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@Shamshiel Comment explaining why it's wrong, which answer and I'll support your comment if I agree
6:04 AM
@Shamshiel Downvote and comment why it's the wrong answer as Edlothiad suggested. Furthermore, if you have the right answer, post it.
There are many such instances I encountered myself
Q: Who are Edric Dayne's parents and how common it is for Lowborn Children to have Wet nurses?

Colonel PanicArya meets Ned, who is squire to Lord Beric Dondarrion. “Wylla was my wetnurse,” he repeated solemnly. “I swear it on the honor of my House.” “You have a House?” That was stupid; he was a squire, of course he had a House. “Who are you?” “I’m Edric Dayne, the... the Lord of Starfall...

6:30 AM
The second isn't really an example as the old answer got 0 upvotes
2 hours later…
8:44 AM
@Edlothiad 0 net votes. 3 UVs and 3 DVs.
Not sure if the DV spree started when I pointed it out
8:58 AM
This looks cool
9:10 AM
@Aegon I feel like the one talked about above is scores of upvotes not 3.
I just went through @Shamshiel's profile and it looks like this doesn't have to do with GoT, very interested in what it is now.
@Edlothiad Because it might be a LotR question?
Because i'm 86% certain it's a LotR question (that's the % of their answers which are on LotR questions :-D)
What if it's my answer!
@Shamshiel please tell us the wait is killing me!
They're going to have like 3 pings for me
Although I've not been around for a "long long time" so I wouldn't know what it was
You nervously tapping your fingers whilst you wait for the news?
9:21 AM
Not doing work, yep that's me
I'm also trying to identify this space pirate novel, but i can't
I'm a mix of work, here and uninstalling programs I don't need anymore haha
@TheLethalCoder Why does Rhaegar look so stupid :(
@Edlothiad I don't know
Did they use the same actor for Rhaegar and Viserys?
Damn I thought that was going to be the answer
@TheLethalCoder No, but they might as well have
Rhaegar has deeper eyes, they used the same wig though, for sure!
I'd need a side by side to play spot the difference to be honest
Are there 10 difference because otherwise I'm not playing?
9:26 AM
No, 7
One of these is not like the others...
Oh damn Thor is in there too
Ah they're not actually that similar looking when you look into the stills. They just look it in the brief scene you see Rhaegar in.
9:42 AM
Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark arrest Rhaegar Targaryen (Circa 283 AC, Colorized)
Robert really was skinny back then
Ned pleads with Rhaegar to reconsider his affair with Lyanna (281 AC colorized)
He looked Regal back then. Even Cersei was briefly happy when she said her vows
I'd like to see the rebellion as a spin off, since they cast characters for the flashbacks it might happen too
What would you prefer:
1. Rebellion
2. Conquest
3. Blackfyre rebellion
4. Something in Valayria
5. Long night
6. CotF vs First men inc. WW/Wall battle etc.
7. Other
9:52 AM
No Dunk and Egg?
Add D&E and Dance of the dragons there and it's perfect
Oh and Nymeria's ten thousand ships too
And Andal invasions too
About Valyria, can't decide if I want to see Valyrian-Ghiscari wars or Valyrian-Rhoynar wars
Century of blood would be good too
Somehow I doubt they'd make that many spin offs haha
Would be good if they did though
What do you think about Martin's recent statement on the new books
"Whether Winds or the first volume of Fire and Blood will be the first to hit the bookstores is hard to say at this juncture, but I do think you will have a Westeros book from me in 2018 … and who knows, maybe two. A boy can dream"
Personally I think, Fire and Blood would be out first. Not that I am complaining. It will be great to read about the Dragon Kings.
I don't keep up with the books but from what I've heard I think Fire and Blood will be first.
The book of swords is next with The Sons of the Dragon by GRRM
Isn't it?
Though I guess it's only a short story
Sons of the Dragon is due next month
Dunno about BoS
10:28 AM
Oh its just going to be like the Rogues and Dangerous Women then
One short story each
Looks like it yeah
@Aegon He said that a while ago IIRC, and I AM PISSED OFF
Stop trying to be Tolkien, you're not Tolkien. You can't finish your books and work on your histories, do on then do the other. Stop trying to sell this stupid GRRMarillion, people will care more if you've actually finished your series. The only reason it's going to sell at all is because he's taken so long people just want something to read, it's a money making scam and it's stupid.
11:22 AM
@Edlothiad It ain't 2018 yet
@Aegon I mean I thought I read it in his blog post a month or so ago
I read it when I discovered Sons of the Dragons was coming soon
Be honest tho, Tolkien's world is simplistic good vs evil
The reason why I read ASOIAF, even though I don't read fantasy, is because that's not the case with that series
It has changed the same old hurr durr muh great evil vs under dog good guys routine of fantasy
And its plots and character development are far more richer.
Must admit tho, I am woefully ignorant of Tolkien's actual works other than cursory reading which bored me, So I might need to change the view
But that's my first expression.
@Aegon This is HEAVILY simplified but sure
@Edlothiad Heh I was adding the standard IKBA disclaimer at the bottom
Q: How did Draeneris know where to attack?

