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2:46 AM
@AlanMunn Do you know if titlesec or titletoc do anything funky with things like \mainmatter? There's a question about a document using the inevitable 'template', but this one doesn't just load a bunch of packages in the wrong order, it uses \if@mainmatter even though the base class is report. Assuming it doesn't just give an error for every \chapter, I'm wondering where it gets the conditional from.
Q: How do I put the Appendix along with the PDF on one page?

PawelI would like to put the appendix in PDF format on one page at the top of which is written "Appendix 1" - it also needs to be in the table of contents without a number according to my university's guidelines - no method I have found (Separate file with /appendix, pasting the following code into ma...

2:58 AM
It really does. Dammit. I hate titlesec.
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1:38 PM
@egreg Hurry, you got yourself a new one (but not from the same guy)
5 hours later…
6:49 PM
@DavidCarlisle I was looking if one can merge xr and xr-hyper and saw that they handle file names with spaces differently: xr-hyper don't like them at all, and xr ignores a space at the end ;-(
\begin{filecontents}{endspace .aux}

\begin{filecontents}{middle space.aux}

%\usepackage{xr-hyper} %errors
\usepackage{xr}        %doesn't find "endspace .aux" looks for endspace.aux
\externaldocument{endspace }
\externaldocument{middle space}
\ref{test1}, \ref{test2}
This looks like an expansion problem, but I don't think it's solvable. Certainly none of the usual TikZ expansion tricks seem to work. tex.stackexchange.com/q/703009/2693
@AlanMunn no tikz wants to put every char in a \hbox and that doesn't work with \enquote. You need simple text.
7:05 PM
@UlrikeFischer Ok that makes sense given what it has to do with the text.
7:56 PM
@UlrikeFischer that was the plan, just stalled as hyperref changed \label :-)
@UlrikeFischer I suppose "serves you right" isn't the correct response to %doesn't find "endspace .aux" ?
@DavidCarlisle well nobody complained about it, so I wouldn't mind if it doesn't, but one can't replace xr by xr-hyper as the testsuite errors (there was github issue 223 ...).
@UlrikeFischer we should merge though even if some edge cases break, having two makes no sense once all the label internals have been rationalised
@DavidCarlisle yes I quite agree. But I think the new version should properly support files with spaces, so both above should work.
@DavidCarlisle but beside this the testsuite seems to pass if one exchange xr by the xr-hyper code.
@UlrikeFischer yes agreed

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