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2:22 AM
@H'Gabriel In asking the question about how to respectfully determine if someone is Shomer Nagiah, I did not ask for personal opinions about my actions. I found it offensive that my respectful question was not treated with respect for my actions. By "condemning" me for my action, you've made it clear that you believe I am not a welcome member of the Jewish Life and Learning site.
If the purpose of the site is to educate both Jews and non-Jews, then I would request that any discussion of the actions of any site members be couched in respectful language.
I agree with @MarthaF. Incidents like this are why I feel uncomfortable here.
@MarthaF and @NeilFein, FTR, I agree.
(That such "condemnation" is inappropriate, not that you should feel unwelcome here.)
@IsaacMoses I appreciate that.
I've edited out the 'condeming" line, which was over the line, IMO. Hopefully, that plus my comment will be sufficient to avert a bigger situation.
I hope so, I'd like to keep this off the main site.
2:35 AM
@IsaacMoses Thanks! I was mainly trying to make a point about the importance of respect to those who do not follow the same traditions. I appreciate your quick actions and your response.
@MarthaF You're welcome. I'm glad I happened to check in just at the right time. Gotta go now. Shavu'a Tov and Chanuka Sameyach.
I never meant to offend anyone, I was just trying to warn about the Isur. I couldn't really think of a better word so I wrote "condemn" I think I should have wrote "warn." My sincere apologies to anyone who offended or unwelcome by my comments.
@HGabriel Here's some food for thought: what makes you think I'm Jewish?
I wasn't necessarily talking to you. Once again I apologize. However, my apology does not change my opinion and the Hachamim's opinions on the subject.
2:50 AM
@HGabriel I take your apology in the spirit it was meant. I would warn you, however, that taking a negative view of the actions of others is likely to discourage those who are not orthodox from wanting to participate in the site. As I said above, I believe that the purpose of the site is to educate people on the rules and traditions of Judaism.
Rather than making a comment about the actions of another, I think a more effective way of teaching about the traditions would be to use the strengths of the site. A question about "why do people keep shomer nagiah" would be a much more effective tool.
Tell you truth, this is one of the subjects that sometimes hurts me to talk about since so many people fall into the sin. I didn't mean to do any harm, just this subject is a very sensitive one. You are correct.
In other words, assume that the person is ignorant, not willfully transgressing what you believe. That way, you can address the issue without attacking the individual.
And if it's a sensitive subject, that would be even more reason to educate others, yes?
3:04 AM
Agreed, however, I didn't take into consideration the fact that not everyone here is an observant Jew or knowledgeable.
Makes sense. Sounds like we're on the same page now.
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3:05 PM
Q: The question about whether jews can take palestinians concubines

Jim ThioThe question is removed. The original is in http://freemarketforever.com/2011/12/24/is-it-a-sin-for-jews-to-buyrenthireacquire-palestinians-concubinessex-workerssugar-babies/ I guess it's a bad joke. The reality is I was sick of violent and wonder whether economic competition can replace false ...

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4:56 PM
Q: What (if anything) should we do about offensive posts that show up on Shabbat/Yom Tov?

Monica CellioAvraham Yitzchak has a good point in a comment here that we are talking about advertising our site in Jewish venues, yet we are from time to time plagued by offensive questions (e.g. the Baal and sugardaddy questions). Jews aren't afraid of difficult topics discussed respectfully, of course, but...

5:44 PM
@HodofHod, hi!
@msh210. Hey! Freilechen Chanukah!
@HodofHod And to you.
6:00 PM
@msh210 so how are you celebrating the festival of lights?
@HodofHod Saying halel. Every day.
@msh210 touchè. Anything else?
kria, perhaps? ;)
@HodofHod Ah, yes, that, too. And al hanisim.
Had some good doughnuts and blintzes.
Learned some Tora, sang some songs. How about you?
@msh210. My latkes and doughnuts were mediocre. Although bh, I have been enjoying Chanukah in ways other than food, too. Learned some Torah, played some guitar at a few Chanukah parties, helped an old woman light Menorah, gave out some Menorahs, more general pirsumei nisa. All in all, its been wonderful! Looking forward to three more days!