Supreme Grand RulerIn Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4, Jon & Tyrion council the Queen not to attack the city. The next scene shows them attacking the Lannister caravan with Jaime in charge. How did they know to attack there? And how did Jaime not know he would be vulnerable traveling through this road?

11:30 AM
Draeneris? Dracarys!
I agree, ASoIaF does much better to fit to modern tastes, even if it's a little over the top at times, and sometimes feels like he's a neckbeard who's trying to live experiences he couldn't get in real life through his characters
@Edlothiad But since we are on topic, may be you could answer few things I have been curious about. For example, What makes Aragorn a good, able King?
Is there any character in TLOTR whose development comes close to development of let's say, Jaime Lannister?
What annoys me isn't that it's not Tolkien. It's the wait he messes with his fan base, saying he's busy with this that and the other, and before that says "I promise the next one will come out quicker"
It's almost impossible to believe anything he says
TLotR, no, that was a work he was told to do because the Hobbit sold well
Frodo has pretty deep character development, and so does Smeagol
Gandalf goes through quite a lot
@Edlothiad Frodo started as a good guy and ended as a good guy.
but Tolkien wasn't writing a story for people to read, like GRRM is. He was writing a Mythology to be studied. He wanted what the Nordic people had, what the greeks had. He wanted a Mythological history people could tear apart
@Aegon Lol, Jamie started as a bad guy and ended as a good guy
big change
11:33 AM
Smeagol indeed seemed to change along the way but I'd not put it in the same league as the masterpiece that's Jaime Lannister
@Edlothiad Ain't that some development
Saruman then
Started as a good guy ended up as a bad guy
Oh I love Saruman
All because he wanted perfection, Poor man
Melkor, started as a good guy ended as a bad guy
Oh Sauron*
actually all the bad guys, funny that
11:34 AM
Not Saruman
Saruman feels more like a rat to me
Start X end Y =/= character development
Start X end X =/= lack of character development
Eitherway, GRRM needs to get his shit together and write his stories.
@Edlothiad The change is a part of it, Hope you would agree
Change exists in the latter example as well
He's still not a good guy tho
Frodo goes from a good guy, to a very evil guy and finds redemption with the loss of a finger, but is now a twisted figure, broken and wounded forever
11:37 AM
He's still just a guy. With both good and bad parts
@Edlothiad When he was a major **** to Sam?
You can have character development without swinging from good guy to bad guy though
Well there was no one else to be a major penis too except smeagol
Sure, Gandalf and Aragorn
Again tLotR =/= asoiaf, Lotr = AGOT
Of course Tolkien put a lot of work into his series
The Guy invented a frigging language
Hmm I'd argue that he didn't
@Aegon 15
@Edlothiad 15 and still?
Still you'd argue he didn't put a lot of work?
11:39 AM
Yeah, he put a lot of work into his mythology. tLotR was the first piece in showing it to the world in a digestible manner
his real works his in the Sil, UT, HoME and the rest of his notes
He didn't actually invent any languages FOR lotr, they all existed (in some sense)
A lot of Tolkien's main characters are "heroes" thats it. There the ones who did great feats. Your Ghandis and MLKs
Not really your Malcolm X's
@Aegon Just another daft question tbh
@Aegon He's actually asking about Daenerys
39 rep to 20k!
This The Ash guy is editing a lot of posts
11:57 AM
@Edlothiad Seems to be changing the header size, not sure if it's to bump his answers or not though
@Edlothiad And awesome!
@TheLethalCoder Meh we'll leave it, he's only got one more answer. 9 isn't too bad. if he does his questions...
@Edlothiad I only had a quick look at the top 3, if he does his question he'll need to change something else, probably tags.
Though it does look like bumping or he's changing it due to a new policy in his own head.
He seems to have discovered the # leads to big titles
3 more reviews to 1500, today could be a big milestone day
I also have some angry meta's to post, if I figure this out at work I'll write them up
12:11 PM
What you angry about?
The way meta works, see here and here
First is a link to a post, in the comments, second is a link to another chat room, you'll have to scroll up a little on both.
Oh people still arguing over we don't know answers
I thought that was finished with your meta post.
You mean skooba's?
Oh was it Skooba, I knew it was one of you two haha
I don't really keep up with meta on here to be honest
It's the most exciting one, we have dead people
(unfortunately a user too :'(, may he rest in peace)
12:22 PM
Q: Goodbye, Affable Geek

