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12:23 AM
@JosephWright for obvious reasons i couldn't test, but looking at the issues and the docu i would say: no cjk, no Arabic, no tagged pdf, no bookmarks, no opacity, no spotcolors, no form fields. Some nice ideas, but the claim to be as good as LaTeX is a bit daring. Did you check SI units?
1:14 AM
@UlrikeFischer -- I hope you've gotten home safely. I've just (finally) registered for TUG, and am delighted to see so many Dante folks that I've known for a looong time on the list. Now, to submit my proposal for a talk ...
Q: Making a rubber duck swim in a tabletop pond

HeyJudeI plan to build a small round tabletop pond (radius 15 cm). I want to put a small rubber duck inside, and I want it to "swim" constantly, preferably moving randomly in the pond (as opposed to a fixed swimming path, like in circle). What would be a good way to do it? One idea I had is having 2 sma...

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5:48 AM
I loaded two font families:


What are the font code for each family?
\fontfamily{<what is this for fouriernc?>}\selectfont

\fontfamily{<what is this for tgchorus?>}\selectfont
2 hours later…
7:47 AM
@TheRealMasochist tgchorus.sty is only a few lines, main one: \renewcommand{\rmdefault}{qzc}
@DavidCarlisle: Thank you.
@TheRealMasochist in general stick \showthe\font in the document and see what it says
@DavidCarlisle I see. Thank you.
8:08 AM
@AlanMunn no one there has proposed using a self propelled duck youtube.com/watch?v=H8YvSVj10Q4
A question about the TUG conference in July:
There isn't an hourly program, but what from the conference am I going to miss if I arrive on Friday noon vs. Thursday evening? (The conf. starts on Friday, I just need to decide whether to arrive to Bonn on Thursday night or Friday early morning)
8:25 AM
@UlrikeFischer Well they are in beta, so some missing features are expected; I'm more interested in what is implemented and how well it works - but I agreed there are significant omissions
@UlrikeFischer Things like units presumably they hope will be filled by loadable modules: what worried me more is that there's no obvious thin space in text mode ;)
@tush deadline for submitting talks not yet so they won't have planned what talks in what session
@DavidCarlisle I just want to figure out what time the talks start - Friday noon or Friday morning. Depending on that I know what flight to take. Any past experience about it?
@tush @UlrikeFischer knows stuff, I still need to figure out how to get there and book hotel before end of week deadline:-)
@DavidCarlisle Lol
9:11 AM
TUG quack
(I will attend, yay!)
@barbarabeeton yay!
9:26 AM
9:56 AM
@samcarter ooh <3
10:07 AM
@PauloCereda Looking forward to see you (and all other attendees) there!
10:27 AM
@samcarter likewise! <3
10:52 AM
11:12 AM
@JosephWright May I get your opinion about github.com/josephwright/beamer/pull/845 ? It would definitely impact the performance of beamer, but personally I would think it would be worth it, because this problem comes up regularly and is particularly painful for writing themes or dealing with automatic workflows where one can't manually trigger a recalculation in appropriate places.
(or if the performance impact is too big, maybe I could add a class option to optionally enable it?)
11:52 AM
@PauloCereda Hi :D
Any Win user that can test this (with TeX Live 2023)
@PabloGonzálezL Have Windows TL'23 here ..
% curl -o ctanlion.eps https://www.ctan.org/lion/files/ctanlion.eps
I get a error ...why?
I think in restricted mode it doesn't work for gs64...mmm who am I to blame....@UlrikeFischer :D
The example can be simplified to
And it is definitely epstopdf and gs64.
@PabloGonzálezL Could well be: seems fine with TL'22 or TL'23 on macOS
12:12 PM
@JosephWright Thanks, it must be that, until recently gs32 was used and everything OK, but now gs64 is used (epstopdf has not been modified for a while).
@JosephWright (sorry to ping you again!) If you have a minute, could you take a look at
Mar 17 at 10:38, by samcarter
@JosephWright Do you have an opinion on https://github.com/josephwright/beamer/issues/841 ? If I understand the problem correctly, this would require redefining lists in article mode and thus making them incompatible with packages like enumitem. I'm inclined to close the issue as won't fix, that's ok with you?
Mar 17 at 10:46, by samcarter
@JosephWright Did you have a chance to look at https://github.com/josephwright/beamer/pull/843 ? Do you think that's a good idea?
