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6:59 AM
@JosephWright I did run yesterday the latex3 tests with in build-config.lua table.insert(checksuppfiles, "luaotfload-main.lua") and a small luaotfload-main.lua returning an error in the support files. It passed everywhere, so this is an option. (A open question with it is if lualibs needs to be loaded (and if yes how)). I didn't get the problem with the line break.
@UlrikeFischer So like I suspected, not an l3build change, looks like something very subtle in lualibs?
7:12 AM
@UlrikeFischer Try loading lualibs with your stub?
@JosephWright I don't know. It passes for me on windows, Frank is on the mac. Where did it fail for you?
@UlrikeFischer Windows
@UlrikeFischer Does it pass for you with an updated l3build and a 'vanilla' set up? I tried it on two PCs yesterday and both fail
@JosephWright could you try (in l3trial/l3ldb) l3build check -eluatex m3ldb002 with a commented checksearch = false in the build-config.lua? If this fails too you could sent me the real log.
@UlrikeFischer Just updating here and will make sure I have no stray files
7:32 AM
@UlrikeFischer I think I've worked it out
@UlrikeFischer Will mail team list
2 hours later…
9:18 AM
@JosephWright ooh not so secret mail
@PauloCereda Yeah
@PauloCereda l3build testing issues: sorted more-or-less now
@JosephWright do tell
@PauloCereda We've got test failures at present. They come down to changes in luaotfload, but the symptoms are odd: one strange line wrapping change in one test. Comes down to what happens if a run fails to create a .log file at all: I was not cleaning up between engines
@JosephWright Ah I see.
@PauloCereda So we were getting the pdfTeX log used for the LuaTeX test! I'm going to add a one-line clean-up, which fixes that
@PauloCereda We still have to address the wider issue: LuaTeX needs luaotfload, which needs lualibs and unicode-data, and do we want to allow a tree search or install all of those locally
9:29 AM
@JosephWright perhaps a temporary path addition?
@PauloCereda We have that in supportdir, but you then need to add manually. Another option is to do a Git pre-install of dependencies, but that's also got issues: ideally, Travis-CI 'looks like' my/@UlrikeFischer's/Frank's systems
@PauloCereda I suspect we will drop the 'no tree searching' (@UlrikeFischer?): it's there for largely historical reasons
@JosephWright Git submodule, perhaps?
@PauloCereda Doesn't need to be that complex: could just go into the .travis.yml or texlive.sh files: git clone <name> && cd <name> && l3build install
@JosephWright Got it.
@PauloCereda It's not quite the same as a module dep: we can assume a 'normal' TeX system in most cases (that's really the entire point of having an update as part of the Travis-CI script: we want to test on real-world systems)
9:32 AM
@JosephWright sure
9:43 AM
@JosephWright nothing can look like my system ;-). I have local luaotfload development versions (some in tex/latex-dev). Imho simply allowing tree search and perhaps disabling/controlling texmfhome/texmfauxtrees should work fine.
Good morning to everybody.
@PauloCereda I tried git submodule with luaotfload / lualibs but it it gets confusing and messy, at the end it was easier to install both locally in a common tree and tell l3build to use it.
@UlrikeFischer Ah I see
@egreg @mickep @Mensch I have finded the book :-) tex.stackexchange.com/questions/505039/… and I have added another comment. My best regards.
@Sebastiano "found”, not “finded”
10:23 AM
@egreg :-( It is true. Sorry :-( Hence with other the fonts that I have put, is it possible to give to the user an answer?
2 hours later…
12:40 PM
@barbarabeeton It has just arrived, and it's awesome!
Can anyone explain this one:


