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12:27 AM
@YEZ it's been edited (thanks @Daniel) and reopened. I've also cleaned up the comments.
2 hours later…
2:52 AM
@Daniel Well you had a very polite way of expressing that sentiment in your comment there.
@Daniel my top comments are all suggestions to edit in a source or summarize or what not.
3:47 AM
Bounty offered.
Q: Is a wooden knife מקבל טומאה?

ShokhetI know that פשוטי כלי עץ טהורים (wooden vessels that are flat [without a receptacle] cannot become טמא [ritually impure]). (כלים ב:א) What about a wooden knife? It has a function, but doesn't have a בית קיבול (receptacle). Can it become טמא?

.....I have the feeling that it's not, because it doesn't have a בית קיבול, but would like to find a halachic source. Who knows הלכות טומאה?
(No, I don't know anyone who owns a wooden knife :P) — Shokhet Oct 20 at 18:11
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11:24 AM
@MonicaCellio For Socratic, you need to have asked only well-received questions on 100 separate days. A well received question is one with a positive score, and is open. If you ask a good question and a bad question on the same day, the day doesn't count. If you ask a good question and a neutral question (0 score, open), it does count.
You also need to keep a positive record - (total - downvoted - closed - deleted) / total >= 0.5. So yes, downvoted, closed, and deleted counts against you three times.
Q: Asking days badges

Jon EricsonA couple of months ago, I suggested a set of badges for asking questions. The responses were... mixed. The top answer can be summarized: In practice, all this would do is encourage people to ask yet more stupid, worthless questions and we have quite enough of that as it is. We believe that ...

5 hours later…
4:02 PM
Daniel voted on questions 382 times and 381 times on answers.
Interesting. I'd be interested to see how other people vote
@Daniel approximately 50-50 for me too: 3,320 question, 3,152 answer.
@Scimonster thanks -- couldn't remember whether it required positive score to count the day or just non-negative score.
(And the badge isn't that old! I definitely read that at the time. But, you know, brain caching. :-))
Interesting, @scimonster you've voted about twice as many times as I have but I have more downvotes
I've also been around here 4 times as long... Maybe I need to work on my voting habits
@Monica you've been around less than twice as long as I have but have way more than twice as many votes
You have close to 10X as many votes
@Daniel I also hadn't realized how little downvoting I do, relatively speaking.
I do believe that voting is important for a site (in both directions), and I try to do my part there.
Jeff Atwood on October 19, 2010

Have you ever wondered why the vote buttons and score are so prominent on every Stack Exchange question?

Putting voting front and center is very much intentional; it is how …

good content is voted to the top wrong or incorrect content is voted to the bottom users who consistently provide useful content accrue reputation and are granted more privileges on the site

wrong or incorrect content is voted to the bottom users who consistently provide useful content accrue reputation and are granted more privileges on the site …