@samcarter Agreed: it's far too late for us to fix this!
@JosephWright Thanks!
1:01 PM
@tush -- Traditionally, the first session starts at 09:00 on the first day. (And the welcoming reception the previous evening is a nice way to meet the people you'll be sitting among.)
@PabloGonzálezL epstopdf shows several changes for windows 64 bit in tl2023:
#  2023/03/06 v2.31 (Karl Berry)
#    * disallow --nosafer in restricted mode.
#    * disallow output to pipes in restricted mode.
#    Report from nikolay.ermishkin to tlsecurity.
#  2022/09/05 v2.30 (Siep Kroonenberg)
#    * still use gswin32c if gswin64c.exe not on PATH.
#  2022/08/29 v2.29 (Karl Berry)
#    * use gswin64c.exe on 64-bit Windows.
@samcarter -- I see you're signed up to give a talk, but you;re not o the list of participants, Huh???
@barbarabeeton yes, I still need to register. Need to figure out some technicalities first.
1:15 PM
@DavidCarlisle Ohh...I hadn't seen that change for TL2023, since the problem is in epstopdf --restricted which is called automatically by pdf/lua ...but I don't know how to get out of it (without having to convert eps=>pdf beforehand).
@PabloGonzálezL it calls epstopdf --restricted not repstopdf ?
@PabloGonzálezL what error?
[Loading MPS to PDF converter (version 2006.09.02).]
) (c:/texlive/2023/texmf-dist/tex/latex/epstopdf-pkg/epstopdf-base.sty
(c:/texlive/2023/texmf-dist/tex/latex/latexconfig/epstopdf-sys.cfg))epstopdf ($Id: epstopdf.pl 66407 2023-03-06 23:44:49Z karl $) 2.31
!!! Error: Input filename 'ctanlion.eps' not allowed in restricted mode.
C:\texlive\2023\bin\windows\runscript.tlu:921: command failed with exit code 2:
perl.exe c:\texlive\2023\texmf-dist\scripts\epstopdf\epstopdf.pl --restricted "--outfile=ctanlion-eps-converted-to.pdf" "ctanlion.eps"
runsystem(repstopdf --outfile=example-image-a-eps-converted-to.pdf example-imag
e-a.eps)...executed safely (allowed).
@DavidCarlisle Yes but you are not using the Windows binaries are you?
[Loading MPS to PDF converter (version 2006.09.02).]
) (c:/texlive/2023/texmf-dist/tex/latex/epstopdf-pkg/epstopdf-base.sty
(c:/texlive/2023/texmf-dist/tex/latex/latexconfig/epstopdf-sys.cfg))epstopdf ($Id: epstopdf.pl 66407 2023-03-06 23:44:49Z karl $) 2.31
!!! Error: Input filename 'example-image-a.eps' not allowed in restricted mode.
C:\texlive\2023\bin\windows\runscript.tlu:921: command failed with exit code 2:
perl.exe c:\texlive\2023\texmf-dist\scripts\epstopdf\epstopdf.pl --restricted "--outfile=example-image-a-eps-converted-to.pdf" "example-image-a.eps"
1:25 PM
@JosephWright no
@tush past experiences say that it starts Friday morning, 9.00 would be my bet. And Thursday afternoon there is perhaps a city tour for people not going to the workshop.
```D:\>repstopdf ctanlion.eps
epstopdf ($Id: epstopdf.pl 66407 2023-03-06 23:44:49Z karl $) 2.31
!!! Error: Input filename 'ctanlion.eps' not allowed in restricted mode.
C:\texlive\2023\bin\windows\runscript.tlu:921: command failed with exit code 2:
perl.exe c:\texlive\2023\texmf-dist\scripts\epstopdf\epstopdf.pl --restricted ctanlion.eps```
@UlrikeFischer Will Iara the arara accompany the tour guide? :)
@DavidCarlisle yes!! If you need any help with transport, say it. In the evening we should be back, currently sitting at schiphol.
@PabloGonzálezL do you have epstopdf.cfg or epstopdf-sys.cfg?
1:29 PM
@UlrikeFischer Have a good flight!
@UlrikeFischer you flew back to the wrong country? That's careless
@PabloGonzálezL I don't think that automatic epstopdf ever worked for files in the texmf tree.
