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12:25 AM
@DavidCarlisle What does amslatex refer to?
@cis Are you still having boot loader problems? What does efibootmgr return? Usually grub-install figures stuff out automatically, so you shouldn't need to do much. On the other hand, GRUB is a complicated thing and not at all the easiest boot loader to configure by hand. It looked like you have 2 problems: grub isn't the default in the EFI menu and grub isn't configured right. But not enough info to be sure.
@cis I would be rather wary of this. Linux is not Windows :). In most cases, you should look for a package supplied by your distribution first. (TeX Live is an exception as far as I'm concerned, but I install a dummy package for that.)
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3:13 PM
@cfr For me there is no 'Grub boot manager' at all.

I can only press 'F9' when starting the PC: then the BIOS boot manager appears.

In my opinion, 'Grub' would simply have to query this menu and present it to the user. Meanwhile, some complicated process is carried out, which occasionally doesn't work at all.

But what's much worse is that I get a keyboard lock intermittently and this symbol lights up:
3:35 PM
@cis This happens because GRUB isn't installed properly. If you are booting EFI - which I assume you must be, since you're running a recent Windows - efibootmgr will show you your boot menu entries once you're booted and you can examine them. I'm not sure, but I suspect you used the wrong command to install GRUB. The right one depends on whether you're booting in EFI mode or not. The output of blkid would also be informative.
@cis Can you do anything with the keyboard at this point e.g. switch to a VT? If this is a laptop, does an external keyboard work? If not, does a different keyboard or unplug/replug help? Is there anything in the journal?
@cis Whatever your opinion, that is not how GRUB - or most boot managers - work. A boot manager can perfectly well offer more options than your EFI or BIOS boot menu. Moreover, typically, you set your firmware up to boot your boot manager by default. On EFI, there are some complications. Do you have Secure Boot enabled? Are you definitely booting in EFI mode? efibootmgr would also confirm or disconfirm at least the mode. But you also need FastBoot disabled in Windows to avoid problems.
I have no idea. When running the installation DVD for Linux Mint 21.3 cinnamon, I noticed (when selecting the drive) that no other operating system (Windows 10) was recognized.

I suspect that Grub then says to himself: "There's nothing else here, so there's no need for a boot manager."

I can try "EFI". And yes, I don't know why this is important, I once deactivated the "Windows Quick Start" in the settings there.

Because of the keyboard lock: Yes, after the lock symbol lit up, no keys work anymore except the Windows key (Super Left), Esc and - I think - the Fn key (but I'm not sure what
4:15 PM
I think the tug instructions are too complicated for me. There are too many things one can do wrong. I don't want to install this in the wrong place or anything.

Then it has to be TL2022 (on Linux).

I would have thought it would be nice if
`sudo apt-get install texlive-full`
works and also the correct/current one installed.
5:13 PM
@cis apt never installs current software. What does correct mean ;)? Debian users expect apt to install stable software. You can't have cutting edge and stable. If you want cutting edge, you either need a different distro or to use Debian testing. There is nothing difficult about installing TeX Live on Linux from upstream. You can even do it as an unprivileged user, which makes it impossible to screw up too badly. (And this is even the recommended way to do it.) But TL 2022 is fine.
@cis 'Windows Quick Start' suspends the OS rather than shutting down. If you then boot into a different OS, things are screwed up because two OSes are fighting over your machine. To dual boot, you need shutdown to mean shutdown. 'Quick Start' is a cheat. It's just suspend to disk misnamed to make you think boot is faster than it is.
@cis GRUB does not say that to himself or herself. That's not how it works. If it was, GRUB wouldn't get even partly installed. But you're not providing any of the information which would help diagnose the problem you're having. Instead, you're just making spurious claims about how GRUB works. There is, however, something odd if the installer didn't recognise Windows. But if you actually want to figure out how to fix it, you need to provide the details people need to help you.
5:39 PM
I don't know much about the whole thing. So when you say I should do this or that, I don't immediately know what that means.

But: as long as the keyboard is locked irregularly, meaning that working efficiently with the system is impossible anyway, it hardly makes sense to fix a professional issue (grub).

And: If 'efibootmgr' is better anyway (than Grub), I guess I don't need to be interested in Grub.
@cis efibootmgr isn't an alternative to GRUB. GRUB uses it. All running efibootmgr on the command line will do is provide you with information about the boot entries for your system. If you're booting EFI, you have it installed already. I'm not suggesting you change anything with it. But it would provide useful data. As would blkid.
@cis The journal is the first place to start, but that's tricky if you're having to power down cold. There might be useful information in your journal even before the keyboard locks, but, ideally, you'd see what was written when it locked up. Unplugging/replugging or trying a different keyboard might enable you to examine the journal. That was the thought. But, look, it's your system - not mine. It's up to you whether you want to persist or not ;).
Does anything trigger the keyboard lock? Do any LEDs change? Is there any pattern?
@PauloCereda Cute. I actually haven't read any Machado de Assis.
@PauloCereda -- I'll ave ti try to watch this again later. I've just d cataract surgery, and my vision is a bit impaired for a few days.
@AlanMunn ooh if I may, go with Brás Cubas, Dom Casmurro and Quincas Borba. I am sure you will like it. :)
@barbarabeeton wishing you a speedy recovery, Barbara! My parents did this surgery a couple of years ago, and it was the best thing for their eyesight. I am sure you will feel great in a couple of days!
@PauloCereda -- Thanks. I'm expecting a good outcome.
6:32 PM
@barbarabeeton Get well soon!
@samcarter -- Oh, thank you. But I'm not ill, just temporarily one-eyed. (A bit different from being called "four-eyes" when I've got glasses on, or "six-eyes" when I had both regular and sunglasses hanging around my neck -- that was one of Gordon's favorites.) It does make reading somewhat slower, and I won't be able to drive until the affected eye stabilizes.
7:08 PM
@barbarabeeton even though you don't consider yourself ill (which I'm glad to hear!), still get well soon, or at least get a recovered eye soon!
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8:19 PM
@Skillmon -- Thank you.

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