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2:38 AM
It seems that the command \verb| | in the package fancyvrb can not be used in \href{somelinks}{\verb|cannot|}. Any idea to solve this?
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6:12 AM
if you want to make diagram in Latex, which would you recommend using? graphviz.org/About.php or just Tikz? since Tikz can make diagrams also.
6:44 AM
To those who find english difficult:
Why English is hard to learn

We'll begin with box; the plural is boxes,
But the plural of ox is oxen, not oxes.
One fowl is a goose, and two are called geese,
Yet the plural of moose is never called meese.

You may find a lone mouse or a house full of mice,
But the plural of house is houses, not hise.
The plural of man is always men,
But the plural of pan is never pen.

If I speak of a foot, and you show me two feet,
And I give you a book, would a pair be a beek?
If one is a tooth, and a whole set are teeth,
7:32 AM
@egreg The expl3 release has propagated, so it's safe to update your answers I guess
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11:20 AM
Yay, saturday!
@PauloCereda Woohoo! (But I have to work for a few hours anyway... :( )
@cgnieder Me too, my todo list is quite scary at the moment. :)
I'll write some Kinect wrapper, so I can program while playing games. :)
11:44 AM
So @PauloCereda, the fastest way for me to your credit card is to answer two of egreg's answers... why do I feel discouraged?
@ForkrulAssail Hm?
@PauloCereda you yould write it in haskell vvv
@DavidCarlisle That's so mean. :)
Side effects are enclosed in monads. :)
@PauloCereda, with reference to second quote on the right :)
@ForkrulAssail Ah, but those are questions, not answers. :P
I have the impression that if there's something egreg or David doesn't know, some sort of black hole will be created and destroy the whole universe. And with a nonzero exit code.
11:51 AM
@Nasser it all depends
@PauloCereda I hope not knowing about vim doesn't have that effect
@DavidCarlisle You know how to exit the program, don't you? :)
@PauloCereda sometimes, I always fear I'll forget one day and get stuck.
@DavidCarlisle Open another tty, ps aux | grep vim and kill -9 <vim's PID> :)
@PauloCereda kill -infty vim
@egreg Hey! :)
11:55 AM
@PauloCereda This should kill vim for the eternity.
@egreg It can be back. :)
@PauloCereda tty? grep? kill? I'm a windows person:-)
@DavidCarlisle but we still do love you. :)
2 hours later…
2:09 PM
@bluebirch Finding missing % or \makeatletter is my main source for reputation here, someone would say. ;-)egreg 10 secs ago
Still only one name down in the TUG nomination thread
@JosephWright "Mispell" TUG by Free Beer Club.
2:40 PM
@ForkrulAssail Maybe I'll ask a question someday. Maybe. ;-)
@egreg :) exactly.
@PauloCereda OH, than I will be in;-)
@MarcoDaniel :)
@Joseph: ^^ :)
@MarcoDaniel Yay!
@JosephWright I think it's a great honor to be nominated and also selected. I think we need really an active person for this. Unfortunately I can't nominate someone else.
@PauloCereda Today I did it. I passed my PMP exam.
2:50 PM
@MarcoDaniel Yay! Congrats!
@PauloCereda And my next surprise: I bought my preferred car. So you can come to Germany and will drive more than 110km/h ;-)
@MarcoDaniel ooh! :) Which car?
@PauloCereda A silver lightning ;-)
@MarcoDaniel Damn Germans and their awesome cars. :)
@PauloCereda and their highways ;-)
2:59 PM
@MarcoDaniel those too. :P
did someone say »free beer«? Where?
@MarcoDaniel What's that?
2 hours later…
4:44 PM
@PauloCereda ex-vi.sourceforge.net (available through homebrew on Mac OS X)
@PauloCereda Although I'm tempted (I am only a DANTE member) I'm quite reluctant to nominate myself...
5:01 PM
@cgnieder Please do!
@JosephWright I'll wait two more days... if then there still are less than eight I will
@egreg OMG
@cgnieder Do it. Now. :)
@cgnieder: if you do it now, I'll add an epic feature to arara.
@PauloCereda Oh my, this is tempting! :)
@cgnieder :)
5:20 PM
More fun with drivers: I think I've found another undocumented feature, this time in (x)dvipdfmx :-)
@JosephWright: Can I use this license for TeX and friends, please? :) github.com/supertunaman/cdl/blob/master/COPYING
@PauloCereda We could add a chicken dance requirement to LPPL
@egreg That would be awesome. :)
The dance could be performed live once a year in the TUG conference.
@PauloCereda And I can add to my packages the clause that whoever uses the software is required to leave a concert hall in case Philip Glass' compositions are performed.
@egreg Oh my, do it!
5:30 PM
@PauloCereda But the list of forbidden composers could be quite longer. ;-)
And @AlanMunn will not be allowed to use imakeidx
@egreg The \appendix part will be very long. :)
@egreg LOL
When was the Winter Bash over? Today?
6:01 PM
@StiffJokes I think so
@StiffJokes No more hats.
@egreg :-)
@JosephWright No more. (The War Doctor, 2005)
I'm watching too much Doctor Who. :(
@PauloCereda Is that even possible? :p
6:17 PM
@cgnieder A 50-year-old series? Challenge accepted. :)
@JosephWright: do those police boxes exist in the UK?
6:41 PM
@JosephWright Oh my ghost. So in the next winter bash, are the previous hats we obtained reset?
@egreg Yes.
1 hour later…
7:48 PM
@PauloCereda Very few if any
@JosephWright Oh no!
I wanted to take a picture near one.
8:59 PM
OK, we have 2334 unanswered questions: surely lots that can be done!
Welcome to Answer the Unanswered
Usual approach applies :-)
Anyone unsure, ping me
i've done my homework, and found several questions that appear to be answered in comments. if it's okay, i'll list just the numbers, and identify the person whose comment was "accepted" -- that can be turned into an answer. okay?
two from @egreg: 150624 and 150327
@barbarabeeton Fine with me
As usual, I'm looking at the older questions for anything that can be sorted
one from @JosephWright: 150540
Another one for @egreg to answer: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/150607/…
Does this have a duplicate? tex.stackexchange.com/questions/150797/…
two that may have duplicates: 150834 : 63852 and 151689 : 9325
9:10 PM
@barbarabeeton Done
@DavidCarlisle had a comment on 150725 that i think is the answer, although it hasn't been acknowledged
Q: Photo formatting

