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11:15 AM
@DavidCarlisle I found why with ltugboat sections are tagged as h2: the class defines \chapter to issue an error that it doesn't know \chapter: \def\chapter{\TB@nosection\chapter\section}. I do find this rather unfair ...
I received a LaTeX template that I am strictly required to use, but it's broken. It contains commands like \spacing{1.125}, which lead to this issue: github.com/latex3/hyperref/issues/315 What is a direct replacement for this that's not an environment? Is \setstretch direct replacement?
@Szabolcs yes that should work imho.
Thanks, and also thanks for writing the explanation in the issue I linked! I wouldn't have been able to figure out what's wrong if this doesn't come up in a google search.
@Szabolcs with the next latex you will get a better error message. We now test with \usepackage etc if they are used in a group and error directly.
@UlrikeFischer You mean 'late tomorrow or on Saturday' ;)
11:29 AM
@UlrikeFischer \ifx\chapter\reallyisachapternotashim
11:51 AM
so enough to add \let\chapter\undefined after \documentclass ? @UlrikeFischer, ah just seen email:-)
@DavidCarlisle yes. I just tested the failures with Bohr: The errors with the missing formula alt is corrected with \tagpdfsetup{math/alt/use}. But the heading are a problem: the document uses book class (and so \chapter is H1) but they never use \chapter, so their top-level is H2 too. \let\chapter\undefined improves things a bit, but as they skip levels they remain failures. So basically it is an example of a document which can not be made (good) pdf/ua-1 unless you redact it.
12:33 PM
I have some code-lines which are additions to a existing python-file `generate.py`.

How do I have to add the additions?

These are namely:
--- node_modules/grunt-webfonts/tasks/engines/fontforge/generate.py.ORIG
+++ node_modules/grunt-webfonts/tasks/engines/fontforge/generate.py
@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@
 import re
 from subprocess import call
 from distutils.spawn import find_executable
+from math import ceil
 import shlex

 args = json.load(sys.stdin)
@@ -75,7 +76,7 @@
             if args['normalize']:
                 glyph.left_side_bearing = glyph.right_side_bearing = 0
-                glyph.width = args['fontHeight']
12:55 PM
@UlrikeFischer ah thanks, that explains some things:-)
@cis the source control system that made the diff would apply the patch or just add it by hand, delete the lines prefixed with - and add the lines prefixed with + The numbers prefixed @@ are line numbers
1:08 PM
@UlrikeFischer Sadly, I am told that I am not allowed to modify the template, and I am worried that if I do, my submission will be rejected. Will this invalid code (\spacing{1}) compile with older LaTeX? If yes, which TeX Live version should I use? I'm at the point of just using an old version in docker ... Apologies about the annoying question (it's very annoying for me too) ...
@DavidCarlisle Ok, I can try that. I thought, I have to create an extra-file, with the sense that the original file stays as it was.
@cis no the diff is showing an in-place edit
@DavidCarlisle Ok, so I will make a security-copy of the original.
@cis the intention is (I would guess) you get this file via the source control system which would give you access to all versions and all diffs as far back in time as needed, no need to apply diffs by hand or make backup copies by hand.
@DavidCarlisle But how can I add the "diff-file" without changing the original-file 'generate.py'?
1:21 PM
I have a question that maybe someone can answer quickly and easily (if not I'll ask on the main site).
I know that fancyhdr has made changes that are not backwards compatible, so old code doesn't work.
Here's a code snippet I've used before when writing conference abstracts indicating the word count:

\usepackage{fancyhdr} % customize headers and footers
\pagestyle{fancy} % use 'fancy' headers and footers
\fancyhf{} % clear all headers/footers
\fancyfoot[R]{Word count: 500} % footer right side
\renewcommand{\headrulewidth}{0pt} % no ruler between header and main text
Now it just throws an uninformative error (that I'm missing a \begin{document}). Anyone know what I need to change?
@Sverre Sorry, I think I can't help you. But I was told: use (the newer) 'scrlayer-scrpage' (and KOMA-script), because 'fancyhdr' is old.
@Skillmon, @samcarter, @DavidCarlisle, @UlrikeFischer, @WillRobertson I think next for xbeamer I need some minimal version of the decode idea, as I'd like to be able to have \uncover, etc. at least work for handout vs non-handout
@Sverre The code posted gives no error in a current textlive, so you must have errors elsewhere

\usepackage{fancyhdr} % customize headers and footers
\pagestyle{fancy} % use 'fancy' headers and footers
\fancyhf{} % clear all headers/footers
\fancyfoot[R]{Word count: 500} % footer right side
\renewcommand{\headrulewidth}{0pt} % no ruler between header and main text