\includegraphics[width = 0.2\textwidth]{example-image-a}



The figure moves above the first theorem but the spaces between theo 1 and 2 are larger than 2 and 3. Some whatsit somewhere?
1:01 PM
@daleif newtheorem is a list, and it ends with an \addvspace. The figure disrupts this.
1:13 PM
@UlrikeFischer And there is no way of "fixing" that automatically? Sometimes it will be visible sometimes it will not. Just looks bad.
@daleif try placing the figure inside of the theorem. I remember something like this has helped me before.
@daleif well let's say so: it looks similar to this here tex.stackexchange.com/a/40363/2388. You could add a bug report to the latex tracker - perhaps Frank has an idea.
1:36 PM
@yo' I think that'll work.
1 hour later…
2:39 PM
you need the vertical mode analogue of \@bsphack/\@esphack if you look in ltspace you'll find encouraging comments such as: % For the moment we are going to ignore the vertical versions until
% they are correct.
% \changes{LaTeX2e}{1993/12/19}{There seem to be problems with selfmade
% birthday presents}
@DavidCarlisle if he makes a bug report we can assign it to you in your absence ;-)
@UlrikeFischer it has "blame Chris" written all over it:-)
@UlrikeFischer I thought German trains were famously reliable?
@DavidCarlisle who said that?
@DavidCarlisle are you having problems? Where are you?
@UlrikeFischer people complaining about British trains:-) But I can't say how reliable our ICE from Freiburg to Zurich was as it was cancelled with more or less no notice:-) So we had to take local trains and two stops and missed our connection to Innsbruck by 10 minutes:-( Fortunately they validated our ticket for the one 2 hours later so no real harm done but made for a long day:-)
@UlrikeFischer but today's exiting news that here in the Stubai valley, more or less in walking distance of Italy I passed a Pizza Restaurant that was serving @CarLaTeX's favourite pizza.
2:55 PM
@DavidCarlisle ;-)
3:10 PM
@UlrikeFischer added to github tracker #blamesomeone
@UlrikeFischer ping :)
@PauloCereda ping
3:25 PM
@PauloCereda I hope you are ok, I just saw that SP city is covered in darkness from Amazon forest smoke.
@yo' quite shocking, isn't it? In here, the sky is normal, but on Monday we were covered by a yellow glow...
@PauloCereda goodness! I'm with you in prayers and thoughts!
@yo' Thank you, pal!
@DavidCarlisle An Egyptian pizzeria close to my mother's house has pineapple pizza on the menu, it's like a virus!
1 hour later…
4:30 PM
@CarLaTeX lovely!
4:40 PM
@CarLaTeX but if you wish, you can replace pineapple e.g. by peaches! I'm not sure though what would @DavidCarlisle think of it.
@yo' Cover it all in nutella and you won't be able to tell the difference.
@DavidCarlisle sounds like a plan!
5:11 PM
@yo' @DavidCarlisle OMG What my eyes must read!
5:55 PM
@CarLaTeX You may rest your tired eyes on this, perhaps?
6:29 PM
@HaraldHanche-Olsen The pizza's revenge because the cook told it he would like to put pineapple on it, lol
2 hours later…
8:27 PM
@CarLaTeX I don't think I have ever had nutella on anything, but @PauloCereda tells me it is good on pizzas
@DavidCarlisle it must be, it's italian ;-)
@UlrikeFischer and @PauloCereda is half italian so we can take his word as an authority on pizza
@DavidCarlisle what authority is in the other half? chocolate?
8:51 PM
@DavidCarlisle You should try it, it is very good, even if Italians don't put it on pizza and @PauloCereda will lose his dual citizenship
9:02 PM
@CarLaTeX sugar, modified palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, lecithin, and vanillin … I think I'll abstain.
Hazelnuts and cocoa: Fine, if they were top of the list.
@HaraldHanche-Olsen I had a document today with "Definisjoner" in it ...
@HaraldHanche-Olsen It's good, anyway. There are people who go crazy for it
9:19 PM
@UlrikeFischer Sometimes, in mathematics, finding the right one is half the work.
@PauloCereda are you around?
@AlanMunn I don't see his avatar up there at the right.
Does anyone know: will arara find a .yaml file in the same folder as the file being compiled?
9:42 PM
The answer to my own question is apparently, No. :(
9:53 PM
@AlanMunn you need to add ./ to the path in the config file.
if I recall correctly it does not support .// so getting it to run a rule in a subfolder is more difficult

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