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12:08 AM
@egreg catcode 0 j? That's silly.
12:23 AM
@tohecz No remark for eqnarray in your example code for Defining custom commands is bad style??
@Speravir Yeah, there could be one, but I don't want to be too negative :)
I could make one about \def\A{{\cal A}} too ;) (which is bad in 3 ways at once)
@tohecz :-) I just thought of some remarks here I daaarrrrkkkllllyyyy remember.
Sorry, I'm leaving tomorrow and I need to pack all my stuff. I've spent here 2 weeks, so I have quite a lot of stuff :)
@tohecz You simply could paste again this lovely example from yesterday(?) … BTW I just found a closed question on TeX:SE with a link to tug.org/TUGboat/tb33-1/tb103madsen.pdf
@DavidCarlisle Why? I like it. ;-)
@tohecz Did you see the cut in 4 characters to the "Hello World!" problem?
12:34 AM
@egreg I saw it, but I spent no time trying to understand it, I have other stuff to do now, sorry mate :)
@tohecz ^^, is an alternative way to type "l"
@egreg ah ok :) well, I can't remove one repetition by that, but I can make the code shorter, nice :)
1:04 AM
@tohecz Iguess “& automaton” is a typo? Should perhaps start with a %?
@Speravir oh yeah, probably
btw, do you spy on me or what? :)
@tohecz Yes, of course! ;-) (I saw on overview page, that you have made an edit, and just wanted to see while you were editing all remarks in.)
@Speravir yeah, after the proper comment about improper use of \stackrel, I decided to elaborate a bit
@tohecz BTW I am not a mathematician. You added \def\A{{\cal A}}. 3 times? 1. Hiding what it is thought for, 2. not using \mathcal, and 3?
@Speravir well, you're missing 2 reasons. The missing comment is not so crucial, I mean, it's fine to include them but you can live without it ;)
of course, using the old-style font macro is a good reason
you'll get them
@Speravir one quite stands out, it's the only instance of something there
@Speravir Anyways, I gotta go, if you want me to tell you the reasons, just ask ;) You've like 2 minutes left :)
1:25 AM
@tohecz No, I won't. but another thing: What me just struck, you could embed a link to egreg’s tugboat article.
@Speravir ok. Yeah, I know, but I'll have to do it another day. It's 2:30 and I get up at 7:30, having a long day to come (I'm in Leiden now, and I travel to Paris in the evening, I'll be home at 11pm :-/ )
@tohecz Yepp, no problem. Good night!
@Speravir night!
1:39 AM
2:31 AM
A hygiene protocol in Japan. They make sandwich not semiconductor chips.
5 hours later…
7:26 AM
@cgnieder I installed the additional koma rep now as well. I am just thinking about a simple switch to choose between version 3.12 and version 3.12.***
2 hours later…
9:15 AM
@cgnieder @stefankottwitz Are you able to change entries in the GoLaTeX Wiki?
@Johannes_B seems like it
@cgnieder Why can't i change anything?
@Johannes_B I just tested by making small changes to two entries... I had to log in separately from the forum but I guess that's normal
@cgnieder and this seperate log in tells me i have an invalid name
Fehler bei der Anmeldung:
Sie müssen einen gültigen Benutzernamen angeben.
@Johannes_B that's strange... I have a different name and I would have forgotten if it weren't for my browser
@Johannes_B seems you need to contact the admin
9:28 AM
@cgnieder I already did a few months back. He gave me mod-rights and said he'd have a look at it.
@Johannes_B oh.
@cgnieder Strange strange strange
@cgnieder I somehow think it is related to the undescore in my name
@Johannes_B possibly. Doesn't @StefanKottwitz have admin rights?
@cgnieder no, he is also just a mod.
@Johannes_B Ah ok... he isn't admin everywhere ;)
9:38 AM
@cgnieder No, not everywhere :-)
@cgnieder For the sake of editing: golatex.de/profile,mode,viewprofile,u,4474.html
@Johannes_B :)
@cgnieder Finishing the week. Bye.
btw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SCtc-5f_Gc
3 hours later…
1:01 PM
A: Defining custom commands is bad style?

