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7:33 AM
Q: Extract .tex from .dtx

nomadI have been trying to extract .tex code out of a .dtx file (this http://mirrors.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/microtype/microtype.dtx to be precise, which should produce the microtype documentation http://mirrors.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/microtype/microtype.pdf). I understand the idea of hav...

Isn't this just a dupe of the older question?
1 hour later…
8:36 AM
@JosephWright yes
9:19 AM
@UlrikeFischer I've provisionally added A0 and AD to utf8 inputenc, we'll see if they survive tests and discussion before the release;-)
9:59 AM
@DavidCarlisle Thanks. The extended error message is imho fine too (perhaps additionally a "decimal" should be added to clarify that it is not a usual hex unicode number).
@UlrikeFischer I fixed it last night to do hex;-)
@UlrikeFischer actually I'm just testing that now, I think I need to make it behave a bit better on mal formed ut8 input (currently it blows up rather badly:-)
@DavidCarlisle Hm. Yes. \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} together with 8-bit-encoded files is a very frequent error in user documents.
10:15 AM
Still nobody with a reasonable amount of knowledge on biblatex? :-)
@UlrikeFischer I can't decide how bad it is, you do finally get the inputenc error message with a hex number showing more or less how much of the sequence it decoded but before that you get random \numexpr parse errors, like:
! Missing = inserted for \ifnum.
<to be read again>
l.50 ...e that are not legal utf8 sequences: ^^c3X
I was expecting to see `<', `=', or `>'. Didn't.

! Missing ) inserted for expression.
<to be read again>
l.50 ...e that are not legal utf8 sequences: ^^c3X
I was expecting to see `+', `-', `*', `/', or `)'. Didn't.

! Package inputenc Error: Unicode char ^^c3X (U+3)
@UlrikeFischer where the actual error is last two lines. Catching it and avoiding \numexpr parse errors while staying purely expandable is a bit hard
@DavidCarlisle I just tried öäü in a ansinew document with utf8 inputenc. And got simply
Runaway argument?
! Paragraph ended before \UTFviii@three@octets was complete.
<to be read again>

So newbies can get frightening errors with the current implementation too ...
10:58 AM
@UlrikeFischer yes but adding more isn't necessarily an improvement:-) I have a version that avoids the errors but adds )))) at the end of every number (having added some closing brackets just in case) in theory I can run a cleanup macro to remove those, although not currently working:-)
Quack! :)
Good Saturday to you all, friends!
@DavidCarlisle If you can avoid it it is naturally better. But one of the time consuming support task is to find out if people get inputenc errors due to a faulty file encoding or due to an undeclared character. If one could discern the cases by the error message it would help a lot and some parentheses are a small price to pay.
From a real paper of mine. ^^
@PauloCereda A duck labeling machine?
@UlrikeFischer thanks for the encouragement. I'm going to leave the code for a bit and come back to it later, I know what's wrong with it but not fixed in mind what it should do instead so not making progress:-)
@PauloCereda and egreg
11:11 AM
@egreg An nondeterministic automaton generated from a duck duck goose grammar. :)
@DavidCarlisle you are mean. :)
@egreg: any tour planned for today?
@PauloCereda Tomorrow, on the way home. I'll take it somewhat at large. ;-)
@egreg :)
@PauloCereda My plan is to visit the "Santuario della Verna”, where St. Francis got the stigmata.
O Santuário do Monte Alverne (Santuario della Verna) é um local de peregrinação católica, pertencente à Ordem Franciscana, localizado no Monte Alverne, a pouca distância de Chiusi della Verna, na província de Arezzo, na Itália. O Santuário foi erguido no sítio onde segundo a tradição São Francisco de Assis recebeu os estigmas, em 17 de setembro de 1224. Está situado no flanco norte do Monte Alverne (ou Monte Penna, como é conhecido em italiano), a 1.128 m de altitude, e compreende um complexo de capelas, ermidas, hospedaria, convento e uma basílica, sendo de grande importância para a devoção católica...
@egreg Amazing! Is it far from your place?
I'd love to do a religious tour in Italy. <3
11:26 AM
@PauloCereda The planned tour is about 600km, the place is about mid way.
@egreg Cool!
12:06 PM
@DavidCarlisle -- how about dek's home page: www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~uno -- there it says (quite clearly!) that he is "Professor Emeritus of The Art of Computer Programming" (not "professor of arts & ...").
@egreg -- hmmm. well, there's a substantial italian population in providence. maybe one of the shops has got them. haven't visited that neighborhood for a while anyhow, so it would be a good expedition. (fresh-made ravioli and mozzarella ... yum! and it should probably be about time for "uvo per vino" to come out on the fruit stands.)
@barbarabeeton ah, I must say I thought it looked odd when I say "of arts" . I'll contact them...
12:30 PM
@JosephWright @DavidCarlisle @egreg @UlrikeFischer @clemens github.com/treyhunner/invoices/issues/2#issuecomment-135912660
12:58 PM
Hello!! I am about to write my master thesis and now I am looking for a template... Which of the following would you suggest me?

