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3:09 PM
There are still a couple of posts that need to be formatted.
A: Can we have LaTeX formatting support?

nbroHere are several questions and answers that would benefit from MathJax support on this website. These are just a few examples I've found in a 5 minutes search. Nevertheless, I think this number is enough to justify a MathJax support on this website. Questions https://ai.stackexchange.com/a/4710/...

2 hours later…
5:03 PM
@NikeDattani Can you explain what a "matter modeller" is? So, why does that site really exist? Is this a subfield of physics? Well, why isn't computational science enough?
@RoryAlsop I see that you were in this room not too long ago, do you have any advice on how I can handle the above question?
Please, vote to delete this answer (that guy was a troll and spammer).
A: Understanding a few terms in Andrew Ng's definition of the cost function for linear regression

Manuel RodriguezThe aim of reinforcement learning is to make an agent which plays games. The agent uses weights in his policy for adapting the decisions to the game. Learning means, that the agent changes it's weights. The cost function defines how good the agent has adapted the weights to the problem. Linear re...

@NikeDattani Seriously, you upvoted that answer?
Ok, if I become a moderator again, that answer will be deleted anyway.
6:15 PM
@nbro Oh I thought you were a moderator
I didn't realize you had stepped down. It was quite recently that we last spoke about the O(N log N) question, and I'm sure you were a mod back then!
1 hour later…
7:42 PM
Yes, I was a moderator, but it's possible that I will come back as a moderator in the next days or weeks.
Is there any reason why you upvoted that answer? That user was known to provide answers that seemed to be out of context (and that's why he was suspended). That answer is an example of such out-of-context answer.

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