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12:19 AM
@HodofHod moderators can now, to allow us to delete first and explain after (which I gather is more of a problem on high-velocity sites like SO).
@MonicaCellio kewl
@HodofHod it's handy. There have been times in the past where I deleted something (say, in response to flags), then realized I should have left a comment, and had to decide whether to undelete, comment and delete or just punt.
12:34 AM
@IsaacMoses Random update: feedly no longer requires an extension. cloud.feedly.com
2 hours later…
2:21 AM
I like myself. For both ordering and replacement/preference. I only hesitated today because of the recent tension here.
@double @charles
2 hours later…
3:59 AM
@HodofHod Thanks. I'll take a look.
@MonicaCellio Thanks for the feedback and ideas. What @mi_yodeya does now is automatically link to every entry on the main and meta RSS questions feeds.
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5:44 AM
@IsaacMoses @DoubleAA @MonicaCellio @SethJ anyone: What am I missing here? How is
Q: Per my beliefs, to which should I convert: Modern Orthodox or Conservative Judaism?

OlgaI was born to a Jewish father and Christian mother, following all Jewish holidays, and have always identified as a Jew and nothing else. I was frequently reminded by my friends (most of whom were Jewish) that, technically, I am not a Jew. Nevertheless, my research has shown that I am considered a...

not a duplicate of
Q: Is there any benefit for a gentile to convert through one denomination versus another?

MelDespite being raised Conservative, it has been my impression that the only conversion that "counts" is an Orthodox one. I suspect this is the case for making aliyah, but under what other circumstances would the validity of one's conversion be called into question? What is the benefit of converti...

(To the extent to which it's not too localized, I mean.)
6:05 AM
@msh210 It is.
@IsaacMoses I saw you mentioned, above, that it's a dupe. I'm just surprised it's not closed already. I guess I'll close it.
6:18 AM
@msh210 Y"K shesagarta
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob, topics okay to ask about here include "general knowledge (science, etc.) as it relates directly to Jewish life and learning". That said, this seems a bit of a stretch: its relation to Jewish life is in the notion that someone would want to change, specifically and to the exclusion of other clothes, a talis katan before entering a client's home. — msh210 3 mins ago
Migrate to Freelancing?? — msh210 33 secs ago
@msh210 s/as/than/ in my most recent comment, if you please
@IsaacMoses I please.
7 hours later…
1:58 PM
@msh210 I agree (and thanks for closing). When this came up yesterday I was puzzled by it only having a single close vote despite being brought up here, which is why I held off. So thanks to the other close-voters!
If you're sweaty enough to want to change your talit katan, I would expect you to want to change other clothes too. The only thing that makes this plausibly on-topic here is the talit katan, but I don't see why the talit katan is central to this question. Absent further explanation of the Jewish context for the question, I would nominate for closure (or migration, if Bicycles or Freelancing would fit). — Monica Cellio 1 min ago
I just removed the new tags and , the former because it doesn't seem a likely search axis and the latter because covers that territory adequately.
2 hours later…
3:39 PM
@DoubleAA Wow, it works for pretty much any number. That's awesome
@MonicaCellio Do we know who follows the twitter? Does anybody besides M.Y. regulars follow it?
4:01 PM
@DoubleAA Tried it for 177b, didn't find anything. :-(
@Daniel Hard to match MY and Twitter usernames to know whether they coincide, but the list of followers of the Twitter account is at twitter.com/mi_yodeya/followers (only if you're logged in to Twitter). It includes El Al USA's official account, among 128 others.
4:44 PM
@msh210 @Daniel, I own and manage the @mi_yodeya account. At some point in the past, I did a flurry of follows of other accounts that I thought were relevant, and some of them probably followed back. That would predict and explain at least some following by not-yet-yodeyans. I haven't monitored this very carefully.
... I use the term "manage," above, generously, though, as discussed farther above, perhaps we'll change that
5:47 PM
@IsaacMoses Got a sec? I've got two questions on Avos 5:9, wondering if I should split them or not.
"גלות בא לעולם על עבודה זרה, ועל גלוי עריות, ועל שפיכות דמים, ועל שמיטת הארץ."
6:25 PM
@HodofHod I checked with Kreskin. He says to split them.
If you think your answer was edited in a way that displeases you, you are always welcome to roll it back. But having read it, I concur with the opinion that it is written badly - and rudely - enough to warrant significant editing. You can easily roll it back, and you have enough reputation to take your concerns to the chat room to discuss it with others. But I think you're facing an uphill battle. See our guidelines for behavior and editing. — Seth J 45 secs ago
@MonicaCellio Actually, makes more sense in that context. I went ahead and changed the tag...
1 hour later…
7:30 PM
@msh210 I was waiting for a response that he was available before specifying.
Q1: What's Shmitta doing with the 3 yarahogs? Q2: Why is Exile the punishment for the worst aveiros?
7:55 PM
@CharlesKoppelman oh, we have an exercise tag? Yeah, that makes sense there. Thanks.
8:18 PM
@hod vayikra 26:43
That partial answer to 1 might help you combine them better
@DoubleAA Nice! That's exactly what I needed.
8:42 PM
@MonicaCellio we do now!
8:56 PM
@MonicaCellio We already had a . Can you add exercise as a synonym?
@CharlesKoppelman ah, that explains it. :-)
@CharlesKoppelman that makes sense, sure.
9:43 PM
I was wondering something that I don't think is really a good fit for the main site
Why is it that talises worn by Conservative Jews seem to usually have the beracha written on the atarah
whereas talises worn by Orthodox Jews don't usually have that
Unless that's just some weird correlation that my brain made up
10:04 PM
@Daniel Why is that not appropriate?
@Daniel Have you observed this broadly, or could it be local? I don't see the b'racha on most of the talitot I see at the C morning minyan I go to, for what that's worth. No idea what local O practice is.

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