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12:45 AM
Hello all! I missed you a lot. <3 I hope you are good
I would like to notify a small typo in the tag description of mathjax: tex.stackexchange.com/tags/mathjax/info. It starts "MathJax is is an open" and it should be "MathJax is an open"
12:56 AM
I also want to announce that I have published a new question and I encourage you to give ideas: tex.stackexchange.com/q/596576/152550
1:15 AM
Evening all, I have a quick question,perhaps somebody could help?

I have one file where there is an '\xa0' character, which throws a MalformedUTF-8sequence error

However, I have declared `\DeclareUnicodeCharacter{160}{~}` at the top of the file, which I was led to believe would fix the problem
Does it have to be at some particular part of the preamble etc etc, or is the program just arbitrarily messing me around here?
3 hours later…
3:56 AM
Hi all !
Q: Is there an incompatibility between the new version 2021 of babel and Latex 3?

AndréCIndeed, the following macro \NewDocumentCommand{\xsameword}{m} written by @nox in his answer here, has a compile-time error. ! Missing \endcsname inserted. <to be read again> : l.74 \end{frame} When the babel package is not loaded, there are no more errors. What is the probl...

4:22 AM
@DavidCarlisle I wonder if it's MikTeX-specific? It works with TeXlive 2021 on my machine.
from beamer documentation
2 hours later…
6:17 AM
@DonHosek as I wrote in question it is a bug in the newest l3regex
3 hours later…
8:49 AM
@PauloCereda Starting my second day using JetBrains in my editor and love it so far - but I had to switch of the ligatures, they did not agree at all with beamer :)
This hole experimenting with user scripts to get a readable font on stackoverflow sites makes we wonder: if the problem can be fixed with half a dozen lines of user script, why was it necessary to take away custom fonts in the Great Undesign of 2018?
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21 I think the problem was that they couldn't track all of the sites: as a user, you can manage a single site customisation, for the staff having 100s was the issue
@JosephWright I don't think that many sites had custom fonts, maybe 10 or so?
what am I missing here?
\draw (0,0) pic {duck};
I get I do not know the key '/tikz/pics/duck'
it's a small change from the example here tug.org/TUGboat/tb39-2/tb122raab-ducks.pdf
9:10 AM
@Anush you need \usetikzlibrary{ducks} for the pic duck
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21 thanks!
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21: I posted a new issue. :-)
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21: The contents of conference-ornate-20min.en.tex is no longer identical to what explained in the beamer documentation which talked about Euclid of Alexandria.
I cannot follow the tutorial because of this mismatch.
Hmm. I misunderstood. OK, fine, only the link has been changed. The contents is fine. :-)
@Kim Thanks for the issue. Found a couple or more mentions of the path (who taught you to read the doc? Surely not @DavidCarlisle :) )
9:47 AM
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21 \usetikzlibrary{dinner}
@DavidCarlisle Here have some after dinner snack: github.com/samcarter/tikzbits
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21 don't let @Skillmon know what our cat brought back for dinner this morning....
@DavidCarlisle I'll blame your bad influence on the cat :)
10:09 AM
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21 None taught me to read the doc. And I don't like the doc especially the tutorial parts which are informally presented with either Karl or Euclid. The passages become longer and the important points are distracted with unnecessary information about these two guys. :-)
@KimJongUn The text is mainly from Till - I'm reluctant to remove it
@JosephWright: OK. NO problem. Thank you!
10:20 AM
Just curious: beamertemplatearticlebibitems is hard to read. why don't use camelNotation or PascalNotation or kebab-or-satay-notation?
@Kim That's they way it is spelled in the code
@kim You can always skip the tutorial and go straight to the later chapters :)
@KimJongUn germanslikelongwordswithnospaces
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21 s/later chapters/source code/