4:26 PM
@Daniel I happen to vote more often here on MY than on SO. Perhaps i just find quality here better. My up-down ratio on SO is much more even.
5:03 PM
@Daniel Where do you get these stats?
@IsaacMoses Go to your (or anyone's) user profile page and scroll to the bottom
@Daniel Thanks.
I've voted 4K times on questions and 7K times on answers, about 95% up.
@Scimonster Quality here is definitely much better in general than SO
There was a time that I read and was likely to vote on every single MY post. Of course, the volume was lower then.
Most new questions on SO are bad since most of the legitimately good ones have already been asked
@IsaacMoses It wasn't that long ago that that was feasible
It could probably still be done if you spent your whole day on it
5:11 PM
@Daniel I don't think that's the main reason. I think it's that the site is hugely popular, so many many randoms stroll in off the street every hour and post their first question
@IsaacMoses That's also true
@IsaacMoses I also think there's something about the topic of the site that makes it hard to ask a good question. Even being familiar with SE, it's extremely rare for me to ask a question on SO that even I would upvote
@Daniel It wouldn't take that long. We get, on average, 12 questions/day, and each of those gets, on average, 2 answers. That's probably not more than a few hours' reading at most. Keeping up with all of the comments and edits would be more of a big deal.
It looks like @msh210 holds the current record for total votes cast, with 6K on questions and 8K on answers, 82% up.
I suspect that his place on the top of this particular ranking is pretty secure.
5:36 PM
@Daniel SO is also pretty intimidating to people on other SE sites. (Not to the total newcomers; they just come in and ask because they don't know what's about to happen.)
And for all that people say "hey, all you have to do is answer a few questions and you'll be rolling in the rep", it's not true -- SO has so many questions that most stuff gets overlooked. When I answered my first question there (well, I thought) I got crickets for a week -- no votes, no comments, nothing. I wasn't encouraged to try again.
And maybe that's ok; maybe SO doesn't want people like me. I came across a question that was right up my alley, but most of their questions aren't so maybe they're better served if I don't get too comfortable there and risk lowering their overall quality. Dunno.
@MonicaCellio :) I wouldn't take it personally if I were you. Your content was seen by a tiny subset of the SO community.
@IsaacMoses oh I don't take it personally. I just took it as a "go spend your time on other sites instead" signal -- good thing I was minded to do that anyway. :-) If I'd wanted to crack the SO nut, though, I would have found this discouraging.
@MonicaCellio Indeed. It's not an easy nut to crack.
6:08 PM
@MonicaCellio Overall quality is low enough already, i don't think you'll hurt it.
@IsaacMoses I dunno, i had a much easier time. I earned around 50 my very first day, answering JavaScript questions. Of course, even now with over 6k, i still get plenty of 0 score answers. I just try to post a bunch of stuff, and hopefully some of it will be noticed.
6:26 PM
@MonicaCellio yeah often the number of votes you get on SO depends on how snarky your response is and how bad the question is... The worse the question and the snarkier your response, the more upvotes you'll get
Also you're much more likely to get votes on simple questions that everyone knows the answer to because people rush to get there first
Harder questions are less likely to get the clicks
@Daniel That's true here, too
@Daniel I was frustrated for my first while here about how often my profound and well developed answers got maybe 1 vote while an open-shut question like "is pork ok???" would get 8 votes. It still amuses me.
@YEZ I've heard similar frustration voiced by others. There's little to do about it, I think.
@IsaacMoses you could always offer bounties on every profound answer. As the site founder, I think it's your responsibility. :)
@YEZ I prefer to use my cough star power to preach not caring about the points so much.
6:35 PM
The truth is, I continue to answer more complex answers because I have found it helpful for my own shiurim and learning to have a cite-able searchable depository of my thoughts on some of these things.
@IsaacMoses You could see more about that here .....I surprised myself with being a "top 15" voter
@YEZ Yeah people are afraid of upvoting an answer that they don't know it's correct and perhaps don't have the skills to verify
@YEZ Intrinsic moviation >> extrinisic
@Daniel And people who "think" they know will superimpose their own (often faulty) assumptions onto your answer in more complex areas.
6:36 PM
@YEZ I've gotten that also. מי יודע??
@Daniel Also, the longer and more complex a post is, the less likely people will feel like devoting the necessary time and attention to comprehending it.
@IsaacMoses I am quickly taking the starred-comment box away from you!
It's amazing to see some of the astronomical rep numbers people have on SO. I guess it's a combination of longevity and being prolific
@Daniel and the much greater population there, which leads to more publicity per answer and more votes.
@YEZ Ken yirbu
6:38 PM
there are answers on SO which have accrued more rep than my entire portfolio on MY.
@YEZ Maybe not, because of the daily rep cap
Jon skeet has over 30,000 answers
@Shokhet I'm a top 17! (guess what # I am)
@Shokhet Yes, but people are hitting that cap much more frequently. Check out the number of epic/legendary badges on SO vs. here.
@YEZ You said that because you knew it'd get starred!
@Daniel Guilty.
6:39 PM
@YEZ Cool (I'm not either #15, I think I'm 14?)
@Shokhet Thanks. The totals don't match those on the user pages, but I guess there's some special reason for that. I see that @ShmuelBrin also has voted more times than I have.
@YEZ "top 20" probably sounds better.
I'm 39 and 41respectively. I should step up my game
@Shokhet Yep, that'll get the employers beating a path to his door.
@IsaacMoses Hm...I didn't realize that....they probably don't live update the votes. I see it's 2 behind on my vote count
6:43 PM
@Shokhet I'm sure caching saves them a lot of machine cycles
@Shokhet I know - I did it on purpose. It's like when ads say "We have over 14,732 customers!" you know how many they don't have.
@YEZ Yup. I really like those ads :)
@IsaacMoses SEDE has voting info in the Users table. E.g. (Just catching up on backread.)
@msh210 Here also:
14 mins ago, by Shokhet
@IsaacMoses You could see more about that here .....I surprised myself with being a "top 15" voter
@YEZ It's doubtless partially because people don't take the time to think your profound answer through and see its profundity, so don't know which way to vote it.
@Shokhet Yes, that, too, thanks. But SEDE has it broken down and queryable.
6:53 PM
@msh210 Plus, I'm like Rebbi Meir who was just so חריף that no one could really grasp the full depth of his statements.
@msh210 ... which I see @IsaacMoses has said also.
@YEZ Such as the parse HTML with regex one?
A: RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags

