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10:27 AM
there was an excellent answer some time ago stating the difference between tex/latex/context and pdftex/xetex/luatex
I can't find it anymore
it was precising what is a language, what is a rendering engine, what is a command, etc.
The question was something along "What is the difference between LaTeX and XeTeX" or so
Q: Differences between LuaTeX, ConTeXt and XeTeX

Konrad RudolphI’m interested in the differences and commonalities between the “new” (La)TeX processors: LuaTeX, XeTeX, and ConTeXt. Personally, I’ve only used XeTeX so far and without having the time to try out all three systems, I’m having a surprisingly hard time setting them off from one each other. As...

no, I found this one
I think I remember there was an answer that made the whole thing clear
but well
I may be wrong
there was an answer that stated clearly what were languages (tex/latex/context), what were engines (pdftex/xetex/luatex) and what were commands (pdflatex, xelatex, lualatex)
"pdftex/xetex/luatex" are commands too, it's better to say pdfTeX, XeTeX, LuaTeX to name the engine
it was said in the answer, I'm just trying to find that answer again
nevermind I guess
10:51 AM
@Raphink: Great idea of a comic sans community ad!
@PauloCereda :p
what do you think?
I'm not sure, but I guess the text should be in the comment. The "answer" area is only for images, as the SX engine gets the votes and display the content of the answer.
I don't understand what you mean
@Raphink Looks pretty cool!
@PauloCereda ah you meant about the CS ad :-)
10:54 AM
@Raphink Oh sorry, I forgot to mention that.
So you can find questions that led to a new package
Good idea!
@Raphink: mind if I edit your CS entry to make it ad-compliant? =)
please do
done. :-)
2 hours later…
1:15 PM
I began completing @doncherry's list in
Q: Which questions led to the creation of a new package?

doncherryTeX.sx occasionally inspires people to be ingeniously creative and write cool packages. Let's have a list of all the CTAN packages that originated in a question on TeX.sx. I suggest a single CW answer for starters, listing the packages alphabetically, following this pattern: babyloniannum by R...

Do you know of other packages motivated by questions on TeX.SX?
1:51 PM
Q: Biblatex style file for New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)

tlwThe journal New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) has the following requirement for references. I can't find a standard style file. What is the closest match? How can I customize based on that? In the citation, it looks like 1–3, 7, 8 (no square parentheses) at the end of a sentence . For bibl...

Today I uploaded v0.3.
@Marco can you add it to the list and add a "led to a new package" tag to the question please?
@Raphink I will do it.
@Raphink done ;-)
can you also add the "led to a new package" thingy in the question?
or I can do it if you want
hop, done
2:09 PM
I also edited the post and couldn't submit ;-)
oh my
No problem -- but very funny
Google Wave as a platform would help
it's also been suggested as a backend for Wikipedia
for the same reason
2:46 PM
@Raphink :-) Nice
3:22 PM
I need an upvote ;-) to reduce the unanswered questions:
why is this CW?
I think by answering as cw -- everyone can edit the post and nobody get the reputation.
3 hours later…
6:53 PM
@JosephWright: I'm still amazed by the power of siunitx; writing scientific notation has never been so easy.
@PauloCereda No problem :-)
The art of good programming is to make complicated things easy: I hope I've gone some way to doing that
@JosephWright Indeed! ;-)
I got a huge number in one of my calculus, something around 10 quintillion. o.O At least, scientific notation can sweeten the pill. =P
7:32 PM
Am starting to use expl3 syntax a little more, and liking it. Couldn't find \cs_if_exist:NT in the manual, but clearly it was there since TeX complained when I tried to define it! Also, I used the integer processing in an answer just now because I had a feeling that if it was possible to do integer arithmetic in an expandable way then the LaTeX3 folks would have done it - and I was right!
@Raphink: Thanks for adding the "led to package" link to the braids question.
@AndrewStacey At some point by the end of the year we'll have expandable fp maths too: @BrunoLFloch has the basics done, but we need sine and cosine before we can swap out the existing l3fp module
@AndrewStacey BTW, see section 'Tests on control sequences' (10.1 in my copy of interface3, but we've been updating a lot so may have moved)
@JosephWright I don't have interfaces3, I just have source3 and there it's 9.1. There's no mention of any just T or just F variants that I could see on a quick scan through (I didn't look too hard).
@AndrewStacey Ah, you mean that you see \cs_if_exist:NTF but not \cs_if_exist:NT. This is a documentation convention: with the exception of a few internal tests, every TF comes with T and an F. We are currently discussing how to balance 'complete' documentation with avoiding repetition, so this is not going to change.
@JosephWright And now that I read more carefully, I do indeed see the sentence "whenever a TF function is defined it will usually be accompanied by T and F functions as well.". My fault for not reading carefully enough.
8:00 PM
@AndrewStacey That was kind of an obvious one :)
@Raphink I never read manuals! I just zoom in for the bit of code that I want and then zoom out again.
@AndrewStacey sorry I meant about the braids package
@Raphink Sorry! It looked like you were replying to my admission that I missed a very obvious sentence in the manual. Your comment made perfect sense in reply to that.
@AndrewStacey I love this phrase: "when all else fails read the manual".
He he
8:49 PM
I have a small question. Is working folder correct in English?
@Marco Yes
@JosephWright Thanks
@JosephWright I saw you edited my post ;-) Thanks
9:43 PM
No, Google Docs is down!
@doncherry I fixed the CTAN link on the bibtex/biber question. Thanks. You can delete your comment.
@AlanMunn: Do you understand German? Today Philipp Lehmann wrote about to advantages of biblatex/biber with an example. My question based on your post bibtex vs. biber and biblatex vs. natbib
And there is a new biblatex style ;-) biblatex-nejm
10:15 PM
@Marco My German might be sufficient to be dangerous :-) Was Philipp's post on de.c.t.t?
@AlanMunn Yes. You can find the post here
1) BibTeX (and also bibtex8) based on the fiction that a token is represented by 1 Byte. That isn't true in cases for UTF-8.

Try and error ;-)
@Marco Right. Philip has written about similar things in English as well. (I can't seem to locate where, but there's also a good discussion of this in the biblatex manual, I think.)
@Marco It's very amusing that when you get Google to translate (which given the technical nature of the discussion isn't half bad) it turns all the 'biber's into "beaver".
@AlanMunn I had never used Google.
I use Leo to check some words ;-)
10:32 PM
It's actually amazingly useful to get the gist (basic idea) of something, especially if you are sufficiently knowledgeable of the subject area. At the same time it's pretty amusing if you know both languages well (and sometimes even if you only know one.)
But I am able to order a coffee ;-). I will spend some time in Australia to improve my English ( I hope it helps)
@Marco Not a chance. Even we can't understand them. (Only joking @WillRobertson)
@AlanMunn At least, it doesn't suggest "Justin Bieber "=P
@PauloCereda True. (But 'biber' is German for 'beaver'.)
@AlanMunn I see. I still find some texts where "Computer drivers" is translated as "Motoristas de computador".
1 hour later…
11:47 PM
@Marco I've seen it; nice of you!
11:57 PM
@egreg It's your benefit

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