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7:13 AM
@barbarabeeton Thank you barbara. Indeed liked your reply sepcificaly that part you mentioned your story on transitioning from metal tools to the only available ones which formed your typeset habits. Very logical that sometimes, our needs form our habits. Thank you again. I really like your response and all other responses by you on TeX.SE
Every time I ask a question here, I get impressed. The first reason is the quality of the the answers. The second but the most important for me is the way people talk to others. They do it with respect. They do it with good logical reasoning. They do it the way the beginner and less professional user (like me) gets me interested to follow the topic. This is very different to my experience for instance in SO where I got a "leave if you don't like!" answer to many of my questions.
I deeply thank you TeX people here. I always get excited and am happy to learn from you.
@DavidCarlisle Er, yes - that's basically unavoidable
@JosephWright OK I'll the build.lua later.
^ update
1 hour later…
8:33 AM
'Morning all! A question about naming things... I have several components which are a basic shape (say, a capacitor) modified by things --- an arrow, a squishy line, a zig-zag...
How can I collectively name all this "thingy"? modifiers? appendages? changinators? ;-P
@Rmano modifiers most likely (unless they have a more specific electrical circuit meaning/naming)
@enthu you're welcome (even though I'm just a small part of this). And I share your view on this, this is part of the reason why I've become so enticed with TeX.
@Rmano I think changinators should become an official scientifical term!
@DavidCarlisle does "modifiers thickness" sound ok? Maybe "base symbol modifiers thickness" is a bit on the long side
@Skillmon Phineas & Ferb ...
@Rmano no
8:41 AM
@Rmano ooh and Perry
@PauloCereda \modifier[type=breakfast]{meal}
@DavidCarlisle oh no
@DavidCarlisle hmmm "modifier thickness" ?
@Rmano better, but is this as an english phrase or as a key name?
Struggling with ss, my daughter always say it...
@DavidCarlisle a key name
8:44 AM
@Rmano modifier thickness looks Ok for that
@enthu if you don't mind spending some time on the slower end of productivity (like a week or so) you'll get much faster with the keyboard as well. Also, the thing about the shell users is that the shell gets things done very fast. Copying a single file is maybe a tad slower (iff you have the two folders, source and destination already open in your GUI), but bulk processing files is undeniably much faster in the shell. And the shell gives you instant access to many great tools [...]
Like capacitors/modifier thickness=0.6
@enthu [...] the GUI is good for things you only do seldomly (most of the time just because you don't remember or know the tool's name)
@Rmano as I say unless you can replace modifier by something relating to what it is in the actual circuit as in capacitors/something-electrical-property-indicator thickness
@Rmano that is you call it capacitors/modifier not two parallel lines/modifier because you know it stands for capacitor. I can only suggest modifier for the annotation as I don't know what it means. But perhaps it is OK anyway.
@DavidCarlisle well, depending on the base symbol the "modifiers" could mean a whole lot of different things, so, imho, "modifiers" is the best general fit for this, @Rmano.
8:53 AM
@Skillmon I should do and I try shell some often. I have debian as dual boot on my system and as WSL on my windows. However, most of the engineering software is windows focused so i can not hugely use shell. Another problem is a bit more challenging for me, and that is what I can actually do in shell. What do I get involved myself so that I use shell more. It is something I indeed want but too much confused about the whole thing! :))
@Skillmon yes --- the problem is that otherwise, I have variability arrow, or non-linearity marker, or sensor indicator, — a different name for each modifier and I have already too many keys ;-) @DavidCarlisle --- thanks!
@Rmano what do they do in your field, what is their usage in your sketch?
> MIT Researchers Want to Talk to Spiders
wait, what
@enthu it depends on which one --- they indicate different things...
So I was looking for a common name
@Rmano I know I told you this multiple times, but your avatar is so happy, I love it!
8:57 AM
@PauloCereda Thanks, although I add a comment some day ago from a user here that said it was scaring... :-O
@Rmano he was probably an acorn, and was triggering some memories :)
@Rmano oh
@PauloCereda ;-)
9:12 AM
@enthu I understand your problem (I'm an engineer myself -- and it sucks that so much software in the field has no CLI :) ).
@Rmano you can make yourself even more unpopular by teaching them how to recognize keming.
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21 totally fell for it!
@Rmano can you list someof those, may help to choose a good coating name.
@Skillmon me too :)
@enthu Yes I named the three one for capacitors before:
26 mins ago, by Rmano
@Skillmon yes --- the problem is that otherwise, I have variability arrow, or non-linearity marker, or sensor indicator, — a different name for each modifier and I have already too many keys ;-) @DavidCarlisle --- thanks!
