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12:04 AM
@egreg Thanks Enrico. I didn't see it at all. But that question looks like a duplicate. Hence I deleted the answer :)
@HarishKumar I'm not so sure the choice of a duplicate is good. This one is more specific to matrices.
@egreg You mean to say the deleting the answer isn't a good choice?
@egreg OK undeleting :)
Ehmm latex uses Knuth's Computer Modern for font, I downloaded a packet that has opentype equivalents. Does anybody know what is the exact type? (link to the available ones: canopus.iacp.dvo.ru/~panov/cm-unicode/font_table.html )
12:30 AM
@user2692669 I think most people suggest lmodern collection as scalable replacements for cm these days.
@user2692669 CM-Unicode is already included in TeX distributions.
Are there any instructions somewhere?
12:47 AM
What tag should I use for laying out a plot on a page
I'm back! :)
@user2692669 Perhaps in <texmf>/doc/fonts/cm-unicode.
@PauloCereda Back in the day I thought “Paulo should use his avatar from texdoc.org also in TeX.SX.” :-D
@Speravir Everything we love in TeX.sx. :)
@PauloCereda BTW I have another image for you:
@Speravir I can't find an example in the docs. All I see is that it's a collection of fonts, how will I make it to use them "as is"?
12:56 AM
@Speravir LOL poor kitten. :)
@user2692669 Like every True-/Opentype font: with fontspec (and compilation with Lua or XeLaTeX). But which file is for is which style I do not know. Here the link you posted could help perhaps. See the fonts in <texmf/fonts/opentype/public/cm-unicode. Adocumentation request to the maintainer should be useful.
2 hours later…
2:38 AM
@PauloCereda It is too big to be considered as a kitten.
3:35 AM
@TheLastError You have no idea of Brazilian SuperCatzzz.
5 hours later…
9:00 AM
Seems i am officially fanatic now.
9:31 AM
@Johannes_B Congratulations for your fanatism!
@Johannes_B Congrats!
@TheLastError Oopsie, a cat. :)
9:47 AM
@PauloCereda No traveling today?
@egreg Not today, thankfully. I'll be back to São Paulo on Friday. :)
For about three months now, I'll be there twice a week. I'll be in a hurry, but I think I can deal. :)
I just need to pick a better way to be online, the tablet approach is not good for me. :)
@egreg, This one waits for your answer:
Q: What to do when AMS and MnSymbol packages conflict on an arrow?

ChrystomathI need to use two arrows, one from MnSymbol and one from amssymb (\rightsquigarrow); unfortunately, MnSymbol redefines this command to produce its own version (which I don't want). Is there a way to redefine back the AMS arrow? Placing the MnSymbol package to load before the AMS one does not wor...

10:05 AM
@egreg @PauloCereda Thanks. I am trying very hard not to get too insane. :-)
@Johannes_B Let TeX flow through your veins. :)
Every clock around me is already going Tikz Tricks Tikz Tricks
@JosephWright: Glad to hear it was the cable. :) Now things are working properly, I assume? :)
@PauloCereda Yes, seems to be
@JosephWright Phew. :)
10:20 AM
Any vim user?
Q: VIM default language for tex files

YeppThat'sMeI don't really know if I'm right here, if so please say something. But, I currently work on my bachelor-thesis and want to enable spell check in my VIM. But currently I have to do this every time when I open up a new document. Is there a way to enable spell checking and choose a default language...

