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5:43 AM
A: What makes the Free Cities "free"?

J SmithThey rule themselves, and aren't ruled by an outside power. The freedom is on the level of the city, not the level of the individual person within the cities.

106 slow clapping
boils my blood everytime
And funny fricking thing is, we can't get it deleted. Wish I could do a negative bounty for that
1 hour later…
6:58 AM
Hmm surprised I ever upvoted that, probably because it was the only answer there at the time, and I didn't know any better. Although I guessed I'd hope bp.'s would've climbed higher, either way, I got a downvote yesterday so I'm not on a multiple of 5 =.=
7:25 AM
Heh did you edit it just so the system would let you dv it now?
7:36 AM
No, of course not, that would be an abuse of my powers, I would never abuse my powers.
7:59 AM
You know how there's a song called "The greatest song of all time" By Tenacious D?
Well on the topic of short answers, I present to you "The greatest answer of all time":
A: Is there a Star Trek audio book read by Brent Spiner?


@Edlothiad The actual name is Tribute but it's commonly confused as the greatest song of all time, when it's actually a tribute to the greatest song of all time.
It's just a tribute
8:36 AM
@Edlothiad Nice. Funny there is a min content limit on comments, but not on answers
9:18 AM
(Ciao is both hello and goodbye)
Ye, just making sure. It's pretty common in European languages
And by that I mean French and Italian (Salut and Ciao)
And in Switzerland we have about 17 based on variation of those two :/
9:25 AM
I don't think there's an equivalent in the UK that means hello and bye. Maybe we just make the most sense :P
@Edlothiad same as aloha
@JarkoDubbeldam Snowed where I live but just enough to get on all the cars and then freeze into a deep layer of ice -_-
@JarkoDubbeldam You are slightly further North than we are, haven't seem snow in about a week
9:26 AM
We haven't had much snow last few winters
iirc we had one day of snow last year
Is it bad that I cut myself on the ice this morning whilst scraping my car? haha
Ahh spotify just rick rolled me
@TheLethalCarrot yes...
For some reason my little office team has a constant supply of christmas biscuits and pandoro
9:45 AM
Can't complain at that though
Nah it's awesome
We have biscuits but they're hidden away haha
My Iron Throne question did better than anyone could have thought I think
Shouldda jumped on it when you had the chance :P
30 questions until 1000 total ASOIAF
10:04 AM
Should've, could've, would've but didn't
I feel like some people take fantasy more seriously than they should..
Just to be clear: "The songs said it had taken a thousand blades to make it" Just from that quote alone, the throne probably didn't weigh more than a ton or two, which in iron and steel means... they would maybe fill a regular bathtub. A thousand of something lumped together is often not as many as people imagine. — Arthur 2 hours ago
10:28 AM
@Edlothiad You arguing for the sake of it? :P
Though so
All valid points though :P
I've been told to calm down and that If they get flagged I could be in for a ban, I just wanted this person to realise, it's fantasy, and realistically you could probably tetris 1000 swords into something that big, Nothing is saying it's not hollow, 1000 swords ihaspretty good structural integrity.
All points you were making were valid and I agree
Like I said some people take fantasy a lot more seriously than they should
Especially when you consider ASOIAF and GRRM commenting so many times that things like that aren't meant to be accurate
I just addressed that in what will hopefully make the comment chain seem less like an argument
Ok last FP and then lunch
10:34 AM
That last comment hits the nail on the head to be honest
I am clever, yes ;P
Aight lunchies.
2 hours later…
12:20 PM
Anyone interested in reading a really poor answer?
Please say it's the one I said was the greatest of all time
Well at least that answered the question
A: Etymology of 'Westeros'

Wayfaring StrangerTravels Into Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark: Interspersed ... Volume 2 pub. 1784 The two next posts brought me, at the ehd of 24 miles, to Westeros, situated 'likewise upon a small river close to the Maeler. Westeros,or Western Arosia, so called to distinguish it from Ostra Aros, or East...