9:21 AM
@Skillmon ah exactly! people in the company also are not eager to shift to hard side as well...
@Rmano cool, lost them among the chat lines
@Rmano sorry you may have answered before; do you want to name the modifiers or the things being modified? or both :D
and also, does such 'modification' change the nature of the thing or the thing remains the same and its functionality changes?
@enthu the modifiers, and yes, they have a technical important impact on the behaviour of the component.
but the component is still the same.
For example, a non-linearity marker say that the capacitor is a non-linear capacitor, and so on
@Rmano well, a sensor indicator doesn't change the behaviour... :)
I think modifiers is nice...
@Skillmon well, true, but signals that the capacity value is variable without manual intervention...
@Rmano true as well. Same for variability arrow (though that means the opposite, capacity can change based on manual intervention)
9:30 AM
@enthu "changinator" is better, but well. No, "transformer" has a too strong meaning in electronics
@enthu as an alternative for "modifier"? Bad idea, a "transformer" is an electrical component itself (or consists of several components).
yes you are right, what is your field, rmano?
there are some terms which are very famous in a field but have usages in other fields, may be you want to be the first one to make a new usage of a term in your field! ;)
@Rmano how about thingamajig?
@enthu electronic engineering (instrumentation and analog front-ends, mainly)
@PauloCereda that's good! but changinator is more specific
@Rmano ooh
9:37 AM
@PauloCereda how do you find these words :))
@PauloCereda oh no, you lost the 11111 ooh marker!
@enthu :)
@Rmano OH NO
/quacks in despair
/finds a cookie
ooh a cookie
/eats cookie
/resumes quacking in despair
@PauloCereda Ah no, wrong search
10644 messages found
@Rmano ooh
@PauloCereda There is also whotsit, doofricky, dingdang and whatchamacallit. :p
9:44 AM
@Plergux ooh also doodad
@PauloCereda ah yes!
@PauloCereda counter-ooh
@Skillmon <3
@PauloCereda ooh, a carrot! Here, have one, too: ε>
@PauloCereda counter-ooh-two!
9:55 AM
@Skillmon counter-counter-ooh²
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21 can't help, can't pronounce the city name.
@samcarter_looks_forward_TUG'21 oh my
@PauloCereda counter-counter-counter-ooh³
@Skillmon I would bet "worstershire"
@PauloCereda You would be right, I think :p
9:57 AM
@Plergux ooh
@PauloCereda would've been my bet as well.
@PauloCereda though in my brain it tends to come out as "wurstersheer" :p
@Plergux cool :)
10:13 AM
^^ @JosephWright is supervising something
10:30 AM
@PauloCereda the guy in black and white at the left is nasty, believe me. We have a lot of them here and I saw them attacking cats and dogs...
@Rmano oh no
@Rmano maybe he is part of the mafia
@PauloCereda ;-) Spanish mafia? ;-P
@Rmano ooh
@Rmano Is it a jay?
It's "gazza ladra" in italian, "stealing magpie" I think
@Plergux Magpie I think (don't trust me on that)
10:36 AM
> The Eurasian magpie is one of the most intelligent birds, and it is believed to be one of the most intelligent of all non-human animals.
@Rmano Ah, ok. They're related to jays. The collective name for them in Icelandic is "skaði" which also means "damage or injuries" :p One of the species is called "skrækskaði" which would mean "screaming injuries". Sounds accurate to me :p
We ducks are of course more intelligent than these magpies and... OOH PIE
Bah, the name of this bird in German is Elster. I was expecting a very long word. :(
@Plergux very appropriate, yes!
user image
@Rmano so we have this ^^ ? :)
@PauloCereda LOL
@PauloCereda Weisserundschwartzerkatzenundhundenbelästigenvogel? :p
10:43 AM
@Plergux THANK YOU
Now we are talking :)
@PauloCereda The online german tax system is called Elster too: elster.de/eportal/start
@UlrikeFischer Oh my!
@UlrikeFischer @PauloCereda because it is thievish as a magpie ;)
@AlexG Quite! :D
user image
> Periodic table on the chemistry building of UNAM, Mexico City.
@JosephWright ^^
11:00 AM
@PauloCereda ROTFL
@PauloCereda COOL
@PauloCereda Cool! I have it on my shower curtain. :p
@Plergux wow
@JosephWright I bet the column for the noble things are the rooms of those dept directors.
@PauloCereda Aaaaand now i've got the elments song stuck in my head. :p
11:14 AM
user image
11:34 AM
@egreg ooh congratulations: I guess at least some of them are deserved:-)
@egreg congratulations! waiting to see your 900,001e+900,001 reputation! :D
@egreg you're 800000 points from a palindrome.
@egreg CONGRATS!
11:52 AM
@PauloCereda XD
@JosephWright I was looking at tex.stackexchange.com/a/554335/89417 which is potentially a good duplicate target answer for tex.stackexchange.com/questions/592689/…, and also a good answer in itself, however it was mod-deleted previously because at that time it was a link-only answer
do you think it's a good idea to undelete it?
@Marijn Sorted
@JosephWright great, thanks - maybe also delete the comments?
@PauloCereda Actually I was thinking of this one: youtube.com/watch?v=AcS3NOQnsQM :p
@Plergux ooh :)
12:33 PM
@yo' or 1 up and 1 down vote
user image
@DavidCarlisle too complicated.
12:48 PM
I'd like to have a macro `\lam*{a b c}` that typesets `\lambda\ a\;b\;c`.

