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6:59 AM
@JosephWright Ooh a new comic!
@egreg Also some answers, mine, for example
2 hours later…
9:33 AM
@PauloCereda ^^
2 hours later…
11:45 AM
@DavidCarlisle you are mean
Quack from São Paulo!
@PauloCereda oi @HaraldHanche-Olsen posted the link
@DavidCarlisle oh deeply sorry, I will try that again
@HaraldHanche-Olsen you are mean
@PauloCereda No, just average
@HaraldHanche-Olsen you are some sort of standard deviation. :)
@PauloCereda I assure you, all my deviations are non-standard
11:53 AM
@HaraldHanche-Olsen ooh that's risky
I had a garlic-based snack today at the cafe, I believe I am now vampire protected. :)
12:34 PM
@PauloCereda Does it snow?
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2:38 PM
The perils of asking questions. Accepting the answer has put me off of my palindromic rep scheme.
@AlanMunn you could ask 4 questions more :)
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3:52 PM
@egreg imho the OP here tex.stackexchange.com/questions/405498/… did run into this problem:

% uncommenting this avoids the errors
% {\fontencoding{LGR}\fontfamily{Tempora-TLF}\scshape\bfseries}


\scshape  blb \fontencoding{LGR}\selectfont Λ
\bfseries blb \fontencoding{LGR}\selectfont Λ
Imho substitutefont should be a bit more careful and not assume that all the sub-fonts exists ;-).
4:32 PM
@UlrikeFischer Possibly, but it's a false problem.
@egreg ? Why do you think so? I certainly wouldn't want to get an error because of an undefined shape, I want latex to fall back to something more or less sensible.
@UlrikeFischer OK, but the case of the OP is very clear and explained in detail (in an answer to a different question). The OP apparently wants ancient Greek in small caps, which is, to use understatement, an abomination.
@barbarabeeton Sorry for the late reply. I am not aware of any printer-friendly settings. There is always a mobile version for smart phones and tablets available through Wiki, independent from this particular wikibook.
Today i had another look at that page, not from my laptop, but with another monitor. The yellow is a bit brighter than i anticipated. I am wondering if i redo all images to be slightly less bright or just stick with what we see now. After all, every monitor is different and peoples perception is also different.
I was also wondering, if different colors would be an idea, maybe dependent on the content. For example light yellow for bibliography, milod orange for titles, mild green for contents etc. but this will get real messy real quickly. Also, some images show different categories at once.
4:49 PM
@egreg No, in one of the comments of the new question the OP explicitly wrote that the greek doesn't have to be small caps: "Greek does not have to be in small caps (actually it shouldn't).". The OP simply wants to use some greek in the middle of \scshape and is to unsorted to make this aim clear.
@UlrikeFischer As far as I can see, the OP wants titles in small caps; but a savvy typographer, seeing the problem would simply choose to avoid small caps to begin with.
@egreg There I agree ;-).
5:05 PM
@egreg btw did you saw the creative try to get a multiply sign: \(3\item[x] 10\)?
@AlanMunn Karma: the effect of your downvote on mine:-0
5:59 PM
what happens to OCG in a PDF when you print it?
@UlrikeFischer I can think to even more exotic macros
@JosephWright -- this is probably just sour grapes, but this question was closed before i got a chance to answer it: tex.stackexchange.com/q/405542 . please look at the last couple of comments on the question, and if you think it's worth posting the answer given in my comment, please (nominate to) reopen. thanks.
@Johannes_B -- admittedly, i wasn't thinking of colors, but i'll add that to my "think" list. (i've spotted a couple of typos that could be cleaned up, but in general i think it's reasonable and accurate.) my monitor doesn't display colors very well, or pale anything. (for example, the background in the banner on the main tex.sx page looks nearly blank.) so i may not be the best judge of this but i'll try.
@barbarabeeton Banner looks almost blank to me as well :-)
6:25 PM
Could anyone help here: vv
@TeXnician - I'd like to post a tabularx-based solution. Please vote to re-open this posting. — Mico 1 min ago
6:53 PM
@TeXnician Done, only one vote to reopening
@CarLaTeX Thanks ;)
mmm it's quiet in here
@DavidCarlisle have you seen Ronnie's last 5 yesterday?
7:09 PM
@TeXnician U r welcome
@Moriambar Ciao! You missed the comments about pizza becoming Human Heritage!
@CarLaTeX Ciao… well I've not that much time lately, too much calligraphy first and then snooker! I did not know that pizza became Human Heritage (nor I know a formal definition of Human Heritage anyway)
7:27 PM
A user from the main site keeps sending me emails asking for answers to his/her questions. I didn't have any chance of replying since I am travelling, but this is getting silly...
@egreg it pours rain copiously!
@CarLaTeX ^^^^
@UlrikeFischer yay
Throw the pomodoro!
@samcarter ooh
7:45 PM
@UlrikeFischer LOL Wonderful!
8:03 PM
@CarLaTeX lol
@Moriambar they can't call "pizza" the pineapple one anymore :):):)
8:45 PM
this question -- Prevent include another file from making a new page -- has just been closed as a duplicat of When should I use \input vs. \include? but i don't think that what was being asked for at all. the op knows the difference between \input and \include (that's clear from the wording of the question) but would really like an "\inputonly", which doesn't exist. what's the best way to make that clear?
9:03 PM
@Moriambar nope didn't catch any of the snooker:-)
@barbarabeeton I thought we had a duplicate of that, I'll look
@barbarabeeton actually reading the question it's not clear to me she does understand input at all (seemed to think it would result in multiple pdf)
@CarLaTeX did you look carefully at that pizza topping ?
@PauloCereda I always just reply saying "please do not use personal mail" and give a link to tex.sx (but it sounds like the latter is not needed in your case)
@DavidCarlisle Thanks for the idea!
9:20 PM
@CarLaTeX well I wish… but I think they will continue to do it
@DavidCarlisle Too bad, it was a great final (biased opinion here)
@barbarabeeton if you decided to try to change the duplicate, perhaps this one:
Q: Redefining \include

