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5:13 AM
5:31 AM
@Mu30murugans2katgmail Hi, friend!
Hello duck lover
Long time no talk
Once again unable to sleep?
@manooooh I've slept 7 hours tonight. It's 7:30 a.m. now, I have to wake up and go to work
7 hours? Sounds good
@manooooh Yes, I'm more relaxed in the week-end :)
Do you get up with Paulo's voice?
Nice, I'm happy about that
5:41 AM
@manooooh I don't think his voice is so loud to cross an Ocean :)
Again? I thought you both live together
I wrote a message to him about a gift they gave me from Brazil
but he didn't read me
@manooooh Did you ping him with @PauloCereda?
I think my messages to him can't cross the Ocean
@manooooh He was too busy with the TUG conference, then!
But the TUG conference ended...
Btw I do not expect someone to want to read me
5:46 AM
@manooooh But some TUG member is still in Brazil (at Paulo's home)
Your work is far from home?
@manooooh half an hour by bus
Not by car?
@manooooh No, it's difficult to park in center of Milan, and you also have to pay a tax to get in
The famous center of a city...
In Milan there are subways?
5:49 AM
@manooooh Yes, 3 lines, they are building the 4th, a stop of which will be very close to my home
@manooooh Yes, it will be faster to get to the center :)
Do you play video games?
Do not be politically correct
Lol? Age? Spore? Simcity?
@manooooh When I was young there were Pac-Man and Tetris, now I play only Candy Crush just when I'm queuing or on the bus or talking at the phone with my long-winded cousin
Candy Crush is not a game
5:57 AM
@manooooh LOL
I mean, nowadays you don't play any video games on PC?
@manooooh No, the current video games are too complicated to me (and I have no time)
If you can create a beatiful document, how can you play complicated games?
Well, I think most of the answers you give here are for fun
@manooooh LaTeX is fun!
I agree with that
Your work is full time (saturdays and sundays)?
6:02 AM
LaTeX is fun for you. But for me Its life.
Who asked you? XD
Yes, I am discovering this new world
The human warmth and the quality of the answers are what motivate me to be here
@CarLaTeX time to wake up?
@manooooh Already waked up
I'll go find the installer for the AOM game
@CarLaTeX have a good day
@manooooh Thanks, the same to you!
2 hours later…
7:51 AM
Hey, I'm trying to think about how to find a certain command in tikz, but I'm not sure how to search for it. I have a graph where the intersection of the axes is not at 0, so I want that zig-zag line near the origin on the one axis.
@ahorn Made with plain TikZ, or pgfplots? If the latter, axis x discontinuity=crunch.
8:05 AM
@ahorn Right, so you have your answer.
8:18 AM
Thanks :)
3 hours later…
11:15 AM
Good morning to everybody. Greetings.
11:34 AM
@barbarabeeton Please, I wonder, when you at AMS or TB have an article that consists only one page, do you write the page numbers as let's say TUGboat 15(3):102--102 or just TUGboat 15(3):102?
12:27 PM
Do I have any latex tools at my disposal for moving the equation number around?
I know why it appears at the bottom, the first line is too long
But suppose I would move the eqn number to the vertically centered (desired) place, I'm pretty sure the final result would be reasonably aesthetically pleasing nonetheless
Be right back
What was the "official" procedure if a package has emerged from a question? There was a post on Meta about that, but I don't manage to find it :(
Q: Mark questions that led to creating a new package

ℝaphinkWould it be interesting to have a tag to mark the questions that led to creating new CTAN packages? Something like a new-package tag?

Q: Which questions led to the creation of a new package?

doncherryTeX.sx occasionally inspires people to be ingeniously creative and write cool packages. Let's have a list of all the CTAN packages that originated in a question on TeX.sx. I suggest a single CW answer for starters, listing the packages alphabetically, following this pattern: babyloniannum by R...

@StefanKottwitz Thank you very much! It's official now, I can't use the search feature :)
1:01 PM
@Skillmon I see you decided in favor of creating the package. It really looks a bit easier than trying to achieve everything with tcolorbox :)
@Skillmon there is also this list tex.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/1181/…, in case you want to add your package there
1:16 PM
@marmot Very cute! However with the current temperatures, I prefer this item:
user image
1:29 PM
@yo' -- hi there. hope you're enjoying (have enjoyed?) your days in brazil. re page numbering, that's easy -- for anything that will be seen, only the single instance is shown. (for tugboat, there's a more specific situation where it would be given twice -- for the cumulative table of contents, nelson beebe wrote a script that converts it automatically to bibtex format. and both starting and ending page number are input there, but again, the output is only the single number.)
@user55789 -- if you're using amsmath, look up \raisetag in the documentation (texdoc amsldoc).
@marmot -- ooh! rose quartz! very pretty.
2:16 PM
Is there a simple way to define a macro so that if I pass a parameter like [keeproman] that then a command in that macro is omitted?
If you need clarification, let me know
And I'm happy with stuff I could google too.
I'm like half braindead rn, so exucse me if I miss something obvious
@BrainStone You probably want to go with a key-value package and then define a default value (in addition to initial). Simply make the key set a boolean will allow you to use an if-construction for the command.
@samcarter being overly precise: You should move the cone a bit to the right (for the marmot, left for the viewer) so it really looks like it's holding it.
@TeXnician oh boy, that sounds a bit compilcated. Or at least a bit too complicated for me rn xD
I'll check it out tomorrow
But thank you
2:31 PM
@ShonVerch Hi
Been wracking my brain on this margin "issue"
Maybe someone here can help me?
@BrainStone using keyval isn't that hard (but it supports no default values), xkeyval isn't that much harder. pgfkeys is really mighty, but I think has a too complicated syntax for quick and easy usage. The same is true for l3keys which you should use if your code is using expl3.
@ShonVerch which margin "issue"? Link?
Q: tufte-latex: excluding the sidenotes margin from certain pages

