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12:37 AM
Jin, I realize that you're the designer of the new skin of TexExchange, right? Well, first of all, congratulations... it's really looking good.
Do you know where I can find a font/vectorial version of the ornament you've used right below the 'TeX' title?
4 hours later…
4:34 AM
@HugoSFerreira the font is Type Embellishments One , the symbol is 8 fonts.com/FindFonts/detail.htm?pid=203987
2 hours later…
6:53 AM
Congrats on your launch, people!
yay. thanks @balpha for the chat room skin
7:08 AM
Heya @Jin.. First, great design: I absolutely adore it! There's just one tiny detail that bothers me.. in the header, the integral in the upper right corner crosses the horizontal line, and that's a bit.. annoying. Perhaps you could make it just a bit smaller, so that it fits clearly above the line. No big deal, though - I can live with that.
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(Jin assures me that my discussion was premature... deferring)
@MartinTapankov good catch. i think i had it aligned correctly in the first version, until I changed the background image. I'll fix it.
@Jin Great! Thanks.
the changes should be in the next build
1 hour later…
8:14 AM
Two more suggestions for minor tweaks to the header: the "x" and "y" in Euler's equation should be italic (but none of the other symbols), and I think that the chemical equation should be lifted slightly - the "reduction" gets lost in the menu and I think that the chemicals themselves should be on the same baseline as Euler's equation (hope that makes sense). (ctd)
(ctd) I realise that this might mean that the "oxidation" clashes with the Tengwar, so maybe the chemical equation and Euler's equation could swap sides? Other than that, I think it's great. Now all we need is a similar-looking poster that we can display at conferences and in departments and so forth ...
@AndrewStacey I've been thinking if you mods can start a thread asking people to contribute to the header graphic. so they'll end up being more authentic
another reason is, all the graphs and equations are from texample site. I just read their usage rights, and now I don't feel too comfortable.
It'd be great if the header contains stuff that's from our TeX community, I'm sure there are tons of experts with TikZ to produce some nice stuff
@Jin Is it just me, or the community wiki checkbox is missing when trying to ask a question?
@Martin: that's "status-by-design" on all SE sites now. Mods can still make a question CW if asked, and answers can still be made CW. Search on meta.SO for the reasons (can't recall the link off-hand).
yes. what Andrew said. I don't remember the exact rules, but I think users can mark it as well after certain conditions are met.
8:29 AM
@Jin: Okey-dokey. Do you want to specify some parameters for the competition? Specifically, which bits are you unhappy with the rights over (so are first in line for replacement)?
A: What can we do to make Community Wiki better?

wafflesImportant Change - Status completed Users can not mark questions wiki anymore, across the network. I have an easy idea for a fix. Disable the option to mark questions community wiki by the question author. (allow them to become CW naturally if thats what GxD wants, or allow moderators to) ...

Huh, how did I miss that..
@AndrewStacey oh i'm happy with the header now, it can use some slight tweak. but i' not happy about using those visual when it comes to copyright. I'd be happy if our users can just reproduce the same results
i definitely want to keep the Elven text, the triangle in the middle. any other equations are fine with me.
@Jin: yes, so specifically which are the ones that you're unhappy with the copyright on?
@AndrewStacey i guess all of them? since they're all from TeXample site. At first I thought all submissions to their gallery were in the public domain. But after I read the fine print I realized i was wrong
I'm not sure what the best way to word the submission post. I guess I just want some equations and geometric shapes.
8:34 AM
@Jin: aren't the equations and the Tengwar okay? Did they come from texample as well?
A: Site Design Ideas (updated with mockup)

CaramdirCollection of possible header images This post is CW, so feel free to add more. General resources “Showcase of beautiful typography done in LaTeX?” The TeX showcase TeXample Chemistry adapted from TeXample. Here is a pdf. Math The Snake Lemma Physics Something form the Maxwell equation...

they were posted by caramdir
I don't know, it may not be an issue to be honest.
@AndrewStacey but more short term, I do need some ideas/submissions for the 404/captcha/error images
Q: 404/CAPTCHA/Error images

JinI knew I forgot something right before the new design launch today. I didn't get a chance to create custom images for the 404/Captcha/error pages on the TeX site. Do you have any suggestions? A few examples from other sites: Cooking site's 404: Gaming site's CAPTCHA Photography site's ...

9:04 AM
Q: Competition time: Design an error page!

Andrew StaceyOr a 404 or the "captcha" image. To go with our amazing new design, we need some amazing pictures to go on the error page, the 404 page, and the captcha page. They should have a lighthearted theme, vaguely related to the purpose of the page, and - of course - be TeX-related (the TeX-purists wou...

@Jin: happy to change the wording if you want me to.
8 hours later…
4:42 PM
@AndrewStacey looks fine. we'll also need captcha/error images too
5:06 PM
nm i see you put in a request for 404/captcha as well
5 hours later…
10:15 PM
@Jin: the tengwar example comes from the tex showcase and is straightforward to typeset, so there shouldn't be a copyright problem (the font is distributed with the open source tex live distro, so that shouldn't be a problem either)
the chemistry example is from texample. Typesetting it is straightforward and if you find me a chemist who tells me what to do, I can make you a new picture.
the integral was done by me, so no problem
andrew complained that the euler formula is set in the Euler font instead of standard computer modern. Here is a pdf with the formula in cm: caramdir.at/uploads/tex.SE/euler.pdf
The big graph and the sphere are probably more complicated so copyright should apply here. The texample example all have contact details for the authors, so maybe you could just ask them
btw, where did you find the sphere? i can't find it on texample
11:09 PM
@jin: I added 2 design bugs to the meta site... thanks for all the work!!
1. the favicon {} was not added to the "flair" badge. and
2. the meta site doesn't have the word meta in the logo..

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