@egreg Where's David when we need him? :)
This user could include set spell in the .vimrc file.
Or enable it per document, :set spell.
@egreg What do you think of Heiko's point about using expl3 'outside' of LaTeX?
@JosephWright ooh L3 in my car? :)
Oh wait, other engines?!
@JosephWright Useless. He's fond of making packages that work also with Plain; nobody uses them with Plain.
@PauloCereda :-)
@egreg Yes, I'd noticed he does like to make everything as portable as possible
10:27 AM
I have a BIG problem. I deleted all my .pdf and .png images after I converted everthing to eps. Now when I compile pdflatex, it generated a PDF file for each EPS and the scaling I am using in includegraphics have no effect. SP when I write \includegraphics[scale=0.6]{image} it still loads the original size image
Can make the code hard to read
@egreg And apparently he builds packages with arara. :)
@Nasser PDF files should scale as normal
it looks like pdflatex create a file called image-eps-converted-to.pdf for each file !
@JosephWright the scale is having NO effect on the pdf files.
May be the program I used to convert the original pdf file to EPS did not add enclosing data?
i.e. bounding boxes?
@JosephWright On the other hand, when LaTeX3 will be ready, there should be no problem in using the kernel on top of Plain, because it won't use any structure from LaTeX2e as it is now.
10:29 AM
@Nasser Yes, that happens if there is an EPS but no PDF
@egreg Current build set up assumes either LaTeX2e or IniTeX: working with plain requires a few changes
@Nasser PDFs have a size: we'll need an example to work out what is wrong
But the EPS is supposed to have boundingbox? so when pdflatex converts it to PDF why is the bounding box info lost? How will I scale the images now?
@JosephWright Ok.
@Nasser Example needed: you can happily scale PDFs
@JosephWright That's what I meant.
@JosephWright Ok, it is working now. False alarm. I do not know what happened. But I have small follow up please: Will there be degradation in quality of image when pdflatex converts each EPS file to PDF file to make \includgraphics happy? I know that both eps and pdf are vector image based. So I do not need to worry about all these automatic conversions?
my goal is to just use EPS for all my images. No more png. eps will be the only format I use. And will just do \includegraphics{imag} with no extension. This makes tex4ht happy and pdflatex seems ok with it.
@Nasser No loss of quality
10:46 AM
@Nasser Don't convert PNG to EPS and then to PDF; pdflatex, xelatex and lualatex are happy with PNG.
@egreg but png is not vector graphics? so inside a pdf file it will not look as good? isn't that what one supposed to do? I keep reading that one should use vector graphics. I am confused now:)
@Nasser No, it's bitmap
@egreg png is, right? but one is supposed to use vector graphics for images, since it looks good when magnified or not. I see that myself, when I use .png, the images do not look sharp in the pdf. When I changed to eps or pdf, they look much sharper. I must be missing something.
@Nasser The fact that you convert PNG to EPS doesn't make it vector graphics. You can't get the potatoes back after you smashed them.
11:02 AM
@StefanKottwitz :)
So, the program I am using to convert png to eps, what is it doing? Please see attached. But any way, what I am now doing is creating the image from the source as EPS or .pdf, instead of .png then convert it to eps.
Not every app can export or saveAs eps (for example visio does not have export to eps, but it does to png and pdf). so I now export to .pdf instead of png as before.
@Nasser EPS can also contain rasterized material. It's just encapsulated in some PostScript structure, but it remains bitmap.
@egreg I see. So this is what this tool is doing. Thanks for the info.
12:01 PM
You gotta love recieving proofreadings (article submitted originally in Word): "No formula is correct, the typesetter removed all multiplication dots."
2 hours later…
1:32 PM
Trying to customise a bib layout. Document still using natbib (I know everyone says biblatex is the way to go, but this was started in 2010 already).
Problem is that I now get \endcsname on my bbl file, not sure what that means. It seems the bbl generates fine from the latex makebst generated style, but now these errors, any ideas?
1:45 PM
A standard generated bst style shouldn't somehow break my document right?
2:01 PM
I've tried ctan.org/pkg/har2nat but that throws compile into endless cycle somehow.
@ForkrulAssail Difficult to say something without seeing the code.
@egreg, I'll take heed and get together a MWE.
2:40 PM
should one save an image as PDF from a tool, to include for use with pdflatex, or better to save it as EPS? (but then pdflatex will automatically create temporary pdf file for each eps). What is the correct way to do this?
Then I have to write \includegraphics{img.pdf}
btw, I know that tex4ht uses latex and hence needs eps, but tex4ht can also automatically convert pdf to png for its HTML needs. So this is not an issue for me. I was just wondering if I should do \includegraphics{img.pdf} or use eps and just do \includegraphics{img}
I'm eating some sweet passion fruit! Yummy!
2:56 PM
@PauloCereda passion for passion :)
@tohecz ooh! <3
@egreg Rasterizing potatoes:
@tohecz ooh discrete potatoes!
3:09 PM
@tohecz After making purée it's more difficult to revectorize the potatoes.
@egreg well, rasterizing is more making a purée of each of the frites seperately :)
@tohecz Frites avec moules, naturellement.
@egreg pas ma tasse de thé
@tohecz I had them in Bretagne, just a few kilometers from the Mont-Saint-Michel: delicious.
@egreg well, I'm not a fan of seefood (which btw means that I'm not a fan of Marseilles)
3:21 PM
@tohecz You just don't know what sea is, for obvious reasons. I had swordfish for lunch.
@egreg well, whatever :) I'll stick to beef, pork and duck :)
btw, I've just finished a very annoying proof. YAY!
@tohecz Let's have some Pringles!
@tohecz Yay duck! Wait, what?!
@PauloCereda Do you know how people from Vicenza called? Magnagati.
@PauloCereda :-D
@PauloCereda sorry for that, pal
3:29 PM
A legend (?) says they eat cats.
@egreg isn't it the other way around?
@egreg Oh my!
@tohecz What do you mean?
@egreg Don't cats eat ducks? At least it seems so since Tom&Jerry :D
@tohecz People from Vicenza are said to eat cats.
3:32 PM
@egreg ah sorry, I missed that... well, it's being said that since Vietnamese people had moved in lots into the Czech Republic, abandoned dogs have almost disappeared...
@tohecz A freind of mine once ate dog while she was in China. Said it tastes just like a wet dog smells.
@Johannes_B that's possible
2 hours later…
5:24 PM
Er... guys, is this the right syntax for permutation? {}^n P_{k}
It's so ugly.
@PauloCereda Yes, it is, but that's because the notation is ugly
$P_{n,k}$ would do better
otherwise, there's the prescript somewhere
@tohecz Indeed, way much better. Thanks. :)
Or if you insisted:
A: Left and right subscript