bobinceYou can't parse [X]HTML with regex. Because HTML can't be parsed by regex. Regex is not a tool that can be used to correctly parse HTML. As I have answered in HTML-and-regex questions here so many times before, the use of regex will not allow you to consume HTML. Regular expressions are a tool th...

@YEZ Wow, 7/10 of the recent starred posts are yours! The other 3 are @IsaacMoses's.
@YEZ I'm last on this list. :-(
@msh210 @YEZ Alternatively, "top 3" :P
@msh210 which has absolutely nothing to do with the order of the alphabet.
6:59 PM
@msh210 How is that ranked anyways?
19 secs ago, by YEZ
@msh210 which has absolutely nothing to do with the order of the alphabet.
@msh210 I didn't even make that list! I guess "Y" is way too far down the alphabet.
@Scimonster Actually, I don't know. I'm guessing it's what @YEZ said. Checking other SE sites' lists will tell with more likelihood whether that's true.
@msh210 I'll bet you could fix that
@YEZ Yeah, you're on page 2.
7:00 PM
@msh210 Seems to hold true for SO's mod list too.
@IsaacMoses I'd have to think of a username. "user170" wouldn't help any.
@Scimonster There you go, then. Thanks for checking.
@msh210 How about "AADouble"?
@msh210 "_msh210"?
@IsaacMoses Ooh, I could suspend the other mods. That'd remove them. ... Maybe. I don't know actually. Worth a try, no?
@IsaacMoses That's probably a better idea than suspending the other mods.
@msh210 Your real first name would bump you up one spot.
7:03 PM
@IsaacMoses True. (It's Michael, for anyone wondering.)
@msh210 Remove them from the mod list? I doubt it. That'd have to be coded, and who'd code that?
@IsaacMoses Worth a try!
@msh210 I always thought it was Moshe.
@IsaacMoses It might demod them, which would automatically remove them from the mod list. But on second thought it actually probably wouldn't demod them (as then a rogue mod could suspend the other mods and have free rein until an SE employee noticed). Anyway, I wasn't serious.
But yeah, what YEZ said:
1 min ago, by YEZ
@IsaacMoses Worth a try!
@msh210 do it do it Do It Do It DO IT DO IT
7:07 PM
@IsaacMoses @msh210 At least DoubleAA - and see if you can hack into his webcam so we can see his reaction.
@IsaacMoses I suspect that if I tried a stunt like that, even for a 5-minute suspension as a trial, I'd lose this high-paying mod job.
@msh210 Yer chicken.
@msh210 And that'd bump me up to page 1!
@IsaacMoses Who you callin' chicken?
@msh210 I thought mods volunteered? Community Managers though get paid.
7:11 PM
@Scimonster I heard mods get a 5% pay raise every day.
@YEZ #18 by my count.
@IsaacMoses And a bonus 20% if they delete a post
@Scimonster Oh, really? And here I thought my check was merely late.
I think i need to find my computer and find wifi, it is such a paid to tap those reply buttons on the iPad.
@Scimonster Yes, you should put paid to it.
7:16 PM
@YEZ Speaking of him, how is his name supposed to be said?
I say "double a" like the batteries
@Daniel So, you think it's like "Yisachar"?
But i suppose that might not be right
@Daniel Ask him. I've always pronounced it Dew Bleagh.
@IsaacMoses Could be
(I kid.)
7:17 PM
@msh210 He's not currently pingable
@Daniel That's not a problem for a moderator
@Daniel he is in my box.
@Daniel And he is pingable.
@DoubleAA well let's give it a try, then
@Shokhet Can any user always ping a mod?
7:18 PM
@Daniel If someone's not, you can find a chat post of his and reply to it: that'll ping him.
I'm using the ChatSEy app so it might just not tell me directly
@IsaacMoses I don't think so, but a mod could always ping anybody (he responded to a message by @msh210)
@IsaacMoses I don't believe so.
@IsaacMoses A mod can ping any user, not vice versa
@msh210 That works?
7:19 PM
@Shokhet It should, yes.
@msh210 Cool.
@Shokhet Yeah
@Shokhet Ah. I misinterpreted your "for a moderator"
@IsaacMoses I figured that out ....no harm done :)
@Shokhet Like so.
7:20 PM
@Daniel I also say "double a".
How is @msh210 supposed to be pronounced?
@Daniel I say "AA AA" as if I've just been frightened twice.
just kidding.
@Scimonster I think something like "msh210" :P
@Scimonster I pronounce it "em ess aitch two ten" but you can do what you like.
@msh210 I've always said "mush two ten"
@msh210 why esh?
7:22 PM
@msh210 That looks like the format of the netid given to everyone at the university i attended
@YEZ I say "Double Ay Ay," but I'm not sure that that is correct.
First, middle, last initials followed by three random numbers
@YEZ Typo. I'll fix that chat message. Thanks.
@Daniel That's where I got it from originally. Where'd you attend?
@msh210 I actually associated msh with Misha, and the corresponding nickname Mish.
@msh210 Northwestern
7:24 PM
@Daniel Ah, I was at NYU. Perhaps they used the same software to assign account names.
@msh210 probably. It seems like a lot of universities use the same software for a lot of stuff
@YEZ I've been called many things (some uncomplimentary) but never AFAIR Misha.
Btw in case anyone was wondering, my username is pronounced like the name daniel
Sorry to break this up.....could you use for a knot question that doesn't involve the melacha?
@msh210 no one's stooped that low yet?
7:25 PM
@Daniel Really??
@Daniel dahn-EE-el or DAYN-yell?
@Daniel English or Hebrew?
@Shokhet We have, a number of times.
@msh210 Aight, thanks.
@Shokhet That's what the knots part is for.
7:26 PM
@Shokhet Note that 0 is also a number.
@msh210 Is that "nought" ?
... But in this case a positive number of times.
@Shokhet that depends on whether I'm in Israel or the us at the time
@CharlesKoppelman I pronounce it "zero" myself, but as you wish.
Q: Why do Lubavitch talisos ensure tzitzis hang off the side?

