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12:23 AM
Hello guys!!
I am looking for a way to draw a graphic made with TikZ/PGFPlots in beamer class
Suppose that I have the final graphic where we have two elements, 1 and 2, and we graph an arrow that goes from 1 to 2, and the other goes from 2 to 1
In a first frame (first page), I want the graphic to be without arrows. In the next frame, I want to draw the arrow from 1 to 2. And in the last frame, the other arrow. Should I write 3 frames with the same information (namely, write three tikzpicture environments, with the difference of the drawing of arrows), or is there a command like \pause or \uncover? Thanks!!
(To clarify: I am using LaTeX pdf output)
1:04 AM
user image
1:35 AM
Hi guys!
I was thinking about how to add a footnote at the bottom of a pdf file?
any help?
2:07 AM
without giving a reference?
I think I can do that by writing \footnote{abcdefght}
but that would leave a reference there
can I make the reference invisible by using * ?
2 hours later…
4:18 AM
@BAYMAX, maybe something like this is what you want:

      \parindent\footnotemargin\footnotelayout #1}%
@BAYMAX, actually that code needs the footmisc package, so try this:
      \parindent\footnotemargin\footnotelayout #1}%
4:47 AM
Cool! thank you@DavidPurton
Also this is helpful!
Q: avoiding hyperref warning: Ignoring empty anchor

David BevanI use something like the following to get a footnote without an anchor. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{hyperref} \begin{document} {\let\thefootnote\relax\footnotetext{2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 05A05, 05A16.}} \end{document} The hyperref package doesn't like this and produce...

4:58 AM
@DavidPurton I have a .bib file but I have to submit .bbl file
Can you please let me know how to do that?
5:15 AM
As mentioned here:
Q: Overleaf V2 - How to get BBL File?

raajOverleaf V2 does not seem to have a way to get the BBL file for arxiv, how do I get it?

I am not able to see a .bbl file in logs menu in overleaf
@BAYMAX Click on the icon "Logs and output files" an then on the button "Other logs & files"
for one tex file it did not show a .bbl file
but for another it did show a .bbl file
@BAYMAX Do you have a bibliography in it? Correctly compiled?
Oh I see
I will try!
Yup I did refer to bib file
and it runs fine
but when I click on "Logs and output files"
pdf files are only there
no bbl files
5:33 AM
I have used a table to create two tables one above another and figure to the side, however, the figure caption label turns out to be Table
\textbf{QoS Level} & \textbf{Resource Requirement} & \textbf{QoE} \\ [1ex]

$ W_1 $ & $<2,2,10,1>$ & 1.5 \\
\caption{Available QoS levels}

\textbf{User} & \textbf{QoS} & \textbf{Minimum QoS} \\
& \textbf{Preference} & \textbf{Threshold} \\

$ u_1 $ & $W_1$ & Any \\
How can i change the figure label from table to figure?
Oh, caption of does the thing, I hadnt specified the {figure} parameter hence was geeting an error, anyway, thanks
@BAYMAX Click on the black button "Other logs and files"
I see a bbl option in one tex file
but when i have another tex file i don't see a .bbl file
I have two tex file
accessing the .bib file
for one tex file, I can see the .bbl file in other logs
but for another I am not seeing it
5:53 AM
@BAYMAX I think you should ask to the Overleaf Help Desk "Help" --> "Contact us" they usually answer quickly
oh ok
I will try!
Thanks for looking!
@BAYMAX You're welcome
1 hour later…
7:27 AM
@manooooh Have a look at the TikZ library overlay-beamer-styles
@DavidCarlisle @DavidCarlisle, thanks for the links. My package has a slightly different aim, though. It is not only about semantic markup, but also about automating math markup and make it easier to control your math notation centrally. An example:
Suppose we want to take the complex conjugate of a function f and then derive it n times, i.e. f̅ ^{(n)} . Using SemanTeX, we can write $ \vf[conj,der=n] $. (The v in \vf stands for “variable”, so \vf is the variable f. It is usually best to create commands \va, \vA, \vb, \vB, ... for each variable you are using.)
Or suppose you want to invert a function g and restrict it to a subset U, and then apply it to x, i.e. we want to write g-1|_U(x). This can be done by writing

$ \vg[inv,res=U]{x} $
An example from algebraic geometry: Suppose F is a sheaf and h a map, and that we want to typeset the equation (h^{-1} F)_p = F_(h(p)), i.e. the stalk of h^{-1} F at p is the stalk of F at h(p). This can be accomplished by writing

