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3:17 PM
Thanks for Help.
I want to know what is off topic .Many of my questions are declared to off topic .If they are off topic ,then what is the topic .Basically i feel ,If can't move at least two steps on a question it will be tagged as off topic
3:53 PM
If some people are wondering about the above it is continuation of this discussion:
Hi, you have relatively quickly deleted your recent meta question: How to search a question on mathstackexchange. I have mentioned some advice on searching here in chat, maybe some of that might be useful for you. If you have more questions about searching, you can ask there or - probably even better - in the chatroom dedicated to searching. — Martin Sleziak 2 hours ago
in Martin Sleziak's room, 3 hours ago, by Martin Sleziak
I will also add that your recent question Summation involving integral would be closed even if it wasn't duplicate. You can see in the revision history that close reason was off-topic.
in Martin Sleziak's room, 3 hours ago, by Martin Sleziak
To be more specific, it was closed as off-topic/missing context. (Although such details are not displayed in revision history.)
@KislayTripathi To get answer to this, it would probably suffice if you read the banner which is added after a question is put on hold/closed.
If you look at your question: Find the domain.
You can see there:
"This question is missing context or other details: Please improve the question by providing additional context, which ideally includes your thoughts on the problem and any attempts you have made to solve it. This information helps others identify where you have difficulties and helps them write answers appropriate to your experience level."
Notice that "improve question" is a link.
If you click on it, you get to this page: How to ask a good question. It contains plenty of useful information.
The part "Provide Context" explains what is expected to be included as "context".
Perhaps this answer might also be useful in relation to this: Can we stop the “Show your work craze”?
Re: If can't move at least two steps on a question it will be tagged as off topic. Certainly, showing your own work is one possibility how to add context. But, as you can see from the above links, it is not the only one.
When I look at your questions I see 3 questions closed as duplicate and 4 questions closed for other reasons. That is not too much. (Of course, I cannot see whether you have also some deleted questions which are closed.)
I see that you have asked on meta: How to ask a question to the topic? So I guess you'll get some answer (or at least comments with some useful links) there.
Still, I will repeat what I said before - if you have some questions specific to searching, this room might be a good place for them.
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5:23 PM
This has some useful tricks:
Q: Fast way to search stackoverflow.com using google

LazerEverytime I have to search something on stackoverflow.com using Google I have to type the rather long <search term> site:stackoverflow.com Is there some way to speedup the process, so that I need not type the whole 23 characters of site:stackoverflow.com each and every time? I am using Google...

I stumbled upon this in connection with this discussion:
A: Should we add external searches in some help pages about search?

Stella BidermanI think that this is a good suggestion and that we should add this information to the help center. I think that knowing how to use google parameter searches is an important part of using this site to its full functionality. On a related note, it might be useful to directly provide that functional...

> On a related note, it might be useful to directly provide that functionality to users. I’m not sure if this is something we can do with the main search bar on the site, but many sites have a radio button for “search using google” which would redirect to a parametrized google search on the inputted info.
You have added remark about possibility to including Google search into site's interface. Maybe something like that would be more suitable as a separate feature request - and probably on meta.SE, since it is relevant to all sites in the network. I have searched a bit, but I found only this past discussion related to this issue: Should SO include a custom Google search?. — Martin Sleziak 2 hours ago
Still it's worth mentioning that there are some workarounds. If you are using Chrome, you can try suggestions from here: Fast way to search stackoverflow.com using google. There is also "Search with Google" among these bookmarklets. I can confirm that it used to work, but for some reason it does not work at the moment for me. (Maybe somebody can check whether this is ony my local issue.) — Martin Sleziak 2 hours ago
Of course, suggestion to add Approach0 directly to site interface would be something different. That would be specific to this site, so it would be natural to discuss such feature request on our local meta.
With some fine tuning, this may be a huge improvement of MSE. I hope that the MSE staff will join you soon in the development phase and later implement your search system together with the actual one. (+1) Good job. — Jack D'Aurizio ♦ Sep 13 '16 at 20:48
@WeiZhong: count me on your side when a discussion about that will arise. — Jack D'Aurizio ♦ Sep 13 '16 at 21:24
I'm not sure whether I correctly interpret @JackD'Aurizio's comments as saying that Approach0 should be incorporated directly into this website. This seems to me a bit too optimistic. (Now that Jack's a mod he has somewhat better chance to do something about that.) But at least mentioning Approach0 in help center would probably help to get more people to notice it and it would give Approach0 a kind of "semi-official" status of site's search engine. I have made a feature request here: Should we add external searches in some help pages about search?Martin Sleziak 16 hours ago

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