Complex GuyWhy my code is not supporting when I insert the image? Here the code \documentclass[12pt,a4paper]{article} \usepackage{amsmath}\usepackage{amssymb} \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage[left=1.25in, right=1.0in, top=1.25in, bottom=1.0in]{geometry} \newcommand{\piRsquare}{\pi r^2} ...

@TorbjørnT. Yup
Another unclear (from the same user in fact):
Q: Writing Bangla in LaTeX

Complex GuyI want to write Bengali in LaTeX? I have checked several questions here related to Bangla TeX file but these are not running at my editor. What file need to install to run any Bangla font?

@TorbjørnT. Yup
9:13 PM
i think this one was resolved; the comments are a bit confusing: 149575
@barbarabeeton Dupe, I'd say
Unclear again?
Q: How to use parencite within figure captions with biblatex?

user248237dfsfI use biblatex with biber to cite references in each chapter of a book (references printed using \printbibliography at end of each chapter). This works fine but yields obscure errors whenever I try to use \parencite inside figure caption{} regions. Some website (http://lookherefirst.wordpress.com...

@TorbjørnT. Yup
And another one, perhaps.
Q: Images on LaTeX not appearing even though there are no errors

DanielI've just started working with LaTeX and I've ran into a problem. I have a simple document where I want to put an image. I wrote my code and when I compile I receive no error, however the image doesn't show up. I've tried looking for similar alternatives but nothing seems to work. \usepackage{gr...

apparently resolved, but reason not completely clear: 151853
9:17 PM
This could possibly be closed as a dupe:
Q: TeX capacity exceeded when generating an apparently naive figure

SikI coded a figure in order generate binary code rings like the one show in the figure. However when generating big rings (i.e. like 11 bits ring) I get the following message ! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [main memory size=3000000]. {. 25}{1.333333333}{}{}{} l.50 } If you really absolutely n...

