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5:28 AM
If I install TeXLive form this


is the the current version (2024)?

They say, the source is tug.org...
6:01 AM
@cis they all take the sources from TUG. Just a matter of when, and whether they update the latex packages afterwards.
I don't know much about Linux, I had
`sudo apt-get install texlive-full`
used and that was the old version TL2022...

So I asked myself if
then the correct/current one installed.
6:57 AM
@cis that is what I'm saying they usually take the data from TUG and then never updates it. And then if you are not using the super latest version of your Linux dist, you get the version from when they took LaTeX for that Linux version.
If you want to have control with the LaTeX version installed, install upstream TeXLive from TUG. You will need to do this once a year.
But again it depends on whether you need bleeding edge.
It has long been known that LaTeX lags behind when you get it from a Linux dist.
7:18 AM
@daleif I understand.
@cis unless you need to develop packages, I'll suggest staying with the distribution version (unless, of course, you are in the last years of a long support one, which can become frustrating). When I have time, I'll try to write something about how I mange this to have both things,..
7:58 AM
@Rmano OK
8:39 AM
@cis do you worry about everything else apt installed not being the bleeding edge development version? bash, perl, python, the linux kernel itself, ... there are almost certainly newer versions of all those things than the versions that you have from apt. That's the whole point: if you have the development version of everything, things will break, apt is designed to give you a more or less consistent set of software with dependencies between them managed.
@DavidCarlisle But to be fair TL'24 isn't really 'development' in that sense, it's 'latest release'
9:24 AM
@JosephWright yes but same true of everything, you could build from source, take a development release, take a stable release or take what apt gives you.

OK, so only distrust 'sudo apt get' with TeXLive... :()

I have a lot to install right now. I'm trying to run the program 'twemoji-colr';

Unfortunately it ends with
Error: Cannot find module 'rmdir'
2 hours later…
11:30 AM
Does anybody know a Linux-programm which can open COLR-font-files?

(Fontforge shows me empty squares.)
1 hour later…
12:47 PM
@DavidCarlisle colortbl again ...
1 hour later…
2:28 PM
@UlrikeFischer I was highly offended by the issue title. It should have said tagging breaks colortbl not the other way round:-)
@DavidCarlisle but colortbl isn't broken, isn't it? So perhaps "tagging doesn't correctly handle colortbl yet"?
@UlrikeFischer or simply It's not David's fault
@UlrikeFischer oh it started on site here, I'd just seen thegh issue:-)
@DavidCarlisle yes, I just wanted to proudly answer that we already handled colortbl and additionally suggest that they add headers when I realized that the headers were gone ...
3:40 PM
@Rmano typo in the first line, @DavidCarlisle would be proud... :P "constrasting" has an "s" too much.
I know there was already a bit of discussion around here, but I'm so happy that finally the really important information is visible. Finally I can easily see the tikz-pgf questions to farm reputation.
3:52 PM
@Skillmon ... you could answer some tex.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/bold questions as celebration :)
@Skillmon Oops... great minds fail alike? 😜
thanks, corrected
4:23 PM
@Skillmon (and if you would like to read up on the meta drama around this change, meta.stackexchange.com/q/400149/237989 summaries the events nicely)
5:13 PM
@samcarter ooh ducks are tough x.com/Rainmaker1973/status/1794001408540508412
6:11 PM
@PauloCereda ooh, XCOM
@Skillmon OOH
6:54 PM
@Rmano ooh squirrels are very good at portable installations
7:09 PM
@PauloCereda But they forget where they put them.
@AlanMunn oh no (ooh ice age)
@PauloCereda You don't seriously expect me to have seen this movie, do you?
@AlanMunn not really :)
@AlanMunn in my defence, @JosephWright used to watch Peppa Pig :)
So we ducks watch a lot of things
@PauloCereda Ducks will survive the humans :)
@samcarter ooh
7:21 PM
@samcarter not the ones that get eaten
@DavidCarlisle oh no :)
2 hours later…
9:14 PM
@AlanMunn oh... Granted, it's not Inside Out nor Monster s.a., but it's funny enough...
@PauloCereda and if they try to hide their portable installation for later use they cause an earthquake or worse
2 hours later…
10:57 PM
@Skillmon exactly :)
@DavidCarlisle oh no
oh no, ilegal werewolves

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