Wad CheberI have just learned that one of our fellow users, Affable Geek, died this past Valentines Day. His real name was Michael Hollinger, and he was only 43 years old. He was on SF&F the day before he passed away, and he even commented on Christianity.SE the day he died: This is exactly the kind ...

Oh right, that's sad
12:35 PM
I usually get my memes from FreeFolk
Meh they're probably the same ones
Yeah as with all of reddit reposting is a plague haha
Why did Tyrion want to take the Rock?
For giggles
This is going to be a good one
12:41 PM
For decades, House Lannister has been the true power in Westeros.
And the seat of that power is Casterly Rock.
But that just seems daft
Especially since they ran out of gold. Tyrion thought he could surprise the Lannister troops there and kill most of them with minimal civillian casualties
I's post it to main but I doubt there's any information other than that. Other than doing a character assessment of Tyrion.
Ah I suppose it was to take out the Lannister forces yeah
With that in mind why would Jaime leave any forces behind? He knew that Dany's forces would take the rock, that was his plan. Just seems odd again
He says it doesn't he. Let me re-watch first before you post it ;P
There was this nsfw meme
With the same scene
"Who's your daddy"...."Your grand-daddy"
@TheLethalCoder He had to make it look like he was there, and because he couldn't just leave the seat unhoused
12:44 PM
When Jon said "Your father burned my grandfather alive"....I really did laugh
"My grandfather burned my other grandfather alive and I blame my aunt for it"
@Edlothiad He could have done, he effectively did anyway. Seems like a waste of troops to me, especially as they are already outnumbered.
He had to plant the trap
The unsullied wouldn't have taken it if it was empty
Wouldn't they have?
@TheLethalCoder And Casterly Rock has never fallen
@Aegon Never fallen but it's essentially worthless now it's empty
12:46 PM
When Visenya looked at the Rock after the conquest, she thanked the gods that Lannisters chose to take the field instead of fighting from within
And Gold-less
It's a frigging mountain
@Edlothiad Show-heresy
Oh yeah I know it's meant to be impenetrable but Dragonstone is pretty bad-ass too
It will be in the books too, that's one of the first things i bet GRRM told them
@Edlothiad Doubt it.
Casterly Rock is on the wrong side of Westeros
The logistics alone for a seaborne invasion make it unlikely
You can hate GRRM for writing slow, but he doesn't write stupidly
12:48 PM
Just everything about taking the Rock seems daft. I really feel like Tyrion wanted it just to rub it in his siblings faces
Which seems out of character for him
Could be his personal obsession
His father said he would never let him turn CR into his whorehouse
And he just wanted to stick it up to his dead old man
Yeah that's the only thing I can think of that makes sense but it still seems off
Doesn't quite fit with his character in my opinion
Have you noted the funniest thing
Among Lord Tywin's brood
Jaime is the only one whose heart is in the right place
Jaime has always been a good character just initially he was cocky and he's been manipulated by Cersei and Tywin all his life
Do you two think it's worth posting to main about Tyrion's motives for taking it?
Pretty sure you can answer it yourself
12:55 PM
Well maybe
I just can't think of any reason that seems to be within his character
He's in love with Daenerys
People do stupid things when they are in love
I am just kidding
I hope I am kidding
Yeah please be kidding
I really hope that doesn't turn out to be true
I'll leave it off main unless either of you two want to answer it there.
1:14 PM
@Aegon That it's gold-less?
1:24 PM
@Edlothiad The heresy? Yes
1:36 PM
@Aegon Why does what side of westeros matter if it becomes gold-less?
@Edlothiad No I mean it being gold-less is heresy
Why is it?
And it being on the wrong side means It is irrelevant for an invader coming from the East
It's irrelevant anyway
@Aegon Oh ya for sure. And meh, I wouldn't be surprised. GRRM needs things to happen and houses to fall
The show has basically killed the Reach
and the riverlands
1:38 PM
I bet the only reason they put it in is because there has been a lot of talk about it and they wanted to show it and had no other reason to.
I need to read TWOW preview to get an idea of the tone
I'm just worried I'll read something that will upset me spoiler wise
No I mean the rock, I forgot we'd moved back to the gold
@Edlothiad You need Aegon's super-power
Ye lol
The biggest worry is "meh that was interesting, 2 more years till I read the rest"
At least in two years time it'll be like you're reading it for the first time again haha
So true :D
1:55 PM
Alright I'm bored out of my mind, here comes this meta post
You think you're bored? I'm testing an application which means I have to key in loads of fields off of documents
So mind numbing
Worst part is I'm checking the new system to the old one so I have to do it twice
2:11 PM
> We have a policy that clearly states "We don't know" answers are ok (to some extent). This was backed up in a recent (much better) meta answer by a moderator who actually gave a proper answer to the subject but it was closed as a duplicate (does that make this not policy?). These seem to suggest that the majority of our questions closed as "Primarily Opinion Based" should in fact be re-opened, as we can just plop down our three words and be on our way.