@barbarabeeton Closed
@TorbjørnT. I'm happy with that if others are
Off-topic I guess, 'non-existing problem' (see last comment):
Q: My hyphens are not showing

user41921I'm using sharelatex and I've only been using this program for a week. I can't get my pdf to show hyphenated words. I'm assuming it must be the font. Here is my working code: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage[margin=1in]{geometry} \newcom...

@barbarabeeton Done the two. @TorbjørnT. Done also yours.
@TorbjørnT. Closed: 'unclear' in the absence of any better plan
9:33 PM
The OP seems to have solved this (though I don't really understand what caused the problem, or how his fix fixed it). Close as unclear?
Q: sub labels for subbottoms in memoir

user18441I found a code segment and it works well for multi-subfigures. The code is pasted below. But I have a problem with the sub labels, as in the attachment. For example, in the context I have 18 figures (this group of subfigure is No. 18). The label of each figure (entire figure) was displayed as exp...

@egreg -- nice answer on 150624. you made lots more sense of it than i did.
Another unclear?
Q: How to remove unwanted tab spaces and whitespaces in the final draft

HarryI am using texstudio and winedit to compile my latex codes. My questions are how do I search and delete 1) Unwanted tab spaces? 2) and extra whitespaces?

150174 needed an answer; i've just posted one
151640 is probably an easy one for @egreg; i'm not familiar enough with the notation to be certain of the correct answer.
@TorbjørnT. Yup
@barbarabeeton I'll ask Henri to make an answer.
9:38 PM
@barbarabeeton I'd say unclear or OT: is this really a 'good' question
@JosephWright @JosephWright -- egreg just said he'd ask henri to make an answer. i do agree it's probably marginal, better in a math forum, but a quick answer might help someone else.
@barbarabeeton Fine: not one I'm minded just to close
@tohecz -- 149382 has a plausible comment by you; another comment by @cfr addresses whether it might be OT
@barbarabeeton Unclear or OT: can't see it is answerable
150298 has an answer in a comment by @percusse, but he's not here; neither is karlkoehler who corrected percusse's answer
@JosephWright okay, close it then, please.
151695 : question resolved by OP based on comments
150532 : question resolved by OP based on comments
9:57 PM
@TorbjørnT. As @barbarabeeton says, tex.stackexchange.com/questions/151695/creating-shortcode seems to be answered by your comment
@JosephWright I think there is a duplicate of that somewhere, that's why I didn't answer earlier. Should I just answer it anyway.
@TorbjørnT. It's generic, so we may well have it before. But if you can't find it (might be tricky) then an answer now is better than none at all.
@JosephWright I'll search a bit, and write an answer if I can't find it.
@TorbjørnT. OK
@barbarabeeton You have been busy :-)
@JosephWright -- just trying to make up for a couple of months i couldn't join in.
10:07 PM
@JosephWright tex.stackexchange.com/questions/73637/… looks promising as a duplicate of that one.
@TorbjørnT. OK, have duped
148642 : this one is very subjective, but it looks possibly useful, and there are quite a few comments. perhaps community-wiki with a summary?
@barbarabeeton I'd say @DavidCarlisle is best placed to answer
@egreg Do you want to answer this one? tex.stackexchange.com/questions/113180/…
148495 : @tohecz has a cogent comment on this one.
10:19 PM
@JosephWright I just arrived and see my name:-) (and seeing the cricket news on the news :(
@DavidCarlisle I'm avoiding the cricket news: depressing
Is anyone familiar with the feyn package? tex.stackexchange.com/questions/118359/…
@TorbjørnT. Done (and also suggested \ContinuedFloat)
@TorbjørnT. You are our LyX expert. ;-)
@TorbjørnT. Actually feyn is a package that provides a very basic support for Feynman diagrams via a special font.
@egreg Perhaps, but LyX is irrelevant to the question, it is about diagrams created with feyn. (And scottkosty is probably more of a LyX expert than me.)
148345 : i think this is resolved; the example provided didn't exhibit the problem described in the question.
10:29 PM
@barbarabeeton I think so too. There's bound to be a duplicate of that one (underscore outside of math mode) somewhere.
@TorbjørnT. We had one yesterday
I've duped
@barbarabeeton which one?
@TorbjørnT. I can't tell. Probably feynmp would be better.
@tohecz two comments, actually -- "bleeding is typographically worse", but more important, "this problem has no general solution". i think an answer will have to be discouraging. (too bad.)
148226 : comment by @Werner is the answer.
Judging by the last comment, this can perhaps be closed as a dupe:
Q: Points/Circles in graph with TikZ based on table within .tex-file?