@HodofHod Oh, my doughnuts and blintzes would have been worse than mediocre. I ate some that other people had made. :-)
6:17 PM
@msh210. Haha! Lucky, that!
6:54 PM
@msh210, btw I've been thinking about flagging this answer because it doesn't really address any of the questions. Any thoughts? Too harsh?
Oh and @ShmuelBrill, thanks for offering a bounty on my question. I appreciate it.
@HodofHod The first of your four questions was "What's the source for this?", andthat answer directly answers that question -- part of it. (The part that discusses being "cut off", not the cherem.) I am inclined not to delete it. That said, you can always flag something if you think it's deletionworthy (or if you think a question is closureworthy). But do check out the faq re what's deletionworthy/closureworthy.
@ShmuelBrill, @IsaacMoses, hi!
@msh210 Chanuka Sameyach!
@IsaacMoses And you; and you, @ShmuelBrill.
@HodofHod And of course you can always downvote.
@msh210. True. I'm a little bit nervous about flagging iffy things. I like my flagging record too much ;) I'm heading for [badge:marshal].
Well that didn't work
@IsaacMoses chanukah sameach to you!
7:07 PM
@HodofHod and @msh210, Isn't the main poitn of flagging to bring something to mods' attention?
@IsaacMoses The only point, as far as I know.
@HodofHod And to you, and to @ShmuelBrill and @NeilFein as well!
@msh210 So, as long as you don't mind having your view expressed in public, mentioning it here in chat is probably at least as effective.
Ah, yes, hi, @NeilFein; happy Chanuka. I wonder whether, comparing SE chat rooms' traffic today and other Sundays, this room has relatively more this week than other rooms.
@IsaacMoses Right, of course. When I said @HodofHod can flag such posts, I didn't mean that post specifically: that one he already flagged (so to speak) by mentioning it here.
@IsaacMoses @msh210 - Happy Channukah to you both as well!
I will say the Bicycles.SE site is utterly dead, as is the chat room. There was one mod hanging out in chat before.
@MarthaF, hi! Happy Chanuka. Seems we have a party here.
7:10 PM
@msh210 Someone break out the Chinese food!
We have reservations for the kosher Chinese place at 7pm tonight.
Who's going to see a movie?
@msh210 Hi there!
In case it wasn't clear, Neil and I are married and currently sitting across the dining room table from each other on separate laptops. ;-)
@MarthaF We had our suspicions. :)
The family that Judaism.SEs together something something.
@IsaacMoses From the Facebook page of a supermarket: "If your near our FAYETTE C&R location you should stop in and check out their holiday samplings. A few of the samples are crab rangoon and egg rolls". Apparently, Chinese food on Christmas is not just for Jews any more.
7:13 PM
@msh210 Supermarkets have all kinds of great ideas for expanding markets for their wares
But I suspect that the kosher Chinese restaurant will be majority Jews. Mainly because it's half a block from a non-kosher one. Next to a sushi place. And the other direction is a Thai place. A surfeit of choices!
The H-mart (Korean market chain) near us is, I think, open today. And I'm sure that all the Indian restaurants in Edison are humming away.
@MarthaF You must live in Israel, or in or near NYC.
7:15 PM
That's cool! That makes (at least) two couple here. (Or at least, I suspect the hochmans)
@msh210 -- New Jersey. So yeah, near NYC.
@IsaacMoses - We have a non-Jewish friend who used to work at a supermarket chain in the art department on the circulars, and she comes over on most fridays for shabbat dinner. She knows the drill in our kitchen quite well - which dishes are which, etc - and the stuff she's caught before going to press in their circulars... oy!
I'd be happy to offer y'all some of my potato, onion, and mushroom hash, though. (We're having a late lunch with leftovers from last night's baked potatos.)
@MarthaF Yeah. Here, we have two kosher restaurants: one is Indian (easy to make kosher, as it's vegan), and the other is open until, I think, 5pm daily and has little to offer. One drawback of living out of large Jewish areas.