@MaryStar Hi! Does your university and/or department have any formatting rules/guidelines?
@PauloCereda I don't think so...
@MaryStar Most universities provide formatting/style guides for academic documents, so at the end of the day, your thesis might have to look how they want and not exactly how you would like.
@MaryStar None.
@Johannes_B :)
@barbarabeeton Speaking of mozzarella, you might like this video: vimeo.com/126527223 :)
1:13 PM
@Johannes_B Do you mean none of them?
What template would you suggest me then? @Johannes_B
@PauloCereda After two months of back and forth with the template site, i really .... argh.
@MaryStar Johannes is suggesting to get a nice class (KOMA, memoir) and set it up based on your own needs. :)
@MaryStar \documentclass{scrreprt} or \documentclass{memoir} and nice and easy add what you need.
@PauloCereda Mindreader. <3
@Johannes_B <3
@MaryStar Writing a thesis with LaTeX is like picking stuff from a buffet. If you choose a predefined menu, there will be pieces you won't like. The cook likes it a lot though.
1:18 PM
I see... Which is the difference between \documentclass{scrreprt} and \documentclass{memoir} ? @Johannes_B
@barbarabeeton mail sent...
@MaryStar They work a bit differently but do the same. It is a matter of taste.
@PauloCereda Just sent you a mail (c.f. chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/23751665#23751665)
@Johannes_B Ok... Thanks!! :-)
This question is revised and can be reopened
Q: How to format the online source citations and the author biography in ieeetran inside "thebibliography" tag?

Robiul Islam What should I write inside \begin{thebibliography}{} \end{thebibliography} For online reference and conference reference [include all]. Reference number is also alphabetically sorted. I use class IEEETran. And at the end author bio format.