I am not sure how to best proceed to replace the space-separated argument by a \;-separated thing.
Any ideas?
I also accept hacky ways. E.g. enlarging the usual space for some time
@DavidCarlisle too late...
\NewDocumentCommand\lam{m o}{%
	\StrSubstitute{#1}{ }{\;}[\temp]%
	\IfValueTF{#2}{\lambda \temp\colon #2.\ }{\lambda \temp.\ }%
that works flawlessly :)
@Plergux ooh
1:05 PM
% !TeX TS-program = xelatex

\NewDocumentCommand\lam{m o}{%
	\StrSubstitute{#1}{ }{\;}[\temp]%
	\IfValueTF{#2}{\lambda \temp\colon #2.\ }{\lambda \temp.\ }%

! Undefined control sequence.
\getanddefine@fonts ...p@font \let \textfont@name
                                                  \font@name \xdef \font@nam...
l.14 $\lam{\pf}$
It seems I cannot use my solution with macros in my argument. Above is a MWE.
Any help would be appreciated.
Not even this works:
\StrSubstitute{\textbf{a}}{ }{\;}[\temp]% <-- throws "! Illegal parameter number in definition of \xs_arg_ii."
user image
@egreg I can't quite keep up with you but that's also a funny number...
5 hours later…
6:11 PM
@PauloCereda Quack
@JosephWright ooh another duck
@JosephWright how's v3 going?
6:24 PM
@campa soon it will be 20999!
@JosephWright dinner
@DavidCarlisle oh no
6:42 PM
@UlrikeFischer --Someone in the German tax office has a very weird sense of humor,
@barbarabeeton yes ;-)
7:00 PM
@yo' -- huh? Have I forgotten how to do arithmetic? (I would have thought either 8 or 100000.)
@JosephWright can you recall what this was doing, was it from the original luatexbase before we split the core off to ltluatex, l3build doc falls over it as there are no test-xxx directories and no Lua fuction allmodules?
function ltluatexdoc ()
allmodules ("doc")
Transcript written on luatexbase.log.
build.lua:30: attempt to call a nil value (global 'allmodules')
ah those test directory names are from ltluatex repo
@barbarabeeton he's got 800000 too much :)
@yo' -- oh. I didn't spot the minus sign.
7:32 PM
@barbarabeeton yeah, well, distance is never negative ;)
@DavidCarlisle ooh
@barbarabeeton oh
@yo' ooh
1 hour later…
8:52 PM
Always the same, I give in and decide to answer a "do-it-for-me" question, and OP decides to delete it before I can post :( (well, in this case, OP didn't find the delete button and only made an edit to put delete everywhere instead of the original question, but still)
@Skillmon Yeah, I saw that. I was like WTF?
@Plergux it happens way too often when I decide to sacrifice some of my free time. Back to my original plan of watching a movie this evening! Ha SE, no answers from me today anymore!
@campa Definitely! You're going to be a trusted user. @PauloCereda will send his credit card number soon.
@Skillmon The gall of some people is unbelievable. Like they just put it right there: "this is my homework, do it for me" and you're just sitting there wanting to shout at them "What do you think your teacher gave YOU homework for?!" *sigh
9:08 PM
Hello. Is it possible to have X cm between each paragraph, so that when I click on Enter, Xcm automatically display?
I have this in my document `\documentclass[12pt]{article}
@Verónica \setlength\parskip{xcm} I think
@Skillmon ah yes, this is the do-it-for me homework of this year. It started here tex.stackexchange.com/questions/592300/… and then there have been 4 or 5 questions, one user removed, etc. One of the users deleted the question (where another used posted the answer) when I commented that anyway turnitin would catch it ... ;-P