@DavidCarlisle Yea
El volumen de la unidad C es driveC
El número de serie del volumen es: DA38-3A48

Directorio de C:\texlive\2023\texmf-dist\tex\latex\latexconfig

01-03-2023 17:40 <DIR> .
28-03-2023 08:39 <DIR> ..
01-03-2023 17:40 678 epstopdf-sys.cfg
01-03-2023 17:40 581 latex.ini
01-03-2023 17:40 3.585 lualatexiniconfig.tex
01-03-2023 17:40 1.031 lualatexquotejobname.lua
01-03-2023 17:40 2.446 lualatexquotejobname.tex
@UlrikeFischer No, but the file here isn't in the tree, it's local
@UlrikeFischer @PabloGonzálezL yes I had example-image-a.eps in the current directory
1:32 PM
@DavidCarlisle for some reason klm prefers to fly to Amsterdam and not to Frankfurt directly ;-)
@DavidCarlisle Are you using cygwin ?
@PabloGonzálezL or is the file in the root of D? That isn't good either
@PabloGonzálezL so how come it's not calling repstopdf ?
@PabloGonzálezL yes
@DavidCarlisle I am using the standard installation under windows 11
@PabloGonzálezL what do kpsewhich epstopdf.cfg and kpsewhich epstopdf-sys.cfg report?
--restricted must be coming from somewhere
1:37 PM
@UlrikeFischer in a subdirectory is the same :(
C:\Users\pablg>kpsewhich epstopdf.cfg

C:\Users\pablg>kpsewhich epstopdf-sys.cfg

@DavidCarlisle repstopdf is just an encapsulation for epstopdf --restricted
@PabloGonzálezL oh actually I misread, I think you showed terminal output not the log, which would have the commandline logged as a runsript call, as I showed
) (c:/texlive/2023/texmf-dist/tex/latex/epstopdf-pkg/epstopdf-base.sty
Package: epstopdf-base 2020-01-24 v2.11 Base part for package epstopdf
Package epstopdf-base Info: Redefining graphics rule for `.eps' on input line 4

File: epstopdf-sys.cfg 2010/07/13 v1.3 Configuration of (r)epstopdf for TeX Liv
Package epstopdf Info: Source file: <ctanlion.eps>
(epstopdf) date: 2023-03-28 08:33:52
(epstopdf) size: 264217 bytes
you are failing:
sub safe_name {
  my ($mode, $name) = @_;
  my $option = "";
  $option = '-safe-in-name'  if $mode eq 'in';
  $option = '-safe-out-name' if $mode eq 'out';
  error "Unknown check mode in safe_name(): $mode" unless $option;
  my @args = ($kpsewhich, '-progname', 'repstopdf', $option, $name);
  debug "Checking safe_name with: @args";
  my $bad = system { $args[0] } @args;
  return ! $bad;
1:56 PM
@DavidCarlisle Sorry, I can't keep up with those lines of perl....maybe @UlrikeFischer I can try it?...from my perspective it is a bug in epstopdf
@PabloGonzálezL looks that way although I can't see much changed there, you could raise on tl list
@samcarter klm has special seats for Bärs:
user image
@PabloGonzálezL yes,but only tomorrow, with a laptop on the knees testing is a bit difficult.
@UlrikeFischer very considerate :)
@DavidCarlisle @UlrikeFischer Later I will write in the TL list ... (related) I think (github.com/ho-tex/pdfcrop/issues/14) makes more sense today :D
5 hours later…
7:15 PM
It's been a while since I've been palindromatic...
@Werner is that a serious condition?
@Skillmon ...it follows shortly after being melodramatic. :D
3 hours later…
10:37 PM
@DavidCarlisle It turned out that the fix proposed by Javier in tex.stackexchange.com/questions/680690/… combined with changes of penalty by +1 for one possible hyphenation point in the word and -1 for a nearby possible hyphenation point in the word in the document source code does incur a change of the real hyphenation point in the output. So yeah, though changes occur rarely, they do occur.
I can post an example as soon as Javier's fix propagates to TeX Live if you're interested.
@AlMa0 intresting about the subtype change, the luatex manual description of the subtypes is "slight" :-) any change in penalty will make a difference if you have enough examples but I'd still argue changing by 1 isn't a good policy
@DavidCarlisle I should probably make clear that it's not the example shown in my post (so it's pointless to try the examples there with +/- 1 at various positions). It's just one example (I've not posted anywhere) for about 500 pages.

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