@IsaacMoses tried to star your post, but I can't figure out how from mobile. The mobile chat and site need a lot of work.
We have three in our tiny town -- chinese, dairy, and burgers. Plus another one (upscale deli type) two towns over. (Not to mention all the supermarkets with kosher food sections -- even including prepared food.)
I figure that hash browns are fried, so they're close enough to latkes -- especially since my latkes never come out right.
@MarthaF We had blintzes. Oil is the point, right? Latkes presumably are simply because potatoes were plentiful in Europe.
Well, that and because latkes are yummy. :-)
@MarthaF True. But cheese blintzes are yummier. :-)
I might agree, but Neil definitely wouldn't. He's not a fan of the cheese in cheese blintzes.
7:25 PM
@MarthaF Out of curiosity, are you?
I am, y3es.
But I can happily give it up for him.
And we're having potato, onion, and mushroom hash with scrambled eggs and cheese all baked in a casserole. I can't complain too much about that. ;-)
@msh210 - There was a kosher meat Indian place in northern NJ, but I'm not sure if it's still around. I've actually never had chicken tandoori, not even in the days before I kept kosher.
Just found it! Must go visit!!
For all of you who are newish to chat: You can reply to a chat message by hovering over it and clicking the arrow that appears on its lower-right corner; your message will then have an arrow to its upper-left. For any message that has an arrow to its upper-left, you can click on that arrow to know which message it's a reply to.
@msh210 Like that! Cool!
7:28 PM
@MarthaF Extremely so.
@MarthaF Yes, and like in my last post before I made that announcement. :-)
handy when replying to a message from several screens up.
@msh210 So what are your Christmas plans? ;-)
@MarthaF Well, midnight mass was about 160 lbs.
@msh210 LOL
7:32 PM
@msh210 Pounds are a measure of weight, not mass!
@IsaacMoses To a physicist, yes. Colloquially, they measure mass, too, I think.
...though most people call mass "weight".
@IsaacMoses Well fine. Here! google.com/…
@msh210 Yeah, to surface-of-the-Earth provincials
Hm, apparently Google disagrees with you, @IsaacMoses: it converts lb to kg.
Without an acceleration factor.
@msh210 Let me be the first to announce that Google is surface-of-the-Earth provincial
7:35 PM
@msh210 I'd be willing to bet that it assumes 9.8 m/s^2
@jake, The conversation-starter is here!
@IsaacMoses I saw so many that so many people were in the chat room. I wanted to see what was going on.
@jake Impromptu Chanuka party!
Of course, we've also been spending the day listening to "Christmas music" -- we started with The Nutcracker and now are listening to Beethoven's ode to joy
@IsaacMoses Yay!
@jake, hi! Happy Chanuka.
7:37 PM
Well, all of the Ninth Symphony.
It really sucks that Beethoven wasn't Jewish.
@MarthaF Don't forget:
@jake Happy Hannukah! And welcome to a cheaper alternative to going to the movies today.
@msh210 Back at you.
@MarthaF Movies and Chinese food on Christmas is such a Jewish stereotype.
7:38 PM
@jake We have reservations at the local kosher Chinese restaurant. Don't knock it if it works. ;-)
Rock Me Maccabeus!
(I was looking for the Safam song, but this will do!)
@NeilFein Nice! Believe it or not, I haven't seen this one yet.
Well, if we're posting videos...
@msh210 You'll have to wait 60s for me to finish watching the previous one. :)
Just started the Weird Al one.
7:42 PM
Festive holiday music -- this is a real holiday party! ;-)
(Warning: Women singing.)
I love the 50's imagery in the Weird Al video. I've heard the song but not seen the video until now.
@IsaacMoses Gotta love the Muppets. Especially those three.
Did y'all see the new muppet movie?
@MarthaF yup
@IsaacMoses What'd you think? I really liked it.
7:48 PM
Q: Techelet vs tzitzit tags

Double AAThere have been a few questions recently regarding techelet. They are tagged with both techelet and tzitzit [FORMATTING HELP]. They don't seem to have to do with tzitzit per se. Should we remove the tzitzit tag from these questions or maybe merge the tags as there aren't so many techelet questions?