$ \vh[inverseimage]{\sheafF}[spar,stalk=p] = \sheafF[stalk=\vh{p}] $
(here, spar is the key that adds the parentheses around h^{-1} F). All of these keys are defined by the user, and they can be modified and adjusted for all sorts of situations in all kinds of different branches of mathematics.
To set up the all of the examples I just mentioned, you can do the following in SemanTeX:



\newvariableclass{var} % creates a new class of variables, called "var"

% Now we create a couple of variables:

% Now we set up the class var:
output=var, % This means the output of an object of
% class var is also of class var
% We add a few keys for use with the class var:
@Gaussler yes but the aims overlap, basically if you know what the thing is supposed to mean you may centrally change the visual notation but its also a lot easier to generate speech or Braille of C code for that matter. The problem though is always the authors they really like sticking $$\bf x \kern 5.7pt z$$ in the middle of your semantic document.
@kauray \begin{table}[!htb] why prevent the table appearing on a page of tables? and please never apply \scalebox to tables, whenever I see it it makes me wish we'd never added scalebox to latex:-)
@kauray to answer your question use caption or capt-of package then you can use \captionof{figure}{.....} to put a figure caption in the table (beware it may float out of sequence with other figures)
@manooooh tex.stackexchange.com/questions/434567/… ? (and much more; you can also look at aobs-tikz package.
7:43 AM
@DavidCarlisle Yes, but my hope is to control mathematical syntax from the preamble via a CSS-like setup, as you can see above. The hope is to make it cleaner and more user-friendly than having to write XML tags around your ordinary TeX code to tell what it does
7:54 AM
@samcarter_is_at_topanswers.xyz and @Rmano thanks for the kind comments. I will surely check it out :)
8:09 AM
@MarcelKrüger did you see the question about fontawesome5 and microtype?
@manooooh the main answer is here: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/84513/… --- very very useful
1 hour later…
9:30 AM
@DavidPurton hi mr. koala!
@PeterGrill ooh long time no see! Hello!
@PauloCereda: Hello there. How are you doing?
@PeterGrill scared of everything, hiding under the bed. :) And you?
@PauloCereda Quack
@JosephWright ooh
@JosephWright (or others with the approriate privelege), The question tex.stackexchange.com/q/547413/4301 glt closed "off topic". I voted to close t as a duplicate, which I think makes more sense.
@PauloCereda I hear you. Trying to stay safe ans sane with all the stuff going on.
9:43 AM
@PeterGrill quack <3
@PeterGrill Sorted
@JosephWright Wow, that was easier than I thought. Thanks...
@PeterGrill :)
@PeterGrill ducks are efficient :)
@PauloCereda s/efficient/tasty/g
9:53 AM
@DavidCarlisle oh no
@DavidCarlisle /quacks in dispair
@DavidCarlisle ^^
@JosephWright your conversational style is degenerating to sound like ...
@DavidCarlisle Nah
@DavidCarlisle I'm just trying to get learnlatex.org to move up Google ;)
@JosephWright just link to it in every answer here it''ll soon creep up:-)
9:59 AM
@PauloCereda :-).
10:19 AM
@JosephWright I see you added it here tex.stackexchange.com/questions/11/…. Now it only needs some upvotes ...
@UlrikeFischer :)
10:33 AM
@JosephWright OL sometimes does "guest blog posts", once the design of the site is done, I can try and suggest we invite you for that; we then also boost the blog posts on social.
@yo' That would be excellent
@JosephWright do you have any date ideas?
@yo' Original plan was design this month/next month, but I've not yet agreed that formally wiht Jonas: still waiting to finalise my funding streams
11:04 AM
@JosephWright ok, I'll see what our marketing things and let you know..
11:17 AM
Can it be considered a bug if umlauts in \theHchapter break references in pdfTeX with hyperref loaded?
@DavidCarlisle do you finally give in to superior editors?
@egreg what exactly is the difference here? between 0055 and 0359? (BTW: I blame Morten). Also I don't really understand the problem here.
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz I would call it an user error ;-) But if you show me how an umlaut ended there I can take a look.
Just received a mail in ... Welsh.
11:38 AM
@yo' you could forward it to the master of all languages.
@UlrikeFischer yeah, or use the "English version below" :-)
11:54 AM
@UlrikeFischer quack
12:10 PM
@yo' Wow
@JosephWright Cymru
@UlrikeFischer because of a stupid user error :) The question was more of the type: Is this expected to not work? I did some \def\theHchapter{Übung\arabic{chapter}} to get the cross referencing of different chapter types right, and while everything worked out perfectly well for the ToC, \ref and friends threw a not-so-helpful error.