A prime example is this question where our top users, and a user who is one of the top users in the past 4 months in the tag have stated
Seems alright, I haven't been following the group of posts though so not sure exactly.
Does it sound too ranty? Does it make sense?
I think it sounds fine, I'm not a meta expert (most of my meta posts on other sites get downvoted) so I wouldn't know. A bad one I got was wanting even 2k+ users to edit all of the stuff to be fixed in a post not just little bits on SO/
I think that makes sense if you force <2k users too you should keep the same standards with >2k users but apparently not.
And as you've probably guessed I like to get my words muddled up so that never helps in trying to get my point across.
2:35 PM
@TheLethalCoder that site is terrible in my opinion, it's amazing the amount of questions on there, but select tags get anywhere rep wise and if you're not in those you're lost
@Edlothiad I cant believe that got closed
the only reason those people found those links is because i linked them in first place
It was hard to find our "policy" on we don't know stuff
It's ridiculous, look in "community cleanup" I've complained about it there
Things from 5 years ago shouldn't be policy, policy should be revisited
Policies should be updated to reflect current community consensus aye
2:38 PM
@Edlothiad you just need a reason.... things should be "revisited" if there is no reason
2:50 PM
You mean shouldn't?
A lot of those "duped" meta posts have reason
oh yeah should not !
i am bad typing
Q: Absolute ceiling of dragons

icemanWhat is the absolute ceiling of dragons? Is there any such mention in the books or the tv show? I want to know whether apart from attack, can dragons also be effectively used for surveillance.

Who teh heck knows their ceiling
It's not like they all come with the same strength and agility
I mean even in an extremely detailed show you aren't gonna know that
Stupid question
We start using a Greyjoy sigil to answer these question
Just change the Sow to Know in their words
We do not <strike>sow</strike> know
Haha sounds good
Is there any such mention in the books or the tv show?
Does this make it on-topic?
3:22 PM
Q: Absolute ceiling of dragons

icemanWhat is the absolute ceiling of dragons? Is there any such mention in the books or the tv show? I want to know whether apart from attack, can dragons also be effectively used for surveillance.

