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9:17 AM
@barbarabeeton there is always another day for better menu choices
9:40 AM
Within l3keys, what are the recommended pattern for checking whether some keys have been set? I have an interface where for each term one makes some definitions using key-val. One of these are always required, the others are optional.
@daleif it depends, keys are usually optional; (the major change we made for \includegraphics from the earlier latex209 \epsfig was not having a mandatory file= key and making the filename be a separate argument not part of the keyval) but otherwise if you initialise the internal holding macro to \errorthisshouldbeset then you will get an error when it's used unless it is locally set to a real value by using the key.
@daleif In the model used by l3keys, there's always a value - it might just be empty - other keyval approaches are of course possible (and could be implemented using the lower-level \keyval_parse:nnn)
10:02 AM
@JosephWright not quite what I mean. I'm more looking at whether there was a method for checking if a key was set, or if one should just set the keys and then check the holder variables afterward (that is what I currently do)
@daleif the latter as I say you can make that easier by initialising it to a special marker or error definition
@daleif What @DavidCarlisle said, but what I was getting at is it really doesn't fit the l3keys model - I would design around empty having some meaning
2 hours later…
11:45 AM
@JosephWright in this case empty/not set is an error. But the syntax gets clunky if the interface for it is not a key. It's better to check after setting the keys, which is what I do right now.
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2:40 PM
If I have


Can I display the word 'color1' somehow?
@cis What would be the use case? \newcommand{\showcolour}[1]{#1} but that doesn't seem very useful.
@AlanMunn Just for interests...
@cis Maybe \newcommand{\showcolour}[1]{\textcolor{#1}{#1}} would be more useful?
3:00 PM
@UlrikeFischer Hi and good afternoon from Sicily. Please can you help me on this question? Nobody has help me. tex.stackexchange.com/questions/721108/…. Thank you very much.
@AlanMunn Ah nono... I want to read out the name I set of a defined color...
@cis So you want an answer to the question "What name did I give to the colour I defined as blue!55!red?"
@AlanMunn Yes, sth. like \the<xyz>
@cis That doesn't seem to be the same thing. What input would you want and what output would you expect?
@cis Maybe \testcolor? It will show both the name and how the colour is defined?
3:12 PM
@samcarter @AlanMunn

Sth. like this:

IN: "Here I used \supergigacolornamecmd"

OUT: "Here I used color1"
@cis How is \supergigacolornamecmd defined?
Î will try to create an MWE und put in a propper question at the main-page.
I know, it is a bit strange.
@cis What's strange is that you don't seem to be able to explain what you actually want.
@cis It also sounds very much like an xy-problem. Make sure to include enough background information in your question.
3:30 PM
@samcarter xy problems should be solved using picture mode not xy
@DavidCarlisle On the main site, they seem to usually attract tikz-cd answers - picture mode sounds much more fun!
@DavidCarlisle A clear case of a duplicate!
4:36 PM
@cis Did you post that spirograph question with a different account?
@mickep What? What makes you think that? I answered a spirograph-question with a decoration-solution: tex.stackexchange.com/a/721117/46023
@cis Your earlier chat message that I replied to. I just thought it was a funny coincidence.
@cis I missed that earlier question, sorry. :)
5:39 PM
@Sebastiano sorry but I do not understand the question, that is a text font.
Hi, could you help me with this question: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/721174/… ?
@Bml wow. 500 lines of code for a question that you could ask with 20 lines.
5:56 PM
@mickep Maybe, I should create a Spirograph-ttf-colorfont in the next time....
@DavidCarlisle -- Don't knock pickled herring.
@barbarabeeton it's Ok, 2/3 of the family really like it, I'm not so keen, prefer duck
How can I create a TikZ working group here? :)

I was wondering whether common laboratory equipment could be tikzed (according to uniform standards).

If I do it all myself, I'll be stuck for a year... :)
<--- output as a package / library
6:21 PM
@Bml People will see new question on the main site. It is not necessary to post them in chat -- and personally I think it is very unfair to all the other users, who will patiently wait until they get an answer to their question, if people advertise their questions here.
@samcarter Sorry, I didn't notice that. I will pay more attention next time and will no longer notify the occurrence of my question in chat (sorry again).
@samcarter Ahaa... nice.
@Bml Great! I hope all the other users who keep fast-tracking their questions in chat will do the same!
6:35 PM
@samcarter I will continue to advertise all my questions here at least twice per question
@DavidCarlisle I will continue to complain whenever you advertise your questions here :)
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10:26 PM
pubsonline.informs.org/doi/10.1287/mnsc.2019.03252 Not sure it applies to us, but interesting nonetheless.

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