1:36 PM
@barbarabeeton Well, that's only one kind of Italian play cards. ;-) In my region they're quite different: VVV
Inexperienced people often confuse the ace of “bastoni” (top row) and the ace of “spade” (bottom row). But it's easy: bastoni has the hand. ;-)
Article on chemistry & LaTeX for TUGboat should be ready for submission tomorrow :) (finally!)
@Johannes_B You got mail. :)
@PauloCereda Just copied the link :-)
@PauloCereda Oh wow, poor patty.
1:52 PM
@Johannes_B :)
@StefanKottwitz Is bbcode deactivated for some golatex users randomly? I have to fix quite a lot posts lately where the little tick is deactivating bbcode .
2:04 PM
Yay @ChristianHupfer is back!
2:14 PM
@PauloCereda: Only as a ghost ;-)
@ChristianHupfer spooky
@ChristianHupfer ooh Das Phantasmagorikghost!
@PauloCereda @clemens: I've returned from a small trekking tour (only 10 km) some minutes ago
@clemens: Some days ago I could have paid a visit to you, I passed "Herrenberg" on the A81 :D
@ChristianHupfer I probably would have been home :)
@clemens Next time then... ;-)
user image
Number 3 ... the crunchy frog ;-)
And my favourite photo this day... spot the looney bee ;-)
2:27 PM
@ChristianHupfer Superintendent Parrot ate one of those!
@Johannes_B It should not. I guess you and I never had that issue, experienced users never mentioned. Perhaps new posters clicked. We could ask someone (if he or she would understand :-o )
@ChristianHupfer that's beautiful
@ChristianHupfer Was out with the dog on wednesday. 31 km.
@StefanKottwitz Always newcommers, im just wondering why they klick the button.
@yo': Hi Tom! I will try to submit a paper here: grammars.grlmc.com/lata2016
@DavidCarlisle Is that one for Javier?
2:52 PM
@Johannes_B No, it's a problem with lettrine. using \thecounter to set a counter as in \setcounter{L@lines}{\theDefaultLines} is a bad idea.
@UlrikeFischer So a bug-report for lettrine is in order?
@Johannes_B Yes. Is there somewhere a question?
@UlrikeFischer Quite common error, unfortunately.
@Johannes_B All five appearances of \theL@lines should become \value{L@lines}
2:57 PM
@egreg Should i report?
@Johannes_B I think so
@egreg Ok, i'll do. Note to @Ulrike as well.
@Johannes_B The problem is that hebrew.ldf (or a related file) changes the meaning of \arabic. But in the contexts where \theL@lines is used, the value is needed, not its representation.
@egreg I just looked at hebrew.ldf and noticed the change. On the other hand, shouldn't noextrashebrew revert the change? Haven't looked closely enough.
@Johannes_B No:
> \noextrashebrew=macro:
->\fromhebrew \ifhmode \ifinner \else \beginL \fi \fi \let \@alph =\saved@alph
\let \@Alph =\saved@Alph .
3:02 PM
@egreg Ok.
The macro \noextrashebrew is used when switching languages, it doesn't make much sense using it alone.
@Johannes_B Ok after all this patches it worked:
@Johannes_B Lets hope that nobody asks about the "Ups" ;-)
@UlrikeFischer It could fail for a different version, but i bet the issue is there from the beginning. :-)
3:48 PM
@TorbjørnT. Ideally, one could add the three or four lines to make every example on wikibooks compilable. What do you think?
3 hours later…
6:46 PM
Hi. I need a neat and chic template like this one, ready to type. Do you know one to introduce?
@Johannes_B Hm. Maybe, but I'm not really sure it's necessary.
@Gigili \documentclass{beamer}\author{...}\title{...}\begin{document}\maketitle\begin{f‌​rame}\frametitle{..}Write content here\end{frame}\end{document}
Is that a template?
7:04 PM
@Gigili For some definition of template. Those slides are very similar to the default layout of beamer.
@PauloCereda Oh I'll 99% be in Prague by then! Even if not, if you needed cheap accomodation, we'd manage :-) Crossing fingers it'll go through!
@yo' Thanks, pal! <3
@PauloCereda If I met @egreg's standards, I'll likely meet your standards, too :-)
@yo' ooh :)
btw, we'll have goulash for lunch tomorrow, I made it today and it's really nice :-) (But also, cooking and tidying up can take the whole day... :-( (
7:21 PM
@PauloCereda why the wobbly picture for that Prague conferfence?
7:41 PM
@DavidCarlisle I know the organizers, but not well enough to ask such an impertinent question :)
@yo' just done with css, no javascript, no comment as to why though:
.tilt:hover {
  -webkit-transform: rotate(-3deg);
     -moz-transform: rotate(-3deg);
       -o-transform: rotate(-3deg);
      -ms-transform: rotate(-3deg);
          transform: rotate(-3deg);
@DavidCarlisle "design decision" I think they call it
@yo' I spent so long worrying about that, I didn't read any of the conference info, I wonder if that was the intention of the design?
@DavidCarlisle not every web creator is a UX expert :-)
@PauloCereda Don't forget that the deadline is at 7pm in your timezone :)
8:01 PM
@yo' Surely so!
1 hour later…
9:25 PM
@DavidCarlisle I have no idea, it seems it's wobbly. :)
@egreg: A great game tomorrow!
@PauloCereda Not sure I'll be home in time.
9:40 PM
@egreg Oh. :(
10:00 PM
Midnight, time to go to bed, getting up in 7.5 hours... Good night and have a good Sunday :)

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