3:33 PM
@Aegon its on topic sure, just POB
@Skooba FWP?
@Aegon is it something we can reasonably consider will be revealed in the next work?
FWP is for things like "Is Jon Snow really dead"
@Skooba It is something we can reasonably consider will never be revealed
@Aegon thats what makes it POB.
It seems I have opened a can of worms with the "We don't Know" policy ;-)
"Daenerys was flying atop Drogon at 42000 ft. She used her whip to make the beast soar higher, but it did not work"
Doubt GRRM would be writing something like that up
3:36 PM
@Skooba Nah. "Is there any such mention..." means the answer is "No". It certainly won't win any awards for being a good question/answer, but its not POB.
@amflare Yeah that's what I thought.
@Aegon +1 for actually doing the image
@Edlothiad "allow someone to claim"? Sure, if someone hasn't read the Hobbit, and they learn something they didn't want to about the plot by reading a question here, then yes, that question spoiled the Hobbit for them. It's not really a question of "allowing people to claim" anything, rather of accepting obvious facts. What would be the alternative - silencing or suspending anyone who mentioned that they got spoiled?
(also, that ping didn't actually notify me, maybe because I haven't been in here for long enough)
1 hour ago, by Edlothiad
@TheLethalCoder that site is terrible in my opinion, it's amazing the amount of questions on there, but select tags get anywhere rep wise and if you're not in those you're lost
SFF? ;-)
@Randal'Thor context?
3:45 PM
@Skooba Whoops, that was meant to be a link-reply. Fixed.
Our spoilers conversation a while ago
yeah i mean we cant ban people by whinging they got spoiled. Just have to tell them... Welcome to the internet
@Randal'Thor I think the problem is you get to a point where how do you draw the line on spoilers? Some people moan about everything, some look online about The Hobbit and then moan it spoiled it for them, well then it's their fault but should we do something about it?
@TheLethalCoder I think I am gonna use it a lot
@Aegon I'm gonna save it too, don't know if I'll use it though
3:48 PM
@TheLethalCoder No need to draw a line, since every work, no matter how old, could potentially be spoiled.
@TheLethalCoder Paul's comment is even better
“It is not known, Khaleesi”. — Paul D. Waite 3 mins ago
Which doesn't justify titles like "did this character do this", though. It's usually if not always possible to make titles meaningful but still not spoilery, if you're careful about it.
I know just seems like you get to a point where if too many people moan you end up with all questions and answers just being "This question is about season a episode b >! spoilers"
There's an edit button for that ;-)
@Aegon Another good one
3:51 PM
If the whole question is a massive spoilerblock, pare 'em down until only the actual spoilers are spoilertagged.
I know how you're meant to use spoiler tags. Our previous conversation was moaning about someone who was constantly saying everything was a spoiler.
What I think is better is the whole question is spoilers is to just mark put a heading. I've seen some where the first block hides the information but then as they expand the question, that information is repeated or it is obvious based on context.
See I don't like it when people do that. But then I'm of the attitude if you don't want to see spoilers don't look on sites like this.
well, i mean, that is a bit rough. i mean the hnq does muck thing up
but it is also dumb to put a whole post is spoiler markdown
Yeah leave question titles a bit vague, I don't want to punish someone on SO but if you've opened the question up you've done so at your own risk.
3:57 PM
exactly. thats why i put the warning header... scoll past this at your own risk
Yeah but in my opinion the spoiler header should be the title. If a title is worded correctly you should know whether you want to open the question or not.
As soon as you put in policies about spoilers and hiding them you open it up for people to moan. The more people that moan the more the site users complain the more the site hurts.
@TheLethalCoder there was a meta on that i think as well, which boiled down to, typically it is not okay to put the word "Spoilers" in your title or list Season/Episode (unless it about production or something non-story related)
Worst: "Why did this character do this in S7E4"
@Skooba Oh no I don't mean doing "Spoilers for season 7 episode 7! How did this creature do this?" I think we can all agree that's a terrible title.
Not much better: Why did Jon do this in S7E4
but to go the other way to take "Why did Jon marry Arya"... that would be big spoils... But you can't take it back to "Why did this character marry this character"
(also I am just rambling at this point )
Oh I think we both are :P
Writing titles is perhaps the hardest part in making a question
My main complaint is titles like these "Could these victims of Northern battles be raised by the Night King?" are pretty good yet you can guarantee someone would moan about them saying the title spoiled it for me that there were northern battles. Or open it up and see the battles and moan that they weren't in spoiler tags.
4:08 PM
Meh, you've known about the Others raising the dead since the opening scene
I know it didn't happen on that particular question I'm just using it as an example.
@Skooba Do you know it could have happened
@Aegon In his original plot, it probably was going to
Love triangle between Jon-Arya-Tyrion
Lel yes
yay more incest
4:10 PM
Yeah I don't think I would have liked that story line
Far be it from me to frown upon incest, I have a Targ on my dp. But thats just pure cringey. Good thing Martin abandoned it.
I wonder if the Final Five will still be that
The fans would like the final five to remain
@Aegon well just make arya a few years older yeah 14 and 9 is kinda weird but make 12 &14 at the start and 16 & 18 by the end...
makes it more palatable
How the f did that that Ceiling question get to HNQ
4:12 PM
I mean even Tywin married his cousin.
@Aegon Your image probably
@Aegon you are kidding me!!! thats worse than the gate question!!!!
@Skooba :)
4:13 PM
@Skooba But what about the whole "Loving sibling" relationship? After that it is just cringey.
@Skooba First cousin marriage is pretty common tho
@Skooba Why that image doesn't use mjolnir I don't know
@Aegon yes but they weren't really siblings.... it was forbidden love and as such never acted on. now that they are only cousins.... open market
@TheLethalCoder haha. i just googled "hammer bomb" one day
@Skooba Ding Ding! Round Two!
4:15 PM
its like that answer that i had to flag as rude/abusive a few minutes ago
@Skooba Which answer
on this question
Richard's answer or Mike's answer? To me, neither of them are abusive, but then again I'm not a native speaker.
@Narusan It's deleted. you cant see it
Oh, that went quick
4:20 PM
Me reading that
Oh dear, While John's answer started off with promise, it quickly took an ugly turn
That this deleted one?
Another deleted one
Ahh okay, I can see that question giving a few
Q: Should I let someone know I broke the electric kettle?

