated as such.
@YEZ If they don't, it's probably just one SQL query away from being created
@YEZ Just sent them an email, we'll see what happens.....
1 hour later…
5:48 AM
@Shokhet You might mention that it's clear that saving a life trumps Shabas prohibitions.
@msh210 Good point. I thought that was fairly obvious, but you're right, I didn't say that.
@msh210 How does this sound to you? "I don't think anybody would argue that Ebola is a חולי שיש בו סכנה (an illness that involves danger to life) which means that we not only may but must violate Shabbos in order to provide care for an Ebola patient."
@msh210 Question edited. Thanks for the tip!
3 hours later…
9:06 AM
Can users with <100 rep suggest edits to CW posts?
9:27 AM
Q: What is the extra question in [mi-yodeya-series]?

Scimonstermi-yodeya-series is listed as having 328 questions right now. However, the most recent question is 327. What is the extra question in here?

3 hours later…
12:08 PM
@IsaacMoses - Added link.
3 hours later…
3:07 PM
Q: Experience-based advice for focusing and slowing down prayers?

Isaac MosesI tend to daven (pray) without sufficient focus and very quickly. In particular, I find that most of the time that I'm praying, my mind is on things other than the words that I'm saying. And, not that comparison with others is ideal in this realm, but for what it's worth, I frequently find that I...

^^^ Is up to 20 answers, most of them reporting personal experience. An edited and organized digest of them could be a MY publication by itself.
... or a chapter in a larger work on MY HowTos or prayer or Yamim Noraim
... I'll bet we could put together a publishable book from
3 hours later…
5:57 PM
If I read it right, today someone removed an upvote on this question and replaced it with a downvote. Why? — Shokhet 23 secs ago
@Shokhet My rep shows -7 for that question, which I believe is -5 for subtracted upvote, and -2 for one downvote.....question also used to have a score of 10, now 8 (+9, -1)
My theory is that it was the same person......are you willing to own up to it and explain?
( another theory is that it's answerer's revenge for not awarding the bounty, but [AFAIK], @GeminiMan and user6591 are upstanding MY citizens.....so what gives? )
@Scimonster Why not? .....they just won't be applied immediately.
(and will probably need to be approved)
6:40 PM
@Shokhet IDK, perhaps the system doesn't allow it.
The RCA has made the entire archives of the Tradition journal available for free online: traditionarchive.org/archives
Was there a question on the site about how often you need to check a product for a hechsher or something like that?
@IsaacMoses Oh, that's nice. My mother wanted that for a women's learning program.
7:03 PM
@IsaacMoses Wow. That's awesome!!
@YEZ OU responded that they don't have a public list, but will respond for requests about specific products. Oh well......
@YEZ That answer is still 45% me ;-)
7:18 PM
@Shokhet Somehow.
@Shokhet You just dropped to less than 38%
@YEZ I saw that :)
@YEZ I might have to add some real information, then :P
@Shokhet Desperate times...
@YEZ Yup :)
@YEZ I'm currently working on a very long post -- question and answer set. After a lot of time spent on it last night, I checked on SE's version just now, and found that it only had the first two lines of my answer......I have the whole thing in a .md file on my desktop.
Markdown format and all :)
@Shokhet Wow, you bother with .md? If i save drafts, i usually just use .txt.
( no, this is not gloating, not at all..... )
7:26 PM
@Shokhet blah blah blah
@Scimonster In case I want to edit offline, I can see what it looks like immediately.
I have used .txt in the past, though
@Shokhet In which editor?
@Scimonster MarkdownPad
@Scimonster Is it called an IDE when you're editing Markdown?
@Shokhet That's why i changed it.
@Shokhet Bleh, Windows. Go Linux! :P
@Scimonster I've used Linux in the past, but just got a new Windows 8.1 computer.....between the fact that it's pretty fast as it is, and because I still haven't figured out how to get around UEFI boot, I'm sticking with it for now :)
What distro are you using?
7:31 PM
@Shokhet Ubuntu 14.04
@Scimonster How is it? .....last Ubuntu version I tried was 13.04
(though I prefer Mint)
@Shokhet From an end-user perspective, i don't think it's all that different.
I had used 12.04 a while back, and they're very similar.
@Scimonster I don't think they change much, usually. Not since 11 or so, when they started the whole Unity theme
@Shokhet At least it's not just updates for the sake of updating (i'm looking at you, Microsoft Office).
@Scimonster I kinda find that hard to believe.....is there really that much to update every 6 months (Ubuntu)?
7:35 PM
Most of it is under the hood.
@Scimonster Aha.
@Shokhet So I was right, after all.... "The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu 11.04 featuring the new Unity interface"
@Shokhet I once had a very long outline of a shiur that I was giving, saved in Microsoft Word, disappear, because for some reason the Normal template got changed and it was saved under a different template than the one that loaded, and it only reappeared when for some reason the other template loaded (long after I needed the outline).
I don't know what any of that actually meant, but that's what I understood to have happened.
@Shokhet And even if there isn't much to update, at least it's free, right?
@YEZ Save it in Notepad anyway. Or in a .md file, for redundancy ;-)
@Scimonster Nothing beats free, that's right :)
(MS Office was the only software I ever paid for [except Windows, but that came with the computer....]; I think it was worth it for Onenote -- I don't think there is (yet?) a free equivalent)
7:52 PM
I just realized this - the "linked" posts on the right side-bar contains linked-to and linked-from?
@YEZ Yeah. :)
@YEZ Does it? That's pretty cool!
has everyone heard of the Sefaria project?
@YEZ Yes.
@YEZ Yeah, i first noticed it linked in judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/47266/…
7:54 PM
@YEZ You might want to ask Bachrach about it
@Scimonster @Shokhet that's their main hoojamathing - cross-referencing with inter-linked hyperlinks to and from.
@Shokhet Cool, i didn't realize that was his site.
@YEZ Yeah, it's pretty cool.....I haven't spent so much time figuring it out, but I've used it a couple times here.
@Scimonster I don't know if it's "his" exactly, but he is "content director," whatever that means.
Oct 12 at 6:18, by Isaac Moses
Want to post a handy link to this Midrash, but there's Hebrew and no English. Oh, well. Hey, wait, this is the age of Me! <typetypetypetypetype> Problem solved. (Feel free to make it better, BTW.)
@IsaacMoses @YEZ @Scimonster Yeah, it's pretty cool that Sefaria is crowd-sourced like that.
7:58 PM
@Shokhet It will become exponentially more useful as more content is added.
@YEZ Of course.
@IsaacMoses Did anyone ever edit that? Can you tell?
(do they have a cool SE-style revision history?)
@Shokhet No one's edited that paragraph yet, since me: sefaria.org/activity/Bereishit_Rabbah_58/en/…
@YEZ I stand corrected. I first heard about it in mid-2013, in an email.
8:16 PM
@IsaacMoses Cool.
TZT, all -- I gotta go.
@Shokhet cya
2 hours later…
10:03 PM
Tomorrow is the planned deadline for edited Chanukah questions. We need three more submissions- any takers?
Q: "Chanuka - Mi Yodeya" call for submissions of edited content

Isaac MosesThis question will collect Q&As, formatted for the book, for "Chanuka - Mi Yodeya?". The concept of this book is that it will contain eight two-page sections, one for each day of Chanuka, and each section will contain one page (usually one Q&A) that is as accessible as possible to all audiences a...

@Scimonster I'll do one tonight, beli neder
11:03 PM
@Scimonster Working on one now.

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