@StackExchange Go away! We're discussing important stuff here!
@MarthaF Didn't see it yet. Waiting for DVD release. So please no spoilers!
@jake You got it. It's worth seeing, then.
@MarthaF I enjoyed it as well. I loved the throwback stuff in ___'s house
7:51 PM
@IsaacMoses As a big fan of the Muppets, there's probably very few of their Youtube videos that I've not already seen. Appreciate it, though.
@IsaacMoses Especially Swedish Chef. My personal favorite!
@jake Everyone loves Swedish Chef! (We actually own the first three seasons of the Muppet Show on DVD.) I think that my favorite these days is Fozzie.
Børk børk børk!
@IsaacMoses I loved the big song Am I a _______ or a _______
@MarthaF You could have just said "I loved that song," and I'd know what you meant. :)
And my favorite part was when ____ decided to ____ and then went and ______.
7:54 PM
@IsaacMoses Well, yeah. But there are other songs.
@MarthaF They're all great, but the ones that express themselves without actually saying anything intelligible are the most hilarious, i.e. Swedish Chef, Beaker, Animal.
[reacted amazing comment here]
@MarthaF But were any more lovable?
7:54 PM
@IsaacMoses Oh yeah! and then when __________ _________ with _____________! So funny!
@IsaacMoses Granted. Or funnier.
@jake Not to mention, IsaacMoses, NeilFein, and MarthaF., apparently
We're so amazingly funny!!!!!
@IsaacMoses lol, yeah. Thanks for not ruining it for me, though.
@MarthaF is searching more videos. I think we'll have more Muppets soon?
I hear Crazy Harry!
7:57 PM
(I am a chatroom spy.)
I love that one!
Is it weird to be discussing the Muppets in the Judasim.SE chat room?
We have this on a CD of Muppet songs.
Oh, undoubtedly. Feel free to change the subject to something else, though.
@jake It hasn't yet been officially consecrated as a "Beit Midrash" or anything like that, so it's probably OK.
@jake Are you allowed to be on Judaism.SE if you don't like the muppets? I could have sworn there was a questionnaire.
@IsaacMoses Wait, so I'm not allowed to talk about the muppets at synagogue?
@IsaacMoses Yeah, this is more like my suggestion "Sichu B'chol", with both meanings relevant.
8:00 PM
@MarthaF CYR. :)
@MarthaF - Only Fozzie, he's already got fringes.
@MarthaF Not Miss Piggy.
@MarthaF Only if it's in the context of praying to God that they release another Muppet movie.
I can't believe I'm chatting with my wife who's across the table from me. And that this is by far not the first time we've done this.
We are such geeks.
@HGabriel, hi! Happy Chanuka.
8:02 PM
Chanuka Sameyach, everyone. I gotta step away.
@IsaacMoses Gam l'cha.
@HGabriel - Hello!
I hear Morningstar Farms will do a vegan Pigs In Space soon.
@HGabriel, Happy Chanuka! I wanted to point out to you that your comment to Dave's question about nekudot having kabbalistic significance is a very interesting topic in itself, discussed at length by Shadal. See his wiki page.
And now I'm imagining the Swedish Chef showing how to make cholent.
@jake - you have a link to that question handy?
Allow me to announce, just because eight people are here, a reminder that (a) anyone with sufficiently many reputation points can vote to close a question, (b) anyone with sufficiently many reputation points can vote to delete a post if its net votes are negative, and (c) the guidelines for what posts should be closed/deleted are in the faq.
Five closure or three deletion votes are effective.
@msh210 - Thanks!
Hey, does anyone know if anything ever happened with a site glossary? I think there was some talk about it in Meta a while back?
(We came up with a great glossary on Bicycles, but it's hard to get people to use it.)
@NeilFein Nothing ever did.
@msh210, Is there any reminder about the weekly topic challenge besides the post on meta? I'm not sure if this week's is not getting any questions because poeple don't know about it or just can't think of any questions. Either way, I posted one myself about an hour ago.