Just to be clear: "The songs said it had taken a thousand blades to make it" Just from that quote alone, the throne probably didn't weigh more than a ton or two, which in iron and steel means... they would maybe fill a regular bathtub. A thousand of something lumped together is often not as many as people imagine. — Arthur 4 hours ago
a thousand swords -> 1 or two tonnes
how heavy does he think a sword is?
I don't know
A longsword (also spelled as long sword or long-sword) is a type of European sword characterized as having a cruciform hilt with a grip for two-handed use (around 16 to 28 cm (6 to 11 in)), a straight double-edged blade of around 85 to 110 cm (33 to 43 in), and weighing approximately 1 to 1.5 kg (2.2 to 3.3 lb). The "longsword" type exists in a morphological continuum with the medieval knightly sword and the Renaissance-era Zweihänder. It was prevalent during the late medieval and Renaissance periods (approximately 1350 to 1550), with early and late use reaching into the 13th and 17th centuries...
oh actually
1kg a piece isn't that mad
I figured they'd be heavier
12:27 PM
1kg seems pretty light, why would you need two hands for 1 kilo?
1 kilo is a bit light for a sword
Apparently the show longclaw replica is ~3 kg
The damascus steel book Ice originally sold at $700, one went up fro auction in 2013 cos they were limited edition and sold for $2500. I bet they're worth even more now
Ye but they're probably not a very sufficient weight
The replicas are made of real steel and actual size, I'd say they are about right
> The two-handed sword was a specialized and effective infantry weapon, and was recognized as such in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Although large, measuring 60-70 in/150-175 cm overall, it was not as hefty as it looked, weighing something of the order of 5-8 lbs/2.3-3.6 kg. In the hands of the Swiss and German infantrymen it was lethal, and its use was considered as special skill, often meriting extra pay.
Sounds like you were correct, LC is a bastard sword as well so...
Do we know how long the LC replica was?
It's a one and a half hander right?
I can find out...
Show: Overall Length: 45"
Blade Length: 35"

Books: Blade: 39"
So books is slightly longer
12:43 PM
ANywhere from 2-14lbs for swords
39" is quite short compared to the ones here, so yea...
Seems like they overweighed it a bit
Aight back to work I need to go, cya fellas
The weight came from some website so I don't know how accurate it is, I couldn't find anything on the weight on ValyrianSteel
I'll check mine when I get home :P
1 hour later…
1:58 PM
91 answers for GoT Gold
hoping for a busy final season lol
Me too
I'm at 117 now though
I reckon I've got quite a few more old answers though to go to up that further
runs to go drink wildfire
Yeah I snook passed you when you weren't looking
(snook? I'm sure it's a word but doesn't look right haah)
i always say "snuck" as the past tense which the red squiggle tells me is not right
is it just sneaked?
2:11 PM
Sneaked is right but I though snuck/snook was a word too
Maybe a common misunderstanding
dictionary says "informal"
a snook to me is a fish
mmmhm oh well haha
2:43 PM
> He said he came up with the name idea in 1991 and seemed depressed that the show got to reveal it before he did.
I vote for "snuck".
Which my red squiggle is fine with apparently.
Here's an idea, produce content?
@Edlothiad shhhhh
@Skooba ?
Hmm back to running tests over the weekend, I've not put in my safety net #livinglifeontheedge (haven't had time to test it) I'll just say it ran most of the weekend with a disconnect on Sunday morning, and I'm currently running it again (on Monday)
2:44 PM
@TheLethalCarrot it is asking about a characters age
Seems like a pointless meta tag to me
it's dumb, will nuke when I'm not thinking:
24 hours ago, by Edlothiad
35 mins ago, by Edlothiad
You gonna chain that every time?
1 min ago, by Edlothiad
24 hours ago, by Edlothiad
35 mins ago, by Edlothiad
Or is that too much effort? :P
2:46 PM
looks like fun
@TheLethalCarrot everyone's none the wiser
Yeah but too much effort
@TheLethalCarrot I don't know what you're talking about
@TheLethalCarrot Thinking about it, that would've been funny too
I should let you take charge of this, I'm terrible at it...
2:48 PM
OK I trust this test not to fail, goodbye my lovely test, run well!
Good luck to you ser
I'm doing one last quick check
Looks promising, shouldnae crash
Where it usually crashes seems to have been fixed.
Now it's getting toight, like a toiger
why is the Valyrian Steel dagger in a book section about dragonglass?
is made of dragonbone
@Edlothiad YESH YESHHH!
@Skooba What book?
3:02 PM
@TheLethalCarrot you know the one ;-)
Q: What was written in the book Sam was reading with the Valyrian steel dagger?