msh210A Lubavitch chasid's talis gadol has a special way of being tied that ensures that the tzitzis hangs off of the side of the talis and not off of its front or back. Why?

Q: Is one required to tie strong tzitzis knots?

YEZIn the comments here, you can find several suggestions of how to make sure your tzitzis knots will not loosen. Is one required to tie their knots this way, to prevent them from coming loose while they aren't paying attention, or coming loose on Shabbos when one cannot fix them?

Q: Shoe-tying order when tying another's shoes

msh210Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayim 2:4–5: ינעול מנעל ימין תחילה ולא יקשרנו ואחר כך ינעול של שמאל ויקשרנו ויחזור ויקשור של ימין One should don his right shoe first but not tie it, then don his left and tie it, then tie his right. Mishna B'rura explains that we tie the left shoe first דלענ...

7:27 PM
@CharlesKoppelman Or dah-nee-YEL.
@msh210 now that we're on pronunciation, let's go with nought for this particular instance
@Scimonster Thanks!
@CharlesKoppelman I've been called da-neel at least once
@Daniel Like Olivaw?
@Daniel Like the robot?
7:29 PM
@Scimonster Jinx.
@Daniel I've never been called that.
@Daniel I know a Joel who's had the worst luck with people getting his name right
@msh210 Hmm, R. Daneel Olivaw, what if the R stands for Rabbi?
@Scimonster I'm unfamiliar with the robot
@CharlesKoppelman I had a friend Chanoch who got some good ones from professors.
7:30 PM
@YEZ Nor I. Weird.
@YEZ That's because your name is yez
@Daniel Ahh. It's all coming together now.
R. Daneel Olivaw is a fictional robot created by Isaac Asimov. The "R" initial in his name stands for "Robot," a naming convention in Asimov's future society. Olivaw appears in Asimov's Robot and Foundation series, most notably in the novels The Caves of Steel, The Naked Sun, The Robots of Dawn, Robots and Empire, Prelude to Foundation, Forward the Foundation, Foundation and Earth as well as the short story "Mirror Image". He was constructed immediately prior to the age of the Settlers, and lived at least until the formation of Galaxia, thus spanning the entire history of the First Empire, the...
@YEZ Chanoch I can see. Joel is .... common
@YEZ If I were naming someone Chanoch, I'd spell it in English, "Hanokh"
@CharlesKoppelman Perhaps "Enoch"?
7:32 PM
@CharlesKoppelman My grandpa spells Chanoch as "Harold".
@msh210 This is interesting and for some reason reminds me of a sci fi book i read once where the main character was named kugel. Always made me hungry
@Shokhet OK you got your taxonomist bagdge, you can stop asking "how to" questions now :)
@YEZ :)
@Scimonster Yeah, I'd be more likely for that option
... but that's coming from someone who pronounces his name like "Charles"
@YEZ Wait for the next badge task to run....I didn't get it yet.
7:33 PM
@CharlesKoppelman kharles?
@CharlesKoppelman I'm actually not kidding.
I don't see that this answers the question, which was "I would like to know if any commentators discuss exactly what a woman should or shouldn't pray for at that time and if there are any text which should be recited". — msh210 ♦ 30 secs ago
(someone once told me mine is the only "Ch" name among their friends whose name started with a /tʃ/)
@CharlesKoppelman Yeah, there are a lot of Jewish /x/ names... Chana, Chaya, Chava, Chala.