henrySuppose I have a table such as \documentclass[ a4paper ]{scrartcl} \usepackage{ tgheros, booktabs } \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \begin{document} \begin{center} \begin{tabular}{lrrrrr} \toprule Unit & Thing & Word & More & Things & Letter\\ \toprule A & 4 & 15 & 10 & 0.4 & 1.5 \\ \midrule B & 2 & 12

10:39 PM
@TorbjørnT. Yup
@barbarabeeton I'm working on a cw answer
This seems to be irreproducible, as I gather from the comments. Moreover luaotfload has been updated in the meantime, making this probably obsolete.
Q: latest updates to lua* break ... something

user67322So, now, after most recent (23 Apr) updates (I'm using MiKTeX 2.9) to various things related to lualatex, I noticed that compilation of anything takes twice as long as it did (say) 10 minutes ago (i.e., before I applied the updates). Didn't take long to see why. Basically, now, every time I try ...

@barbarabeeton btw, sorry for not participating today. I'll just manage this one and I'lll be off.
10:58 PM
From the OPs perspective this is in a way 'expired' I suppose (he's long done with his summer project). Should anything be done about it you think?
Q: Creating plots in Latex - easy to learn?

TomI am currently working on my summer project for which I created the following plot with Mathematica: Now I am not 100% satisfied with the results and one of my professors recommended PGF and TikZ. The problem is I don't know anything about PGF and TikZ and I have to submit my project in 1.5 mo...

@TorbjørnT. Not really answerable: opinion-based?
@JosephWright Sounds about right.
One upvote here for closing, please.
Q: Page numbering different side of heading for odd and even page

IvanHello I am using a fancyhdr package and I want that the page number appear in the right side of the heading for odd pages and in the left side of the heading for the left side. I alredy used the command \fancyhead[RO,LE]{\thepage} but it does not work. Here is my code: \documentclass[twoside,12p...

147236 : i have just answered this. not a great answer, but an answer.
Q: How can I insert two pictures on the first page in xelatex?

ssfjhhMy document has one "figure" section, but I don't want to show the title in the section, so I define a new command "nosection" to do this. \newcommand{\nosection}[1]{ \refstepcounter{section}% \addcontentsline{toc}{section}{\protect\numberline{\thesection}#1}} and I want to insert two picture...

11:03 PM
@JosephWright Maybe you can answer this one with “It can't be done, and it's even better it can't”
Q: Align decimal marker with thousands separator using siunitx

JonathanMy table consists of two groups of rows. The first group contains large values (X,XXX). The second groups contains smaller values (0.XXX). Siunitx aligns all numbers based on the position of the decimal marker. The result isn't beautiful: some numbers are aligned very much the left, while others ...

goodnight, all. time to go look for dinner.
@barbarabeeton Night
Hi, I'm back from the mass! Can I help?
Unclear again:
Q: Why is my caption behind the actual figure (the figure "spills" into the caption)

huughI have a figure, with 18.59x23.6 cm original dimension. I am using classicthesis, and I want this figure to be as wide as the text. However, the figure "spills" over the caption (as if caption was not above the figure, but inside the figure (near the top border)). FYI this behavior remains the ...

@PauloCereda Go hunt for answerable or closable questions.
Unclear (see update and Karlkoeller's comment)
Q: Compilation error when using MetaUML on Windows

user2233706When I try to compile a MetaUML program on Windows, I get the following error: Font ptmr8r not usable: TFM file not found I Googled this error, and I found that I have to install texlive-fonts-recommended. However, I cannot find any way to install this package on Windows. I am using TeX Liv...

One vote for this CW
Q: How to insert a \special at every linebreak

user1162623How can I make TeX/LaTeX insert the token \special{lb} into the generated DVI command stream whenever a linebreak occurs? The listings package with its prebreak/postbreak option seems already close to the effect I want, however I need this \special to show up always, not only in case of a partic...