I still find these useful, because rather than complain about jargon, I can just look it up in the site glossary and edit links into the question. I've learned something and helped improve content.
8:11 PM
@jake No. However, see that post for ideas on how to be reminded of future such posts.
@IsaacMoses - I can also work on these, I've done ads for Bicycles.
(Sorry, not to take it away from Jake or anything, just offering to help if he's busy.)
@IsaacMoses I can come up with ideas, but I'm no graphic designer.
@jake - send me the text? I can make it pretty. And this week I have time.
Once you have the basic ad designed, it's actually pretty easy to just paste in new text.
8:19 PM
Working on it now
A: Does this site have a glossary?

msh210Pending more technologically advanced solutions (such as those mentioned in the answers posted here), I've started a manual glossary. Please contribute to it!

@NeilFein Excellent! Thanks very much!
So... many... fonts to choose from!
Q: Jewish Life & Learning Glossary

msh210A glossary! This is for Judaism-related terms that come up on the main site whose meanings people may well not know. I'm envisioning this question as having one or two answers, one a list of English terms and transliterations and the other a list of Hebrew (or Yiddish, etc.) terms. Each term sh...

@msh210 I can't write answers, but I could suggest some initial terms that might get it started. For example, in my question about shomer negiah (judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/12578/…), some terms that I was unsure of came up: heter, mahaloket, deorayta.
(And I went to Jewish day school for high school -- admittedly many years ago.)
8:33 PM
@MarthaF I started writing a couple of definitions and then realized I don't know the format we want. If I do it the way I (think I) want it -- one answer per initial letter -- then that mght wind up enshrining that method even if others don't want it. So I'm wary.
@msh210 Ah, gotcha. I suspect it would depend on how many entries we end up having. If there aren't too many, then individual ones would work. If there are lots, then grouping by initial letter would be better.
@MarthaF There certainly can and should be many... I don't know whether there will be.
@NeilFein, thoughts?
@msh210 I wonder if there could be some mechanism for people to request terms -- that would certainly lead to more entries.
@msh210 @MarthaF - it's a meta post, so it's not too big a deal if we have to do major editing on it after we get a few entries.
@MarthaF Well, they can post the term sans definition. :-)
8:37 PM
Let's just see what people add before commiting to a form?
@msh210 I'd be happy to start that process. :-) I'm not embarrassed by not knowing something.
@msh210 And done -- I've posted two with non-definitions. I can't do too many at once -- I already had to prove I'm not a robot.
@IsaacMoses - Here's your community ad! Any changes?
@MarthaF And I've defined them as "transliteration of...". Easiest definition-writing ever. :-)
@msh210 Maybe we should combine the transliteration with the Hebrew into one answer -- that might be less confusing than trying to maintain separate entries.
Shouldn't those paired terms be one answer? Which one do I link to inline in a question or answer?
(Hey, now we have content and we have something to play with! Yay!)
Not trying to impose my viewpoints here on structure, just asking.
8:51 PM
@NeilFein I just said that! :-P
@MarthaF and @NeilFein, well, if we wind up with a separate answer for each term, then yeah IMO combine them. If we wind up with a separate answer for each letter of the alphabet then of course Hebrew letters and English (Latin) letters will have to be separate.
Sounds good to me. Thanks again!
@msh210 Well, it'd make that clearer if we have more than two terms, right? So can you think of anything else that might start with an M, a Mem, an H, or a Hay?
@MarthaF Chametz and matza.
@msh210 Excellent! Let's put those in!
8:55 PM
@MarthaF For some reasonI can't think of anything else that starts with a he.
Ah: hagbaha.
@MarthaF I don't know whether to put them as separate answers or within the current ones :-)
Is that related to the hagbah that goes with galilah?
@MarthaF Not just related. It is it.
@msh210 Within the current ones. We're trying to get people to believe that you don't need two separate answers for each term. (We can always change it later.)
@MarthaF Very well.
@msh210 Ah. I got confused with the second "h" in the word. Different transliterations, I guess. (Hence the need for the Hebrew.)