Yiannis LazaridesA puzzling choice made by Leslie Lamport was to define \include in such a way as to issue a \clearpage before reading the file. This has been puzzling me for sometime as it is not a very good choice in terms of the author interface. This question has two parts: Are there any valid reasons for t...

@DavidCarlisle -- yes, that's a better one to address the question. i think the problem is more a language problem than understanding the difference between \input and \include. there are *many* times when i've wished for an \inputonly` facility (but am too lazy to try to concoct one).
I had Kassler today!
@barbarabeeton you would have to give up almost all the features of \includeonly so it's not clear it would be that useful.
@PauloCereda you could have had a pizza as depicted above.
@DavidCarlisle oh no
9:29 PM
@PauloCereda I know your Italian isn't as good as mine, but basically it says that's the real thing as endorsed by UNESCO
@DavidCarlisle -- what i would use it for is only proofreading sections of a long document that isn't in book form. it would entirely disappear before the final version. (so instead i segregate the sections in little files and comment out the ones i don't want to look at on the current round.)
@DavidCarlisle Fake news!
@CarLaTeX There is no evidence of forgery that I can see,
@DavidCarlisle -- i have never seen a square pineapple.
@barbarabeeton they have knives in italy
@barbarabeeton yes but would you want \ref to a label in an omitted section to do anything useful, and section numbering to automatically skip the omitted sections, it is making those things work that causes \clearpage to be needed
9:33 PM
@DavidCarlisle -- this may sound strange, but what i'm interested in when i'm proofreading is spelling and grammar. i trust latex to get numbering and xrefs correct, so i mostly ignore those, especially for something i've written myself.
@barbarabeeton sure I was thinking that you'd get errors, but I suppose in most cases you'd only get spurious warnings, so just use \zzinput{...} and for proofing use \let\zzinput\include \includeonly{abc} and for production use \let\zzinput\input
10:44 PM
@CarLaTeX ^^ I hope you can see the flag ;-)
11:04 PM
@UlrikeFischer I can see it, LOL!
11:48 PM

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