12:33 PM
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz well it isn't completly stupid. In view that hyperref escapes everything that can be escaped it is curious that it missed this place. Theoretically umlauts in destination names could work (but practically sumatra e.g. seems not to like them, so it is better to avoid them in such places).
@BAYMAX -- The answer given here should be able to be adapted to give a footnote with no marker: tex.stackexchange.com/a/188063 .
1:15 PM
@daleif -- `0055` is the cmr (text) `=`. `0359` is the cmsy (math) `=`. They aren't the same. Here are some of the lines affected (there may be more):
\ext@arrow 0055{\Leftarrowfill@}{\ #1}{\ #2}}
\ext@arrow 0055{\Rightarrowfill@}{#1\ }{#2\ }}
\ext@arrow 0055{\Leftrightarrowfill@}{\ #1\ }{\ #2\ }}
(and yes, I'm sure it was there in Morten's original.)
Look also at @DavidCarlisle's answer here: tex.stackexchange.com/a/85115
1:29 PM
@DavidCarlisle -- how come the extender for these two extensible arrows is different?
\newcommand{\xrightarrow}[2][]{\ext@arrow 0359\rightarrowfill@{#1}{#2}}
\newcommand{\xleftarrow}[2][]{\ext@arrow 3095\leftarrowfill@{#1}{#2}}
(I suppose I should check the font charts, but also the class.)
@barbarabeeton Interesting as I cannot see any difference in the output
@DavidCarlisle why not use scalebox?
1:51 PM
@daleif -- I can't find the example just now, but I've seen images with the = not joining up with the two lines of the arrow. It may not happen with the cm fonts, which are designed to match, but it may very well happen with other fonts. (I'm assuming that the double-shafted arrow is the character you are referring to.
@kauray -- With scalebox everything is scaled to a size that can be incompatible with other similar features of a document, in particular fonts and rules. For fonts in particular, it's better to choose a smaller (or larger) font, for which the glyphs will be redrawn individually, instead of (sometimes) being reduced (or enlarged) from bit patterns at a particular resolution, which can introduce jaggies.
2:21 PM
@UlrikeFischer -- Can you take a look at this: tex.stackexchange.com/q/547347 (Including comments.) Thanks.
@kauray you wouldn't justify text in a paragraph by using completely arbitrary and inconsistent font sizes just to make the lines fit, why inflict that on tables?
@barbarabeeton this may be a problem at 12pt where we have been discussing the problem that cmmi12 gets used alongside cmsy10 at 12pt and they don't always line up
@daleif I think to have studied the meaning of the four digits some time in the past. I'm not sure to remember it.
@barbarabeeton the edit sounds as if the problem has been resolved. The example shown is much to short to produce a problem on page 22 and it doesn't load a style from a folder Frankenstein, so it is probably one of the question that show some fake minimal example.
@DavidCarlisle -- Good point. (And that may be why I couldn't find it.) So what I said wasn't right all the time. Can you and @daleif work on this together? (gotta go ... appointment.)
@UlrikeFischer -- Surely an ineffective minmum example, but I was referring to his ore general question about help; he's using MikTeX.
@JosephWright I raised the idea internally and I'll let you know when I know something
2:37 PM
@yo' quack :)
@PauloCereda hi
@yo' do you have 2 minutes? I just wanted to update a couple of things for you... :)
@PauloCereda just replied on hangouts (sorry it's abusy day)
3:01 PM
Ack. Why does \dim_set:Nn \l_tmpb_dim { 0.5 #1 } give a different (and wrong) answer as compared to \dim_set:Nn \l_tmpa_dim {#1} \dim_set:Nn \l_tmpb_dim { 0.5 \l_tmpa_dim }?
Oh wait...
No not space
@DavidPurton the woes of dimension settings in tex. See also github.com/latex3/latex3/issues/727
@UlrikeFischer Oh! Is there a resource as to what expressions are safe at the moment?
#1 - 2bp is fine, so it's confusing for me :(
3:39 PM
@DavidPurton Anything valid in \dimexpr (see texdoc etex, there's the syntax on section 5). \dim_set:Nn \l_tmpb_dim { 0.5 #1 } will work as long as #1 is a dimension register because <factor><dimen> is supported by TeX, but <factor><decimal constant><unit> (like 0.5 10pt) is not. You'd need #1/2 which works because \dimexpr allows division (and multiplication) by integers
4:12 PM
@DavidPurton the first also would work if #1 was pt (but the second would give an error in that case)
@PhelypeOleinik except of course 0.5 10pt is valid in expl3 code where the space is ignored, but perhaps not with the desired value:-)
4:47 PM
@DavidCarlisle I've read somewhere that expl3 makes code bug-free :-)
@PhelypeOleinik my 2e code has that property already
@DavidCarlisle Yes, but not everyone has that power :-)
5:00 PM
TikZ / arrows.meta

Wasn't there not a command for a 'sloped' arrowhead?

