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12:34 AM
I'm still suffering to see the letter T...
2 hours later…
2:29 AM
Back from the waterfalls, water dam and stuff. However, the best was the buddhist temple, and a small zoo --- I saw.araras for the first time IRL! @PauloCereda
^^ this quite sums up my experience with arara
@JosephWright I see what you mean about "explosion". Let's give it some time and thought, I have to first see what I gotta do with all of it.
@JosephWright btw, I just realized I also use cd "./subfolder" && pdflatex "./file-in-subfolder", which is significantly different from pdflatex --output-directory "./subfolder" "./subfolder/file-in-subfolder". Not sure how to deal with this sort of stuff (like running two commands in a single \ShellEscape call...
5 hours later…
7:12 AM
Hi folks. I want to make the following a no-op.
\node [font=\bfseries, align=center] at (14,-3){\includegraphics[width=.25\textwidth]{\Sigfile}};
@Skillmon Personally I would not use a dedicated package, but probably, because I would use tcolorbox in reality. I don't know if I would mind the "weight" of the package. But maybe a non-TikZ-user would be a better indicator whether it would be useful.
Currently I'm just commenting this out, but I was wondering if making \Sigfile empty would achieve the same effect.
I guess I could try it.
@Skillmon Thanks for the reminder, I thought it was there but haven't found it in the documentation that fast.
No, it seems \includegraphics is not ok with an blank space. Unsurprisingly.
7:56 AM
@PauloCereda LOOK
^^^^ !! My sister came from Morro de San Pablo, Brazil and gave me this beautiful key ring. Do not you think it's beautiful? `:)))))`.

Do you know that place? She returned to Argentina today after being five days, says she liked it a lot because in one of the islands where the streets were not asphalted, but covered something like wooden planks. She also told us something that caused us a lot of grace: there are no taxis as you usually know them, but they are like a kind of... taxi wheelbarrow? where they carry merchandise, objects, and even a woman!! Hahaha. Have you see
2 hours later…
9:50 AM
Could someone please send me the screenshot of the now-deleted answer, here: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/442744/…? Thanks.
10:19 AM
@Blue Better ask @samcarter why she deleted it. She is a regular on the chat; expect an answer when she's back.
1 hour later…
11:26 AM
@Blue Hi! I deleted the answer because it really was a dirty hack and I later noticed that it causes a couple of problems. If you want to see the code, I paste it here:
\author{$^1$abc}\thanks{These authors contributed equally to this work.}
\author{$^2$xyz}\thanks{These authors contributed equally to this work.}
\email{[email protected]}
\author{$^2$lmn}\thanks{These authors contributed equally to this work. \hfill}
Can someone give me a pointer on doing something as follows? I know I've done such things before, but I can't find the code.
If something is defined (could be a macro, could be something else), then a macro does one thing, if not, does another thing.
In my case, I want one of those cases to be a no-op.
@Blue The problem with my \hfill approach is that the ; is pushed to the very end of the line (btw why are you concluding your thank you notice with a full stop if your class automatically inserts a , afterwards? Without the . it would fit in a line and the problems would not exist in the first place )
If I have something very similar on hand, I can usually easily adapt it. But TeX is very thorny for non-experts, even to write something as simple as this.
@Blue And the problem with your '\linebreak workaround is that the ; is pushed to the next line which does not look good either.
@Blue It would also be helpful if you could answer the question by @cfr tex.stackexchange.com/questions/442744/… about the numbers before the names.
12:05 PM
@FaheemMitha Have a look at the etoolbox package. It provides several commands to deal with cases like this.
@TeXnician Yes, I'm looking at it. Specifically the boolean commands.
@FaheemMitha There are also commands for dealing with commands and existence checks…
@TeXnician I was trying \ifbool. Did you have something else in mind?
@FaheemMitha Yes. I thought you wanted \ifdef, but as I don't know your use case I think you should read the documentation.
12:27 PM
@TeXnician I thought I could use a boolean instead. In this case it seemed a natural thing to do.
I just happened upon
@FaheemMitha That's fully up to you and I was just giving my interpretation of your question here. If you want a detailed answer which may relate to a given MWE it is better to ask the question on the main site, but otherwise it's your decision what to choose and which advise to follow.
Q: TeX questions on StackOverflow

TeXnicianBefore you close this question as a duplicate: I know that the common sense in the meta answers is "TeX questions on Stackoverflow are on-topic there and we separately answer questions, even if they are duplicates on SO". The motivation for this post is the following: Lately there have been some...