@CharlesKoppelman Tells you a thing or two about that guy's friends
7:36 PM
@Scimonster You mean he had a different English and Jewish name or he actually thought חנוך was spelled "h-a-r-o-l-d"?
Anyway, I gotta go! TTFN!
@CharlesKoppelman His Hebrew name is Chanoch and English is Harold.
@Shokhet See you!
@Scimonster I left just as you wrote that. :P See you!
@msh210 Yup! Not to mention the smattering of Christina's and Charlotte's the person knew
@Scimonster Why would I think you were kidding?
@Shokhet Yeah, i noticed your avatar coming back in.
7:38 PM
I've gtg too. Tzt, y'all.
@msh210 Chala?
the bread?
@CharlesKoppelman Your comment just sounded a bit sarcastic, that's all.
@Scimonster no, for real. I would probably name a Hanoch something like that... though there are no English-language men's names that start with H that you can give a kid.
@CharlesKoppelman Harry is in again
I know this has nothing to do with anything we've been discussing, but this is a new type of SE question that's pretty cool:
Q: Evolution of "Hello World!" (testing new type of challenge)

Calvin's HobbiesThe challenge is to make a program that prints Hello World! to stdout. The catch is that your program must have a Levenshtein distance of 7 or less from the program in the answer submitted before yours. How This Will Work Below I have already submitted the first answer using Python: print("Hell...

(Mine is answer #24)
7:50 PM
@Scimonster That's fun
@Scimonster Interesting concept, but it looks like in practice, the sequencing is much less interesting than one would hope. It seems that very many of these answers are within 7 characters of very many others, and that it wouldn't take a much higher limit to include all of them.
@IsaacMoses There's only so much you can change in 7 characters and keep it valid code.
And many languages have similar print commands.
@Scimonster Yes. It would be more interesting to do something like specify a particular algorithm goal, make some tight requirements about things like variable naming (e.g. one-character names, following certain rules), and then ask for implementations that are aminimum distance from the previous one.
... that would also be difficult to structure in a way that would generate an interesting sequence of evolution.
8:42 PM
Does anyone here have some graphic arts skills? We're looking for someone who, given a vector drawing file of the MY tree logo, could morph it into a menora.
8:55 PM
@IsaacMoses I like the comment-out idea that appeared later on where strings of language specific characters are just commented out by adding one character
9:08 PM
Whichever mod cleaned up the comments on this question killed a bunch of links in my answer there
כל האומר דבר בשם אומרו מביא גאולה לעולם
~ Avos 6:6
@Shokhet Comments aren't meant to be there forever necessarily. You've got "שם אומרו"; just replace the broken link with words
9:37 PM
@IsaacMoses Aight.
@IsaacMoses All done! :)
9:52 PM
@YEZ Done.
1 hour later…
10:56 PM
@Daniel I haven't read all the chatting today but in case someone was testing this, I did get pung.
(I think that's what was going on?)
@DoubleAA we were wondering how you pronounce your username
11:56 PM
@DoubleAA inter alia, @msh210 proposed suspending you, I urged him to do it, and he demurred.
... And you may or may not have something in common with Yisachar

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