Leo LiuThere are many tools for scripts: For general math scripts before something, use \prescript provided by mathtools package, for better alignment: $ \prescript{14}{2}{\mathbf{C}} $ For large operators, use \sideset from amsmath: $ \sideset{_a^b}{'}\sum A_n $ For chemical equations, use mhchem p...

@PauloCereda $\binom{n}{k}$
@tohecz No I won't insist in that notation. Your friend might get angry with me. :P
@egreg Grazie mille. :)
5:31 PM
@PauloCereda ah you want the number, not the elements!
@tohecz Oh!
@PauloCereda the answer is highly sensitive to where you ask. Different places use different notations, and different places use the same notation to mean different things:-)
6:16 PM
@DavidCarlisle :)
1 hour later…
7:42 PM
@egreg: do you have any suggestions for combination and permutation? Apparently, some people mix their notations. :(
@PauloCereda well, \binom{n}{k} is the combination number: \frac {n!}{(n-k)! k!}
If you want the permutation number, then it's usually denoted P_{n,k} = \frac{n!}{(n-k)!} = k! \binom{n}{k}
8:13 PM
another proof in my paper done! But I tell you, I'm not sure if I start to hate or love albegraic number theory
@PauloCereda see tohecz just suggested one notation, and a quick google search revealed a page suggesting 3 different notations (none of which match the above:-)
8:33 PM
@tohecz Thanks. I think I'll include both formulas in the paper, so no confusion will raise (hopefully). :)
@DavidCarlisle :)
@PauloCereda I have a question about GUIs. Do you feel like taking a look?
@percusse Of course, sir! :) Going online mode right now. :)
@PauloCereda @percusse Well, I'm going offline mode right now, untill tomorrow c. 13:00 probably
Oh no!
@tohecz Which poison gave you that hangover?
8:46 PM
@percusse it's called a seminar at 11:00. I'll very unlikely log it my computer that early in the morning, and we got for a lunch afterwards ;)
i have heard excellent things about this site - now it is something i want to learn
@Amaterasu Did you know that first child that is vaccinated in the former Russia had a surname Vaccinov?
There you go.
@percusse You won the internet today, sir. <3
It has the same obscurity level.
8:49 PM
that has sold me
this is awesome
you mean modern medicine?
9:08 PM
@PauloCereda You mean by permutations the same as combinations, but distinguished by the order of elements? Then k!\binom{n}{k} is the number; how do you denote it? The notation with one number at the left and one at the right is stupid: which is which? Type \newcommand{\perm}[2]{whatever(#1,#2)} and then you can procrastinate the decision.
9:34 PM
The annoying number of flagged posts now has a reddish background.
@egreg the yellow or green is still hidden to the left of it. I don't know the difference
@egreg Sounds like a good plan. :)
9:51 PM
Some changes are a'happenin' in the top bar:
A: Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

Manishearth February 2014 2014-02-25: The Top Bar now uses universal colors network-wide when depicting flags (orange) and suggested edits (maroon) 2014-02-25: Hot questions list at sidebar is now randomized 2014-02-25: The order and choice of sites on the top-left site switcher can now be customized 201...

@PauloCereda Procrastinating is always a good plan.
@egreg :)
1 hour later…
11:21 PM
Who deleted the CSS file of Dropbox again?
11:38 PM
ok it's back, if you can only list the files again thanks :)
@percusse Haha, I just checked to see what you were talking about but must have missed it.
@Dennis :)
ok files are back too.... phew
@percusse that's pretty great. I think I like the site better that way, very, um, minimalistic.
@Dennis -rm -fengshui
@percusse Does that get rid of dropbox's north-south orientation?
11:50 PM
@Dennis I'm not sure but it smells better.

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