@UlrikeFischer I notice we have \IfDocumentMetadataTF but currently not the T and F versions ...
For xbeamer ;)
1:44 PM
@DavidCarlisle Hm, yes, now I don't get an error either ... Interesting
My issue now is that the footer doesn't actually align with the right margin (which I've set to 25mm). I'll see if I can make a MWE.
@JosephWright didn't we just add more T and F versions everywhere?
@UlrikeFischer Yes .... was that after the latest dev release?
@UlrikeFischer \DocumentMetadata alone doesn't load the block code anyway: one needs the testphase
@Szabolcs well and older system should more or less work (if there is no other code that gets confused by the open group) but the template is buggy as it is, so you should complain.
@JosephWright no, but you probably could load is as a sty for now.
@UlrikeFischer Well for now I can just say 'use the testphase' as this is truly sketchy code :)
2:40 PM
Hello @barbarabeeton
2:50 PM
How does one get 5 points?
3:02 PM
Anyone know why \showoutput does nothing inside a minipage or tcolorbox (I assume it is the same reason)?
@daleif You get an accept, and then someone unvotes a previous vote on your post.
@UlrikeFischer I did of course complain. And found an easy solution to use an older system: Use Overleaf.
@daleif the parameters have to be set at thenext shipout, if you set them in a minipage the group will end before that happens
Hi everybody. I am working on a document where I would need to include longer PDFs in the appendix. I would like to create a custom bibliography.
Filenumber, Titel, Link to PDF in appendix
How would you approach this, please?
3:22 PM
@DavidCarlisle Too bad. That answer you gave about looking for stretched lines is super useful, but we use tcolorbox theorems in this poroject... Too bad.
Oh, no you just have to see them out side, one cannot debug one specifix box?
@daleif \shououtput often shows more than you want anyway, to see teh same just for a minipage do \sbox0{\begin{minipage}....} then \showbox0
@Gudrun Do you mean a contents list for the included documents (Not a bibliography)?
@daleif or you get an accept and 5 more upvotes, and give a 50 points bounty... ;-)
oh you might want {\showoutput\showbox0} to set the show box paramters so all the box shows @daleif
@daleif downvote enough of @egreg's answers to get a low enough score that you can make a second attempt
Has anybody an idea which f'ontHeight' I should set here?
                    font: 'Twemoji Mozilla',
                    engine: 'fontforge',
                    types: 'ttf',
                    autoHint: false,
                    execMaxBuffer: 1024 * 1000,
                    version: packageJSON.version,
                    codepointsFile: 'build/codepoints.js',
                    startCodepoint: 0x0,                     /*ADDED: allows from 0x1*/
                    descent: -28                             /*SEEMS GOOD*/
/*                 fontHeight: 600,                          */
3:37 PM
For example , a document A1.pdf
In the main text, I want to give it a reference, like \cite[], but it should be A1 visible, for example. Next to this line, I would like to write a short summary 1-2 sentences, followed by a hyper ref link into the appendix
In the appendix, I can have another section and organize the documents into many subsections, but they are visible as the PDFs with content
Something like this maybe?
A1 as reference in the text, and at the end of the document I can actually see A1.pdf the contents
@cis you could just set a scale with fontspec when you load into tex (you would need that anyway to scale to capital height for different fonts)
I wish, I could use 'fontspec'... there all would be easy.....
But fontspec does not like COLR-fonts...
@cis fontspec surely doesn't mind what the format is, all the actual font loading happens in xetex or luaotfload
@cis how are you loading the font?
3:56 PM
@DavidCarlisle With fontspec / LuaLaTeX
@DavidCarlisle Sorry, just had FontForge in mind....
@cis but you just said you couldn't use fontspec
@DavidCarlisle Yes, I am sorry.... The thing is, I would like to set the fontHeight it in the font-file perfect...
@cis isn't the font height about right but you should compare with Å or some such so the card looks closer to same height, what height is the card in the design units? If the card itself is the full height of the design size of the font, you'll want to scale on loading.

JoH.svg has svg width="360" height="540"

In `gernerate.py` I found

f.design_size = 16

but I don't know what this measure is good for....
4:15 PM
May I ask if you talk about doing a programming python to create a latex doc?
I saw recently a presentation, where somebody used Python to build automatic presentations in Powerpoint.
@Gudrun Who was this aimed at?
@Gudrun That seems .. odd
It was a Simulation Developer who runs simulations. The results are document in Powerpoint :-) (Why? Because the team uses Microsoft)
Technically, I find this very interesting.
If something changes in the simulation, the document got updated
@Gudrun there is pythontex for python/tex interaction (or if you use lua instead of python then there is of course greater integration with luatex)
They use Python for their simulations.
But pythontex sounds interesting.
@Gudrun I see that, but a presentation is essentially visually-focussed, so most of it should be nothing to do with output of some program - or if it is, you really want to work live ...
4:21 PM
@JosephWright That is what he does I think. He programs Python to generate the images and dump them into the powerpoint
1 hour later…
5:44 PM
@Gudrun I use python a lot to generate reports in LaTeX, from either simulations or spreadsheet files (pandas helps a lot). I didn't watch it, but this youtu.be/guyfcWg9JgA?si=pxKx8jN8i7lCUlwq sound interesting.
My approach is to generate the whole latex file more or less by hand, bur there are several "template" libraries in python that could streamline it, if one has the time (and will) to learn them...
1 hour later…
7:08 PM
@JosephWright -- Hello @JosephWright. We're working hard on the deathless prose of ltnews39. Not much to question, but I did notice a couple of things and left comments. Karl will give it another once-over, then return it.
7:52 PM
@barbarabeeton :)

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