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1:49 AM
Q: Why they did't kill Jhon Snow?

MouradIn the last episode of GOT in season 8, John Snow killed Daenerys, but her army of the unsullied just poisoned him, it does not make sense to me. Does it make sense to you also?

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7:10 AM
7:50 AM
@Aegon brooklyn 99 reference?
I got no idea, i just stumbled on a stash of these hilarious wrong quotes
The best one were Jon/Dany ones
9 lives of Lord Beric. F
Have I stepped into freefolk?
Oh look, a Crow in our midst
you are not supposed to ask questions, just give stars to those dank memes
A true gentleman and a scholar ^
8:06 AM
@Aegon didn't he have seven death?
@Kepotx You keep a count? :O
I was speaking in the sense of Cats having 9 lives myth
I don't remember when it's said, but i thoug it was seven, wich is funny for an apostate
Yup looked it up 7
Maybe the new gods love apostates
9:11 AM
<tinfoil hat> each of his death represent one of the seven faces, sandor=> the warior, CrakeHall=> the smith, Amory lorch=> the father, vargo hoat=> the stranger, Sandor=> the maiden, Catelyn=> the mother ... </tinfoil hat>
Noice, but why's Sandor the Maiden? And is the first Sandor, Gregor? And why is Lorch the father, I have never seen a less father like figure
because he was protecting arya
Meaning Sandor is both the Warrior and Maiden
Sandor = Brienne? Both guard Stark girls. Coincidence, I think not
lorch the father because justice
sure, i wouldn't like to have a father like lorch
vargo hoat the stranger beceause he is from Qohor
He killed Rhaenys. Dragged her out and slashed like 100 times. Worst fathers would think twice
Yeah I got the rest
9:15 AM
hey, i say it was tinfoily
also, it leave the crone to clegane
not really a grandmother figure either
9:57 AM
10:30 AM
Q: How many lies did Ned Stark tell?

SeamusthedogIn both the A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones series we, the viewer and/or reader know that Ned Stark is lying when he claims Jon Snow is his illegitimate son. Ned also refuses to tell King Robert the name of Jon's mother and allows Jon to be a figure of hate for Catelyn so he is lying...

10:49 AM
Q: Have the Westerosi customs surrounding bells changed from Season 2 to Season 8?

DoItAgainDanyIn S08E05 we learn from Tyrion that apparently Bells mean surrender of a city as well. If the city surrenders, they will ring the bells and raise the gates. Please, if you hear them ringing the bells, call off the attack. But in S02E09, we saw: [Baratheon Fleet Approaches King's Land...

@Aegon deleted
Dang, dunno what meme that was
now it's about the darkness of episode 3 I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯
the chat dosn't seems to like backslash \
oh, weird
Nah you have to add it twice \\
Common problem with web browsers, the shrugging dude loses a limb
Ta da
oh, didn't know it was also an escape character here
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2:27 PM
Q: Where is the logic in castrating fighters?

adickinsonThis came up on another question, where in A Song of Ice and Fire (the books Game of Thrones is based on), the Unsullied have all of their genitalia removed, not just the penis. "In Yunkai and Meereen, eunuchs are often made by removing a boy's testicles, but leaving the penis. Such a creatur...


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