NofelI needed hot milk, so I boiled it in the nearest electric kettle to me, but I think I broke it, as water won't boil any more. I know this, because I tried it myself. Should I tell someone in the office that it might be me who broke it and offer a replacement or should I not tell? While I was he...

Q: Dealing with people after a mishap spread by department head

NofelRecently I broke our office kettle, and one of the department heads has spread the news turning me into a laughing stock. From time to time I encounter her in a meeting or update on my visa. I knew when I go around people would be asking me Oh, you broke the kettle? Don't do that or don't yo...

I am looking forward to what happens next
Oh me too
Great mistake though
4:28 PM
Sometime, you just have to eat it up....
Timestamps are 09:35Z and 10:20Z
I'm thinking shenanigans
@amflare Don't kill the dream
I'm still waiting for the time when one partner discovers that the other partner has been asking for relationship advice via the HNQ...
@TheLethalCoder This is totally legit. I know the guy. Works with my cousin's sister's boyfriend. nods solemnly
@amflare ... dog's babysitter?
4:31 PM
@Narusan Is relationship advice on-tpoic for any of the stacks?
IPS has seen it's fair share
@Aegon omg haha ongoing saga
@amflare apparently for workplace
Q: How should I deal with an employee who has slept with my wife?

Waiter JohnI'm the owner of a business with about 30-40 employees. Recently, I found out that one of my employees has been having an affair with my wife. The employee has worked for me for 4 years. I felt like I was his mentor, since I recruited straight from university, taught him the ropes, and promoted h...

Q: My boss' new hire, a friend of his, is making advances on me

eipiI am a woman who has been working on a team of men for a number of years now. Up until recently I have been treated very well and with respect. I love my job and get on well with my boss and colleagues. A few weeks ago, my boss hired a friend of his to join our team. He is, admittedly, very good...

@Skooba The song of milk and kettle.
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