10:47 AM
@DavidCarlisle well, that too :)
11:01 AM
@DavidCarlisle regarding source code, I wonder who to blame for this:
% для вертикального центрирования ячеек в tabulary
%$ \] % <-- чиним подсветку синтаксиса в некоторых редакторах
11:20 AM
Jan 10 '19 at 14:32, by Ulrike Fischer
@DavidCarlisle Can I blame you?
1 hour later…
12:20 PM
Keep on reading the doc.
@DavidCarlisle How to dis-center a 'longtable'?
12:35 PM
@cis change \LTleft and \LTright.
12:52 PM
@cis [l] for left and [r] for right, or as @UlrikeFischer said for custom amounts.
@DavidCarlisle Mmmh, this works but is problematic with a caption:
\usepackage[margin=15mm, landscape, showframe=true]{geometry}
\caption{Centered longtable}
\begin{longtable}[l]{l l l}
a & b & c
@cis it doesn't make any sense to put a longtable inside a table environment.
1:31 PM
29 mins ago, by Ulrike Fischer
@cis it doesn't make any sense to put a longtable inside a table environment.
@cis also it doesn't make sense to set LTleft and LTright to fixed values unless you use \extracolsep (the same reason as in as tabular*)
1:57 PM
@DavidCarlisle Whats the solution with a caption?
@cis use \caption as defined by longtable, within the longtable environment, there are several thousand longtable examples on this site, copy one of those:-)
@DavidCarlisle or use the example from the documentation
@UlrikeFischer I nearly commented that @UlrikeFischer would have suggested looking elsewhere but that would be a silly suggestion
2:51 PM
@DavidCarlisle -- you've got mail.
Viewing a beamer presentation in a game is interesting. Unreal Engine makes it possible. linkedin.com/posts/…
@DavidCarlisle I can do that
\usepackage[margin=15mm, landscape, showframe=true]{geometry}
\begin{longtable}[l]{l l l}
\caption{Centered longtable}\label{my-label}\\
a & b & c
But then the caption flushes over the left border.
3:34 PM
@Rmano is there any easy and fast way to put the current in front of the resistor instead of after it in circuitikz?
Yes, play with i>_ or i_>
Changing the relative position of < or > and _ or ^ will give all the possible combinations (don't pretend I remember them by hearth...;-P )
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21 you should check the pdfpagediff package.
@UlrikeFischer Nice! Thanks for the hint!
3:52 PM
@Skillmon ^^^^^^
@UlrikeFischer ^^^ item 2 makes this soooooo useful for beamer :) (yes, I know I can remove the background canvas ....)
   \foreach [count=\i] \cmd in {i>_, i_>, i<_, i_<}
        \draw (3*\i,1) to[R, \cmd={\small\ttfamily\detokenize\expandafter{\cmd}}] ++(2.5,0);
   \foreach [count=\i] \cmd in {i>^, i^>, i<^, i^<}
        \draw (3*\i,0) to[R, \cmd={\small\ttfamily\detokenize\expandafter{\cmd}}] ++(2.5,0);
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21 you shouldn't trust the docu. It is actually not so bad: you can enable the one layer and then click the other on and off, and one can see differences quite well. I do something similar something simply with a pdf reader: put both pages on two tabs, ensure that they have the same zoom and then click fast between the tabs.
@UlrikeFischer The easiest solution would be to place both pages into en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blink_comparator :)
4:10 PM
@Rmano thanks, in my case i>^ did the trick :)
> > put both pages on two tabs, ensure that they have the same zoom and then click fast between the tabs

one could also use pdfpages to include both first pages, then both second pages and so on and then use left/right keys to switch between the pages. Then they would automatically have the same size.
4:28 PM
@UlrikeFischer you are going to regret that first setence.
4:57 PM
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21 I do not know if I lost something, but I use this: ubunlog.com/en/diffpdf-comparar-pdf-ubuntu with this: askubuntu.com/a/297285/16395 and it works quite well.
5:18 PM
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21 ooh
@Canageek oopsie :)
1 hour later…
6:31 PM
@Rmano Thanks for the link! The tool looks very useful, however I could not get the mac version to work with my system. As soon as I select the first pdf it will crash :(

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