8:59 PM
@msh210 Hanuka?
@jake It has a ches, not a he.
@msh210 Oh, are we separating english and hebrew letters?
@msh210 Which would make it a great example of something where there is a different letter in each language. If there were one-to-one correspondence, we wouldn't need two answers.
Yeah, I'm finding the structure confusing.
@jake Depends. If we're having one answer per initial letter then naturally we have to have separate Latin/Hebrew-alphaet answers. If we're doing one answer per glossary entry, then we can lump Chanuka and חנוכה together
9:01 PM
How about, instead of splitting by letters of the alphabet/alephbet, it's grouped instead by category: legal/gemara terms, biblical terms, names, and so on? Or would that
@NeilFein I like the idea.
give us one answer with all gemara terms and lots of others with just a few terms?
That'll keep the answer links relatively stable as well.
@NeilFein We may not need definitions for terms that are already in use as tags. Those terms could just link to the tag wikis. (Which would encourage people to edit/create tag wikis.)
@NeilFein and fewer than 48 without lumping everything together
9:03 PM
@MarthaF - Yep, that makes sense.
@MarthaF Right.
So, categories:
What's "legal"? :-)
9:04 PM
Hey, I asked for the glossary because I don't know this stuff!
Maybe terms from the Mishna or Talmud is what Neil's getting at.
Biblical terms
(as a new category)
@NeilFein Do you mean terms found in legal arguments and the like (like "migo", which means an argument for believing someone's claim because, had he wanted to lie, he would have told a lie that would be better for himself and he'd be believed at at it)?
Is that something likely to be used here?
@MarthaF But every Jewish term is found the Talmud. Well, not every. But
@msh210 It's a great term, though!
9:07 PM
@msh210 I think of "legal" as halachic/talmudic. So yes, "migo" is appropriate.
@NeilFein It hasn't been yet AFAIK (and threfore i personally wouldnt add it to the glossary), but it might be.
@msh210 Also things like your "heter", "machaloket", "issur", or even "mima nafshach" etc.
@jake Maybe it'd make more sense to categorize by topic area, rather than by source.
(creating something new)
@MarthaF That is a topic area.
9:08 PM
@NeilFein That goes in the "Holidays" category?
Such that there are terms related to beit dins, terms related to t'filah, terms related to marriage and family life, etc.
Wow, here's a good answer that could be mined for terms: judaism.stackexchange.com/a/12604/647
@msh210 ... it's an issue on Shabas and holidays.
I defer to your judgment on this! :)
(I'm the audience of this glossary, after all!)
@NeilFein If you're talking to me, I have no judgment to defer to. I'm just trying to work with you through what the categories mght be
9:10 PM
I meant you and @MarthaF.
@msh210 A general "halachic" category could include terms like "molid", or a special shabbat category, or a shabbat subcategory within the halacha category.
@jake - that makes sense. The category names should be fairly self-evident, I think.
Why will people use the glossary? <-- that should inform how it's organized, I think.
If people will look up a word at a time, then all we need is good links to individual entries. The best way to do that is probably through one answer per entry.
Personally, when I see a term in an answer I don't recognize, I'll go to the glossary and look for a definition. Also, people can use the glossary to define terms by just linking to them.
@msh210 I'd probably use it if there is an unfamiliar term used in a question or answer that I want to understand. So I'd be looking up one term at a time.
9:12 PM
@msh210 There could be hundreds of answers.
@MarthaF Me, too, I suspect. That makes three of us.
@jake True, but there's no restriction on the number of answers you can have, right?
@MarthaF Also, perhaps one answer for each word in hebrew with all its possible transliterations in that same answer?
@jake There will be, if we do it that way, yes. That's bad for editors (can't find the one to edit), but good for people looking up terms.
@msh210 You can always search the page. But yeah, it doesn't make sense to have a different entry for every way to spell Hannukah.
9:14 PM
@jake Sure. -- I mean, if we're going to have one word per answer, then of course its transliterations should be in the same answer. (At least, I would think so.)
That's why I suggested having one entry per pair of Hebrew/English words.