So, how are TeX questions on SO handled now? Is there some protocol for getting them moved?
@TeXnician Yes, I understand.
@FaheemMitha Yes, if they are fresh enough mark them for migration. Otherwise it's hard…
@TeXnician But presumably someone needs to do that.
3 hours later…
3:13 PM
@DavidCarlisle, @UlrikeFischer I've nearly sorted PDF-based testing in a more fluid way than at present. I plan to do some more cleanup (e.g. making the list of tests themselves flexible), then update l3build.
So, are the functions in etoolbox considered a "modern" way of doing things? Or just LaTeX per usual?
@JosephWright ah good. What is tested/compared?
3:43 PM
@FaheemMitha The etoolbox functions are tools for LaTeX and eTeX at that time (2007--2011). Since then, there were a few fixes or small additions. Joseph took over maintenance since it was abandoned. But of cause he is focused on LaTeX3, that should be considered as modern.
@UlrikeFischer Binary comparison: generated PDF versus reference PDF
@StefanKottwitz Hmm. So what would be the LaTeX 3 way of handling what I described above? Or should I ask a question?
@UlrikeFischer We've looked at 'extracting' bits of the PDF to do a text-based check, but that is painful
@FaheemMitha Handling what?
@StefanKottwitz Reasonable summary: etoolbox is pretty good as far as it goes, but the need for cs... all over the place shows up the limitations
@JosephWright Just a bit of code I was trying to write:
% \setbool{showcountersig}{false}

\NewDocumentCommand{\CounterSig}{ m O{faheem_sig1_imagemagick.png} }
  {\node [font=\bfseries, align=center] at #1 {\includegraphics[width=.25\textwidth]{#2}}}
Using \ifbool.
@FaheemMitha In the same style, one could use \bool_if:NT with a boolean such as \l__fm_showsig_bool
3:51 PM
@JosephWright I see. Would there be significant differences between the two approaches?
@FaheemMitha Not really in this case
@JosephWright Ok.
4:08 PM
So it looks like this Brexit thing is really happening.
@JosephWright I wonder how stable the binary output is.
@UlrikeFischer With the reproducible build stuff set up, they shouldn't change unless one explicitly requests they do. Of course, one might want to just check the tags, but I think that is a job for specialist PDF tools.
@UlrikeFischer We (team) did look at testing 'bits' of PDFs: you can arrange to put markers into the stream and then examine things as text, but to be honest I think that's more useful done manually for set-up, than in automated checks
@JosephWright I'm wondering about fonts and if there are (small) difference between the various OS. But we will see ...
5:06 PM
@UlrikeFischer I'll find out soon enough
3 hours later…
7:48 PM
So, I'm in @PauloCereda's house just now :)
@yo' Cool!
@JosephWright indeed!
@yo' Quack. :)
@JosephWright He is literally in the other side of the room. :)
8:06 PM
@yo' So, does he have lots of pet ducks? I'm thinking a pond.
@yo' Did you meet the famous cat? And does the house look like this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Duck ?
8:59 PM
@yo' and @PauloCereda -- hello! have a good time. give arara a good workout.
@PauloCereda This is a major road in Toronto: goo.gl/maps/U6nmnJkJdxG2
@barbarabeeton is there are gallery of the various "TUG graphics" (from the TUG conferences) somewhere?
@UlrikeFischer Ooh, interesting idea
@JosephWright my husband -- who is an historian -- asks such questions ;-)
@UlrikeFischer -- not as such, but most of them are on the covers of the relevant tugboat proceedings issues. (i'll make the suggestion to create a gallery.) but that's only the "official" pictures for the conferences. i think the pictures that were given to various tex "worthies" weren't ever all collected in retrievable form. and i'd really have to dig to identify them all. i'll try.
1 hour later…
10:13 PM
@UlrikeFischer Indeed, seems there are issues (see github.com/latex3/l3build/issues/10 and github.com/latex3/l3build/issues/21). I suspect the only sensible tests for us will be ones where parts of the PDF can be extracted.
11:10 PM
How to re-open a question for answering which was marked as duplicate? The question Impossible to create a command whose name starts with “\end”, tex.stackexchange.com/q/443447/118714, was marked as a duplicate of another question. I don't see it that way and would like to address my answer to the correct location.
11:22 PM
How to re-open a question for answering which was marked as duplicate? The question 'Impossible to create a command whose name starts with “\end” ', tex.stackexchange.com/q/443447/118714, was marked as a duplicate of another question. I don't see it that way and would like to address my answer to the correct location.

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