sdsdfdfg dfg dfgdg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg sdfg sdfg dfg df g df gsd g sd g sdf g sdfg dsf g dsfg df gd fg df g sdf g dsfg dsfg dfg'ddg 'd'g d'fg'dfg dfgdfg dfg |DFG D|FGD |FG|DF G|DFG |DFG|DFG|DF |G|\|DGD|G|DG|DG |DFG|DF

1:19 PM
@PauloCereda Zapped
2:03 PM
@cgnieder LOL
2:32 PM
@PauloCereda Did you notice that in the verbatim example I used the same basecolour as in the hummingbird? The LaTeX3 verbatim examples use this color, while verbatim black is for general code. Do you like the idea?
@egreg Oh my, I didn't notice! I actually like the idea. Very much!
@egreg Frank will love it. :)
!!/answer what is love
@CodeMocker I'm working pretty hard now, so I had to disable Psmith. :(
2:37 PM
Jan 6 at 23:03, by cgnieder
user image
@PauloCereda OK. no problem.
@cgnieder nice answer.
3:16 PM
Hi! You know what's sad? If you miss the nicest rep palindrome you can have in a long time by getting 200 rep too quickly in a single day :)
@tohecz that's really too bad :p
@cgnieder but the point is that it's exactly by 200 :)
@tohecz you could spend a bounty :)
@cgnieder great idea!
user image
@cgnieder ^^ thanks for the idea, bounty plotted :)
3:36 PM
@tohecz nice :)
Is there some problem with user pictures? I cannot see mine anymore.
According to OP's comments, this one can be closed as a duplicate:
Q: Grey box just as in Mathjax

abcHow could I get a grey box in latex like the one I get on math.stackexchange when I type > to start a paragraph?

4:11 PM
how could i make the underline wider and the number still centered in: \underline{4}?
4:39 PM
@tohecz I'm afraid you chose the wrong question to put a bounty on.
5:14 PM
@PauloCereda Here's the final text after the description of the beers example: “However, I'm afraid no number of beers on the wall will actually suffice when rugby players and supporters thereof are involved.” ;-)
@JG \underline{\,4\,}
@egreg thanks
5:57 PM
In the answer here:
A: tabular side-by-side

percusseMatrices! \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikz} \usetikzlibrary{matrix,arrows,positioning} \begin{document} \begin{table} \centering% \begin{tikzpicture}[scale=0.6,column 1/.style={nodes={text width=1.5cm}}] \matrix[matrix of nodes, draw, %outer sep=2mm, %...

Is it not possible to use regular tabulars?
@egreg LOL
@FaheemMitha Yes, of course, it's possible.
6:17 PM
@egreg Ok, I wondered because that seems like the obvious thing to do. Can I just use the same basic approach?
Hey that's unfair. I liked Daft Punk before it went mainstream. :(
@PauloCereda You made it mainstream ;-)
@MarcoDaniel Me? No way. :)
@Marco: by the way, Nicola and I had a developer talk about arara. She's in our team for about two weeks and already found two or three bugs. :) Would you like to see my email with the news? :)
Q: How can I plot stacked pie charts using LaTeX?

saldenisovI need to plot the following diagram: But how I do not know any of the packages datatool, PGF/TikZ, PSTricks, datapie. I know how to do simple pie charts with datapie, but this one it a bit tricky.

Is "Don't. Use. Pie. Charts." a valid answer? :)
"Wingy Thingies" LOL
6:35 PM
@PauloCereda Sure.
@PauloCereda Is this a real advertising? How bad.
@MarcoDaniel Apparently a SuperBowl one.
@PauloCereda lol
@MarcoDaniel :)
@Marco: mail sent. :)
7:07 PM
@FaheemMitha I guess so: two "bottom aligned" tabulars, with a TikZ arrow between them
@egreg Ok. I'll try.
7:22 PM
Hey guys
Can you help a friend of mine figure out an error message?
So, I've talked this guy into trying new things in LaTeX.
He is currently setting up biber and biblatex
Does anyone know why what