11:13 PM
A: Bleed into margins automatically to prevent orphans?

toheczLaTeX is not capable of automated solution for your problem. You can always need to observe the log for bad boxes. You have several options for solutions: re-word the text (preferred solution) try to use {\sloppy Your problematic paragraph.\par} or the sloppypar einvironment (reasonable solutio...

@egreg voted
This could probably be closed as a duplicate of one of the questions I mention in my first comment (even if the solution used was not from those):
Q: center align 2x2 plot of subfigures

JoeDangerI've got a 2x2 plot of subfigures that is too wide to fit within the margins of a page. Latex left aligns it and the right hand side goes off the page. I would like to center align the whole thing without making the width of the subplots any smaller. . Here is my code: \documentclass{article} ...

This is OT, in my opinion (already voted so time ago)
Q: How does xelatex change an image

Daniel E. ShubI have a particular logo image saved as a pdf file that I can include fine with pdflatex, but when I compile with xelatex the compilation fails. I think the issue is essentially the same as in this question, although my error message is different, and the answer to that question solves my LaTeX p...

This is OT (make a class for me)
Q: Europass 2013 Curriculum Vitae

Mario S. E.Is there any new template for the Europass Curriculum Vitae 2013? I'm aware of the both the europecv and moderncv packages, but I'm looking for something with the "new" (as of July 2013) version of the Europass (templates available here). If it is not available yet, has anyone come up with a wo...

I don't think I fully understand what this guy wants. Unclear?
Q: Some equations in one direction in latex

user32854How can I create these two equations in one direction in latex? \documentclass[12pt,a4paper]{article} \usepackage{amsmath} \begin{document} \begin{align} x^2 = \sqrt{x} + x ^ 2 \end{align} \begin{align} x^2 = \sqrt{x} + x ^ 2 + x ^ 3 + 2 * x \end{align} \end{document}

@TorbjørnT. Yup
11:31 PM
There's been a couple of questions about TIkZ graphics not showing properly in DVI files, hasn't it? So one of those could possibly be a duplicate of tex.stackexchange.com/questions/127862/…
tex.stackexchange.com/questions/84182/… for example, would you agree?
No response to the comments, and possibly opinioned-based?
Q: Which bibliography package should I use for my thesis in LuaTeX?

simonI'm about to start writing a (B.Sc.) thesis. As there are some rather peculiar layout requirements (such as using Times New Roman) at my university chair I would like to use LuaTeX in order to be able to adapt to those requirements if necessary. Similarly I might need to adapt my bibliography to...

No response to latest comments, unclear.
Q: Double captions when table and figure are side by side

leorediSir, the problem of side by side table and figure as been thoroughly discussed in this site. Nonetheless I struggle to find a solution to a problem that seems easy to solve. Here is a working example of what I have found \documentclass[12pt,a4paper]{article} \usepackage{array} \usepackage{amsm...

@JosephWright Anything to add to Bruno's comment here? tex.stackexchange.com/questions/127743/log-all-keys-in-a-module
Two somewhat different question, both of which could have duplicates, and no response to comments. Dupe, unclear?
Q: Insert fonts in Latex

JamesI found this command that allows you to insert an Adobe font like Helvetica \renewcommand{\stitlefont}{\fontfamily{phv}\fontsize{14pt}{14pt}\selectfont} I have more questions: phv is an abbreviation? Are there others? Similarly I can insert font ttf? Just change the name between braces, like ...

Q: print index not displaying index part

raviI'm trying to use index in my LaTeX doc, but I cant get index in my page, this is my MWE. And I'm using Winedt software. \documentclass{book} \usepackage{makeidx} \makeindex \begin{document} \chapter*{chapname} \section{sec} bar\index{bar} bars\index{bar!bars} \printindex \end{document}

No response to comment, unclear?
Q: Impossible to quick build file in LaTeX (TeXMaker)

SaikatI try to quickbuild a file in TeXMaker but it shows log file not found after that couldnot start pdflatex. What will i do?I am using Windows 7 ultimate os

11:50 PM
@barbarabeeton Thanks; I've added that as an answer.

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