Shon VerchExcluding Margins from Pages I'm looking for a way to exclude the sidenotes margin from certain pages in my document (notably the frontmatter and the part header page). For instance, in Example 1, I am trying to have there be no sidenotes margin and instead just have the table of contents extend...

This ^
Essentially, the TL;DR version is I have frontmatter pages being affected by the sidenotes margin and I don't want that.
@Skillmon thanks. :+1:
Err I found \mycommand[key1=value1, key3=value3]{some text}. But how'd I write it if I want \cmd[bool]{...}, so that calling it like \cmd has bool false and \cmd[bool] has it true?
And what if would I have to use? \if#bool?
I feel so stupid, you have no idea
2:41 PM
That's okay, I'm pretty sure we all do at some point.
I feel stupid for being unable to fix these god-damn margin issues. MARGIN ISSUES OF ALL.
@samcarter Thanks, I didn't know that one, added my packages (which made their way to CTAN) there :)
@BrainStone You need to provide a so-called default value for the key. And concerning the value at the beginning: That's the initial value which you might provide when creating your boolean (it's a question of how you do it, with etoolbox or newif or …).
I'm definately out for today XD
I mean I've been working with LaTeX for a few years now and that was just gibberish to me right now. I hope I'll understand it better tomorrow
Thank you regardless for your answers
Much apprechiated!
2:51 PM
@BrainStone With keyval (which doesn't support default values or empty arguments) you could do:

\providecommand\strcmp[2] % to check whether only valid arguments are given
Had two errors there :)
Thanks :)
3:40 PM
Nice post here: "Conway's Game of Life, LaTeX macros, and even (some claim) DNA are all Turing complete, but no one programs with Conway or studies computational complexity using LaTeX macros." What LaTeX is famous for…
4:36 PM
@TeXnician Someone's not met Bruno!
@PauloCereda You once asked for a bond duck:
user image
5:00 PM
@samcarter you got mail ...
@UlrikeFischer Oooh, secret mail ;)
5:24 PM
@JosephWright you got mail too ;-)
5:46 PM
user image
Q is also there
6:00 PM
@samcarter Should we start to discuss Bond Girls?
1 hour later…
7:02 PM
@barbarabeeton thanks for the input. We are with @PauloCereda at a bus trip today (but it's not the famous shaky bus, that's gonna happen next Monday which is also my day of departure)
@UlrikeFischer Sounds like the next logical step. Any preferences?
@samcarter @DavidCarlisle Shaken, not stir-fried.
@AlanMunn :)
@AlanMunn The duck pond is not enough
@samcarter I agree, even though this is a dangerous combination: marmot + ice cream = slightly fatter marmot ;-)
7:19 PM
@AlanMunn Trying to stir up trouble? ;-)
@marmot Isn't this a good thing for hibernation?
@UlrikeFischer I'm wokking a thin line. :)
@samcarter Honey Ryder won’t work ;-), but Pussy Galore might be worth a try.
@samcarter Of course. ;-)
@marmot but only as long as the marmot fits in the burrow :)
@UlrikeFischer On the other hand Honey Ryder could be done with the tikzmarmots. I heard that they like honey.
7:29 PM
@samcarter I'm not sure that I want to see a marmot with a bikini ;-)
7:59 PM
user image
@UlrikeFischer Don't worry, only ducks in bikini :)
@samcarter @AlanMunn would probably call the film "fry another day" ;-)
@UlrikeFischer Especially since the James Bond films' producers are Broccoli and Saltzman. :)
8:38 PM
user image
1 hour later…
9:57 PM
@Skillmon vvvv
% |\define@key{family}{key}[default]{...}|\\
@DavidCarlisle Oh, forgot the default value :) My bad, I'm lying about your excellent package.
@BrainStone @DavidCarlisle just reminded me, that keyval actually supports default values (in a similar way how \newcommand allows one): \define@key{family}{key}[default]{code}
@AlanMunn @egreg For endless Renaissance torture ancientfm.com

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