<to be read again>
`\endgroup \set@typeset@protect`
@egreg Pokes the source of all LaTeX help and offers you a beer
(Note; Beer is only available in Vancouver and parts of Ontario, however my Dad is a brewmaster so if it is Ontario I can get you some really good beer)
@PauloCereda poke Help please?
7:40 PM
@Canageek Never saw that before (at least not consciously) but you know the drill. Try to make a minimal example. Not much of help from my side, but ...
Yeah, that is the hard part. Hellishly complex document, so trying to figure out where to start.
Turning off microtype changed the error to 'no pdf files created'
Looks like a problem with the new MikeTeX install
@Canageek Ceep calm :-)
@Canageek Sorry, it's quite unknown for me. :( I'm not using biblatex sufficiently enough to face that error. :(
@Canageek: apparently Heiko knows the deal, but it's the only clue I have so far: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/153252/…
Found it
MikeTeX was lying about being able to detect packages and install them automatically, since we hadn't picked a repository
So it was trying to do work on fonts that don't exist
EVERY Time I try and work with MikeTeX it screws up. Why do people use it?
@Canageek Glad you solved it. Two germans threads are reporting this error message when the pdf is already open in adobe acrobat.
7:49 PM
@Johannes_B Saw and checked that already
I think I found the problem; NONE of his packages are installed, MikeTeX tries to install them, but can't use to user permissions. Moving MikeTeX out of program files
No beer for any of you by the way
8:14 PM
We had trouble moving MikeTeX without doing a full reinstall so he gave up and moved to TeXLive
Holy cow, I should have dragged my computer in here to download all those games last night
Getting a gig of CTAN in under 10 min!
8:26 PM
@Canageek You could ask Ulrike. :)
8:47 PM
@Canageek :(
9:03 PM
What's the current status about numerical precision with TikZ/PGF. I don't think TeX has terribly good numerical precison itself.
9:22 PM
The server told me to log into this chat. Must have been a long time since my last visit...
9:33 PM
@FaheemMitha Indeed. The standard PGF methods use TeX's number crunching, which is rather limited, but there's an additional library for better precision. See chapter 26 in the manual, the library is called fpu
@egreg Thanks, I'll take a look.
Ch 36 in 2.10.
"Note that the library has not really been tested together with any drawing operations."
not sure what that means.
9:56 PM
@egreg Well, not for this. If you are ever in Ontario at the same time as me I'm sure my Dad can hook you up with something.
@Canageek :) Unfortunately Ontario is difficult to reach with my motorbike.
@egreg Where are you again?
@Canageek On the other side of the pond, but far South-East from England. Have you ever heard of the painter Giotto? I live a few hundred meters from his masterwork frescoes in the "Cappella degli Scrovegni".
@egreg Nope, never heard of it
@Canageek Do you see the angels crying? He was one of the first painters who did that; perhaps the first.
10:01 PM
@egreg Cool
Is anyone here good with subfig? The manual is rather dense and I'm having trouble finding something
@egreg Well, which of my active bounties? :)
Am I the only one to experiment problems with users pictures?
@ppr Ctrl+F5?
i.e. blank avatars
@tohecz The one on subtotals
10:11 PM
@tohecz nothing change (I refresh the pas, empty firefox cache, ...
but with another browser than firefox (chromium), there is no problem....
@egreg well, I went through the list of unanswered questions, and all of them seemed to me either too complicated to be really solved in 1 week (bounty not useful), or drawing questions (question not useful), or not worth a bounty. This one is at least interesting, and solvable in reasonable time :)
@ppr blocking outside-site images maybe? But then you wouldn't see imgur either :-/
@tohecz ok I've got it : I just installed ghostery addons on firefox and it blocks pictures...
@ppr good :)
@tohecz I don't think so. The header and footers for longtable are stored as boxes and computed at the start using the values of the previous runs. They are the same for every page. Reasonable time? I don't think so, it just requires rewriting longtable. ;-)
But then you miss my lovely picture!
There is an actual logic to it, people recognize images much faster then text, as I understand it
10:22 PM
@egreg well, we'll see. But first, we need to get rid of the non-answer. I'd never thought that 200 bounty is such a trophy!
But you're probably right that it's a bit more difficult than I thought :)
1 hour later…
11:52 PM
@ppr whitelist the Gravatar on Ghostery
@FaheemMitha It means that the fpu library is not an inherent computational mechanism of TikZ for path creation and drawing. But it's a library of TikZ that you can perform more precise computations. So it is for your convenience.

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