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9:31 AM
A: The Riddle Sandbox

user29437This riddle shiuld be easy. I am a common means of disguise. A dark shadow to cover your eyes. The brightest orb which rules the sky, Poses a need to look like a spy. What am I?

9 hours later…
6:19 PM
Example of what we don't want there. 'Easy riddles'
@BeastlyGerbil Which is what I said in the Sandbox :P
5 hours later…
11:34 PM
Hey @Randal'Thor!
@Deusovi Hi! :-)
Back when this was originally posted though, there were no objections. On this thread, we originally got a score of +25/-0 - completely unanimous, which we had never seen before. The objections started pouring in after it was implemented (exactly as promised, in this thread). In any case, it's temporary - we may lift the moratorium soon. — Deusovi ♦ 2 hours ago
If I'd been here when it was originally posted, I would've posted that same answer with pretty much the same list of objections pre-emptively. In fact, I haven't spent much time looking at how it's actually worked in practice, as you can probably tell from my remarks about riddles posted there with solutions. The fact that objections have been pouring in after it's been implemented kinda confirms that there are problems which maybe you guys didn't see coming.
Yeah, in practice it seems to be working okay... apart from the departure of Hugh Meyers.
It's good to hear that nearly everything is getting through. Have you done any statistical analysis, or isn't there really enough data yet to work with?
Not enough data. Subjectively, it feels like the bad riddles have been caught in the "filter", but that is just subjective.
I'd be interested in seeing the proportion of riddles from respected users which get through vs the proportion of those from new users, and whether I was right in predicting an in-crowd effect.
11:44 PM
Honestly, I think "respected" users don't post as many riddles anyway. We'd have to account for that.
Respected riddlers, then.
The rep counts of passed riddles' posters are: 8034, 5031, 8034, 1466, X, 249, 1996, 519, 667, 10.1k, 869, 3690, 6590, and 297.
People like @Alconja (ping ping, btw, since you commented on my answer) or Hugh Meyers or Beastly Gerbil.
(X is from someone whose account was deleted.)
@Deusovi What about failed riddles?
11:48 PM
Well, two of them are "failed" because the user who posted them had their account deleted.
One failed is a one-liner from a 276 rep user. One failed is someone who went on a rant using abusive language, and posted it in the sandbox (but it got sorted out). One was retracted due to it not actually being a riddle.
@Deusovi Could use a CW post (or the Sandbox account) to post those on the main site anyway, if they got enough score after the account was deleted. It seems a shame to waste good riddles just because the person who posted them got deleted.
Other than that, there's only one "failed" riddle, the full text of which is:
"Broken all but twice a day."
@Deusovi I meant including the ones which aren't delete yet but seem very unlikely to make the required score, like this and this.
Oh, including the non-deleted ones.
(Btw, I haven't actually read any of these riddles yet to gauge their quality for myself. Just been too busy.)
11:53 PM
There are currently 4 with a negative score: one deleted user, one that would immediately be closed as too broad, one that's nearly purely trivia, and one... other one.
The rep counts are [unknown], 559, 101, and 126.
Well, that's quite a discrepancy.
So is it because newer users tend to post worse riddles, or because there's a perception that newbie riddles tend to be crap and people only upvote riddles from people they 'trust'?
I personally think it's because newer users tend to post worse riddles. Veterans have more experience, so theirs are naturally better.
One of the riddles I mentioned was:
"What falls standing up and moves around laying down?"
A: The Riddle Sandbox

Jason_A dangerous spiting cover that becomes flammable An anagram riddle Be careful I'm dangerous, left how I'm read Without my first letter I know how to spit it Switch my middle letters and I'm used as a cover Leave me as a cover and take away my last letter and I'm flammable What am I?

@Deusovi Ugh. That sounds like one of those 'classical' riddles which is really more like a lateral thinking problem. The best riddles are much longer than that and clearly enough specified that there's only one right answer.
The "correct answer" was water.
11:59 PM
Yeah, I think the quality/fairness of what's getting through is fine. I don't see anything that could be considered "good" getting denied.
Alconja also came up with "baby", "snake", and "pencil" in the comments.
Oh hey!
My main concern is with (and it's what Hugh raised), people being put off altogether because of having to "prove" themselves
I don't think the sandbox is an ideal solution, but it's better than what we had before.

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