@Verónica you can set \parskip directly but probably better to use \usepackage[skip=1cm plus .2cm]{parskip} otherwise you will add space around all kinds of internal paragraphs like headings footnotes etc
@Plergux ...I just hope the teacher has turnitin or equivalent set up. I have... and it works.
9:30 PM
@Rmano Yeah, I think that's necessary. Though some times you don't even need it. I once set my students the assignment to write a short essay from the book we were reading and one of them was basically just copy pasted sections of the book with "the author says" interspersed inbetween. Like, how little effort can you put in your work??
@DavidCarlisle You're right. How did you assigned the numbers [skip=1cm plus .2cm]? how are they supposed to be assigned?
For example for 0.6cm between paragraphs
@DavidCarlisle Actually it included the space, even when there was no space i.e. after consecutive lines, but on different lines.
@Plergux That's quite a sad thing, yes. I think (@Skillmon also) that the deletion immediately after the answer is deliberate to hide the copy from automatic search system. This time has been reverted, so it will not work...
Well, time to rest. Goodnight everybody!
@Verónica I just added a bit it is usually best to have some flexibility in parskip
@Verónica sorry I can not guess what you mean. \parskip is only added between paragraphs not anywhere else.
@Rmano nighty night :)
@Verónica that would be \usepackage[skip=0.6cm minus .1cm plus .2cm] or some such (rather unusual to use cm for such spaces not that it matters, but using pt or multiples of \baselineskip make it easier to compare with font size
9:58 PM
@DavidCarlisle I added this, but marked an error and didn't separate paragraphs, then I removed minus .1cm and the error disappeared. I think I'm using \usepackage[skip=0.6cm plus .2cm]
@Verónica with {parskip} after that?
@DavidCarlisle Thanks.
@DavidCarlisle yes
"marked an error" not very informative:-) what error did you get? (initially just use \usepackage{\parskip} with no option (which gives .5\baselineskip plus 2pt)
@Plergux Thanks too.
@Verónica sorry need to give plus component first of course. Try \usepackage[skip=0.6cm plus .2cm minus .1cm]{parskip}
@Verónica which means a target of .6cm but allowing to shrink to .5cm or stretch to .8cm depending on what else needs to fit on the page.
10:10 PM
I suppose is this Package calc Error: `p' invalid at this point.

See the calc package documentation for explanation.
Type H <return> for immediate help.

l.54 \setlength\parskip\parskip@skip

I expected to see one of: + - * / )
it's the first that appears on the error section page
@Verónica then you have done something that you have not shown to cause that error
@Verónica this runs without error with or without calc

\usepackage[skip=0.6cm  plus .2cm minus .1cm]{parskip}


aa aa aa

bb bb bb

@Verónica complete documents are always more useful than disconnected fragments that can not be tested.
@Verónica but in this case I will let you off as the error is my fault, You have \usepackage[skip=0.6cm minus .1cm plus .2cm ]{parskip} see my comment above you need to give plus before minus (You didn't get the error I expected as you have calc loaded, but it is the same issue)
@DavidCarlisle Ok, no I just copy-paste the lines, idk what happened. The thing is that it worked, I can see separated paragraphs, uniformly.
@DavidCarlisle got it, thanks again.

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