I choosed
`>={Stealth[length=3.5pt, width=2pt, inset=1pt]},`
5:10 PM
Oh... I wrote "Wasn't there not..."
5:39 PM
@cis \usetikzlibrary{bending} (it is described in the manual around page 200, normally just loading the library does the trick).
6:01 PM
good morning, I'm completly lost. can I ask here a question or should I add new post? that's quick one, but I don't know the culture of this place and don't want to be misunderstood.
@Dominika -- If you're not sure how to formulate a question, people here can help. If it's a very compact question, you might get an answer, but if a question requires a complicated explanation or a lot of code, asking it here will more often receive suggestions for what specifically should be addressed on the main site. Anyhow, go ahead -- it's worth a try.
6:18 PM
I just want to align my column to '\pm' sign and I've tried already siunitx but... I have this declaration in headers settings "\begin{tabularx}{\linewidth}{l | l l l **{2}{>{\centering\arraybackslash}X}}" and when I put {l | l S[table-align-uncertainty, separate-uncertainty=true] l **{2}{>{\centering\arraybackslash}X}} doesn't work. I will try put the post, thank you for advice @barbarabeeton
@Rmano Oha, I thought there was also a command, which I forgot.
But ok, thx.
@Rmano But I saw no effect yet:
\documentclass[margin=5pt, tikz]{standalone}

\begin{tikzpicture}[x=1em, y=1em,
>={Stealth[length=3.5pt, width=2pt, inset=1pt]},
No/.style={->, thin, font=\sffamily\tiny, blue, inner sep=0.5pt, very near start},
\draw[No] (140:1.2) -- +(0.6,0.05) node[No, above]{1};
\draw[No] (163:0.9) -- +(0.6,0.05) node[No, above]{2};

\draw[No, red, rounded corners=3] (200:0.6) -- ++(-0.3,-0.3) -- ++(0.3,-0.3) node[below]{bad};
I think, I will ask in the main-forum.
Q: TikZ, arrows.meta: How to bring an arrowhead in direction of the path?

cisIs there something I can do to "bend / slope" the red arrowhead? \documentclass[margin=5pt, tikz]{standalone} \usepackage{tikz} \usetikzlibrary{arrows.meta} % \usetikzlibrary{bending} % no effect \begin{document} \begin{tikzpicture}[x=1em, y=1em, >={Stealth[length=3.5pt, width=2pt, inset=1p...

6:41 PM
@Dominika do you really have ** or is that just an error in the markdown in this chat?
I haven't @DavidCarlisle
and put MWE in my post like @barbarabeeton adviced
and ofc, there I put the wrong line too, but nevermind, I think is clear enough to understand what I've already have and what I want to achieve :)
@Dominika no a MWE starts \documentclass and ends \end{document} so we can see the issue, if you make a small document in an editor and paste it in the chat will offer you a "fixed" option so it will preserve all the lines
\usepackage{float, enumitem, amsmath}
\usepackage{booktabs, makecell, multirow, tabularx, threeparttable}
\usepackage{colortbl, color} %I preffer that instead of xcolor because xcolor give me errors with beamer


\settowidth\rotheadsize{\theadfont Description 3 }
like that? @DavidCarlisle
yes but if you are using S columns then you need to remove the $ (I would never use tabularx for such a table, and I wrote it:-)
@Dominika I have a conf call in a few minutes so just quick question snow, why is your first column empty?, in the code above you showed a preamble with 5 columns, column 3 being S, which was presumably for a different table?
6:58 PM
no, that's my mistake. it should be 1 - rotate description, 2 - results, 3 - method 1, 4 - method
and the final table is much larger than provided MWE but I cannot published this data
it's more or less wide like the table with linked post in my question on main page (I don't now if I can put here a link to this question) @DavidCarlisle
1 hour later…
8:16 PM
Konbanwa, Makudonarudo ni ikimasu! Hai?!

こんばんは、マクドナルドに行きます! はい!?
1 hour later…
9:31 PM
@barbarabeeton Cool! thank you!
@BAYMAX -- Glad it's suitable. Stolen from the "first page footnotes" in amsart.

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