But yeah, these do get to be a bear to edit after a while.
I really wish SE had built-in functionality for this.
@NeilFein Well, that could always be an issue for later, when the glossary grows. We could simply start out that way, and let the thing grow organically.
Sure, sounds good.
So M/M Fein and I are in agreement re one answer per term (with no separate answer for transliterations), yes? What do you think, @jake?
... @ShmuelBrill?
So, to start, do we comb the site for words that need defining, or just start pounding words into the glossary?
9:16 PM
@ShmuelBrill (We're discussing meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/581 .)
@msh210 I think that's good.
@jake If we put something in the comments about how people can request definitions by simply adding a blank entry, then we can let it grow on its own without too much initial work.
@jake Well, it's a glossary for the site. IMO put in only terms that are on the site. Either comb, or remember words you've seen, or just put them in as you find them.
There's no point in defining a term that everyone already understands.
@MarthaF Is there such a thing?
9:17 PM
@MarthaF Define "define". ;-)
@msh210 Well, if not, then there are certainly terms that are already defined in tag wikis. ;-)
@jake Talk about pilpul!
What about it?
Looks like only the original poster (or perhaps a mod) can delete a post. So I've deleted the two duplicates.
After we get a few of these going, people will see the structure and just keep it up, mostly.
9:22 PM
@MarthaF I've undeleted one (and will the other if it's okay) as they can easily become other entries. (Deleted entries still appear for their authors and high-enough-reutation users, so they'd justtake up space that way.) Is that all right?
@msh210 Sure, if that's easier. no worries here!
Yeah, that makes sense. It keeps the page cleaner for high-rep users and mods.
@IsaacMoses Done!
@MarthaF nepotist
9:23 PM
@IsaacMoses But . . . he's not my nephew!
@NeilFein Is that right? WP says g'mara means only he commentary on the mishna, not including the mishna itself.
Mine was a rough summary of the first few paragraphs of the Wikipedia article. Go ahead and edit!
@msh210 What about multiple meanings? Like Hagbaha could also mean a type of kinyan.
@msh210 the glossary makes sense. Though I don't understand who will find it?
@jake so add it in, I think.
@ShmuelBrill Any time you post an answer (or question) with a term, instead of defining it (or, worse, not defining it), you can link to the definition.
@jake Added.
9:29 PM
@msh210 "raising personality"? what does that mean?
@jake personalty
English for mitalt'lin.
@msh210 okay, I'm confused.
@msh210 Cool. New word for me.
A problem with this method is that, once we have many entries, someone who wants to add a word won't know whether it's there already.
@msh210 Now we can add M'talt'lin to the glossary.
Yeah, this is true.
@jake :-)
@msh210 Again, this can be an issue for another day.
But don't worry, people will ger tired of adding to the glossary eventually. It'll stabilize to the useful answers.
I'd also like to point out that if there are several closely related terms, there's no reason not to pur them in one answer.
@msh210 We could have one main answer on top (most votes) which provides a list of all the current terms with links.
9:34 PM
@jake That'd work.
@jake In fact, we can make that the 'question'.
@msh210 Just what i was about to say.
@msh210 Good point
The "main answer" thing is nice, but it's a pain to maintain.
(Although you can do it in the body of the question itself, like this. )
9:36 PM
@NeilFein We could request that anyone adding an answer also add a term (with a link) to the original question.
@NeilFein Maybe draw it up once yoru predicted "people will ger tired of adding to the glossary eventually. It'll stabilize to the useful answers" has occurred then.
It makes sense to do that once the new entries taper off.
I'd hold off on that for a while, but yeah.
Let's keep it easy to add content for now?
But this is an awesome start!
@NeilFein Sounds good.
I'm signing off of chat. Happy hannukah, everyone!
@MarthaF Ditto.
9:38 PM
@MarthaF same.
Same here, happy hanukah, everyone!
2 hours later…
11:19 PM
@msh210 @IsaacMoses - I did a quick definition of CYLOR. Did I hit good, inclusive balance? Please feel free to edit if I'm off-base. (Or is this already defined elsewhere?)

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