TheLethalCarrotIn Game of Thrones Season 07 Episode 01, "Dragonstone", Sam finds out that there is a mountain of Dragonglass underneath Dragonstone. Whilst searching through the book one of the pages has a picture of the Valyrian steel dagger that the Catspaw used to try and kill Bran with. What is written on ...

I don't know probably just a lazy decision by D&D to link the dagger back in again
Nice Q/A that though ;)
As I found they wanted John to linger on the page and the only reason I can think is because of the dagger
It was obviously once a Targ blade and the page is about Targ blades so that's probably why
I'll bet the main reason it's on that page though is lazy writing
Well nervous weekend again, although i’ve Realised it easy to chat them out of me being lazy
Lol that works for you then haha
it doesn't seems to about blades at all... just dragon glass. the blades part is just a note that the glass was used to decorate hilts. doesn't even seem to imply that it is a Targaren blade. could be any wealthy man's blade. but that is why i ask what it is doing on that page to begin with.
3:19 PM
No idea that was just me tryign to come up with something that made some sense
i know
Like I said probably lazy writing so they can add more significance to the blade
just another case of the show being cool upfront but dumb upon further inspection
I'm still sure there's something more to the dagger though
Whoever downvoted that answer on Etymology of 'Westeros' got me the revival badge haha
Well whoever put it under 2
some fool is downvoting random old answers of mine
3:25 PM
Some fool of a Took?
Also that Jeor answer isn't exactly great though
I wouldn't have downvoted it but I also wouldn't upvote
@TheLethalCarrot given you know exactly which answer was DVed, I'm doubting this claim xD
I checked your profile :)
That question annoys me too cos it was posted 10 mins after I left work so I missed out on the answer
@amflare I was off a multiple of 5, had to find some low quality answers
3:41 PM
you are a horrible person
@TheLethalCarrot Is that the one where I have an amazing answer?
@Edlothiad The one where you have an answer? Yes. :P
@amflare I obviously haven’t downvoted you... I only downvote complete and utter trash that’s only on the site due to the technicality that although it’s completely wrong it still answers the question
@TheLethalCarrot hahaha
Tolkien questions when i’m stood on a train... ffff time to stub
3:43 PM
@Edlothiad *unrevenge DVs Ed*
@amflare PAHAHAHA
@Edlothiad Is it worth editing out the second question in the question or are they similar enough to stay/
I considered removing it, but I think its fine
Its not a question so much as a musing
Yeah but it's there for an answer, if the two situations are similar I'd say it's fine to keep it in, kind of one answer answers both. If they're different though I'd edit it out but I don't know enough of Tolkien to work that out myself.
The question should probably be changed into "Why did Gondor not protect the Palantir better?" or some such
While fairly familiar with LOTR lore, I'm not sure if this is POB or not.
3:51 PM
It’s not, i’m On it like a car bonnet.
da fuq?
@Edlothiad I didn't realise people still said that haha
that phrase makes no sense
(and yes, I know what a bonnet is)
I've never looked into a deeper meaning other than it rhymes and a bonnet is on the engine haha
Basically meaning I'm working on it right now
english.se, here I come
3:53 PM
Urban dictionary has you covered :P
So yeah, go to Essex
the only scene I've seen from this movie is the one were he broke the guys finger
Off early, ciao
4:02 PM
see ya mate
@amf what do we think?
Adios @TheLethalCarrot
@Edlothiad about what?
you guys are quick
Yo Ed, you answer doesn't really answer the question.
If their watchfulness was waning, why did they leaving the Palantir in a neglected tower?
The watchfulness waning is setting up for the WK surprise attack
How was my Jeor Mormont answer DV worthy in anyway?! Wtf?!
Maybe i should move the WK bit to the top?
I’ll do it when i’m sat down on the train
4:28 PM
Yo @amf, do you mind if I incorporate your comment into my answer?
@Edlothiad Go for it
I don't have enough knowledge off the top of my head to turn it into a real answer
@amflare you normally stick with those answers and hit gold though ;)
Nah man, those are IRL answers.
Which I guess my comment was...
have you already incorporated it?
*runs off to post answer*
I'm about to
must. type. faster.
4:45 PM
Well it's in, lol
5:04 PM
Does it read less awkward now?
5:14 PM
yeah, it works.
5 hours later…
9:51 PM
@Skooba, you'll probably (I'm like 97% sure) get a canonical "we were not told" in answer to your bounty. Are you okay with that?

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