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4:18 AM
Q: Are there any other instances of an existing knight appointing another Knight?

Tyrion LannisterIn Game of Thrones S08E2 "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" Are there any instances in the books where an existing knight gave another warrior Knighthood by himself?

Q: Why do children of Robert's Rebellion call John Snow what they're calling him?

Joe COK word is out that John Snow is the However for anyone who is part of Robert's Rebellion Yet Bran Stark, and that Tarly guy and a few others says he's Can anyone explain this?

3 hours later…
7:11 AM
Am I the only one to think that Arya's overconfident behaviour may be what will cause her demise?
No, you're not alone. She's had close calls too; The Hound couldn't even rein her in.
7:35 AM
Discretion is one quality she didn't learn from Sylvio or Faceless Men...
I'm quite confused about what Arya became. Seems like she has massed up xp in assassin skill without real consequences on her personality, besides being overconfident
In another hand, she may had to show off so she's taken seriously so she wouldn't be forced to hide in the crypt
This reminds me a martial arts teacher I knew who told me that every year there are kids that come to learn to fight like in the movies but are not interested in the philosophical and human behaviour aspects of the art.
8:01 AM
never done any martial art outside school, but isn't the goal of martial art to defend yourself, rather than attacking the other?
8:38 AM
@Kepotx sure, but I mean that Arya missed some points of Sylvio and Faceless Mean trainings, the same way kids missed some points of martial arts when they want to learn spectacular fights like movies
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10:24 AM
Q: Why childer wemen and elders hide in the crypt of Winterfell with dead people?

Gal DreimanThe burial cave is full with dead people (the Stark family is buried there). All of them can rise and kill everyone in the cave. The cave is suppose to be the safest place but it seems the opposite. The question is: Why the safest place to be during the battle against the Army of the Dead is th...

11:07 AM
@Bebs it's only overconfidence if she's not as good as she thinks she is...
@Mithrandir24601 well she didn't have that much fights with serious opponents
@Kepotx and Arya wasn't really training as a martial artist - she was training as a master assassin
she is more assassin that soldier
one more reason to be discrete about it :-)
@Bebs yup, I suspect we'll see, but too much has been made of this for it to end up being nothing
11:10 AM
Water dance can be seen as martial art, but faceless men is indeed an assassin formation
The moral of this story: don't brag about your skills. The end.
@Mithrandir24601 1: despite D&D improvisation, this is still game of thrones, so anyone can die at any moment. 2: she already killed a few people on her list
She might be an assassin but she can clearly hold her own in a fight as we saw when she dueled with Brienne
@Kepotx Reminds me of something Jaime said. Something along the lines of "That's what it does to you, being too good while being too young"
I do remember something that Brienne said about it not being her that needs protecting but whoever stands in her way
11:19 AM
@AnkitSharma I don't think that really was what bothered her. Targaryens didn't shy away from incest in the past either. It's mostly his claim to the throne she is convinced she has every right to that she has issue with.
@JAD Yup, it's all about conditioning
Daenerys grew up while being mindful that she'll someday wed her brother
In D&E, Egg used to speak about his sisters hitting on him as if it was the most natural thing in the world. After a few years living among the common people detached from whatever happened at the Royal Castles, the same Egg came to absolutely detest the Targaryen incest custom.
hmm, must've forgotten that
funny thing, the son of Egg also disdain arranged wedding, and prefered to lose the crown rather than being forced to marry someone he doesn't want
Not just one son
All his children gave him grief over marriage
Duncan: married Jenny and gave up his rights

Jaehaerys and Shaera: Married each other, pissing off Baratheons and tullys

Daeron: Decided he liked men better and pissed off the Redwynes.
well, rhaelle still mary a baratheon
11:29 AM
Only because she was raised up by Lord Lyonel Baratheon
ironically, that wedding forge the claim of Robert Baratheon to the trone
Pretty humiliating for the King to surrender his daughter since his word didn't mean all that much thanks to his kids
@Aegon so Duncan didn't end with the tall woman?
I must have missed some books...
I don't remember, does tyrion tell jaime that lancel, osmund and moon guy fuck cersei?
@Bebs That is Duncan the Small, not Duncan the Tall. Dunk is Duncan the Tall, Duncan the Small is firstborn son of King Aegon V.
11:33 AM
@Aegon oh, thanks :)
@Kepotx Yup. "Cersei is a lying w****. She is f***ing Lancel, Kettleblack and Moonboy for all I know"
@Aegon and the Dornish lesbian woman
Lady Merryweather was from Pentos though, not Dorne.
because tyrion tell jaime "she never fooled you" or something similar
Well Tyrion didn't say that in the show
Tyrion said it in the books when Jaime set him free
11:35 AM
while I get that he means "you always knew she like power and will do anything for it", wasn't the osmund, lancel and moonboy thing a revelation for jaime?
In the show, Tyrion and Jaime parted amicably
that was my question, does he tell it on the show
sorry for not beiing explicit
I was confused by this line of dialogue, because in the books, he really seems fooled by cersei
11:50 AM
@Kepotx but not in the show
hmm, I should've read the rest first
12:39 PM
Q: Are there other sources of air in the crypts of Winterfell?

Richard CWhen fire burns it removes oxygen and gives out Carbon Dioxide (among other gases) this means that if a fire burns in a confined space it quickly becomes fatal to humans to be in the space even if the fire is under control. The fact that torches are always seen to be burning in the crypts suggest...

Q: What happened to Viserion in Season 7?

Gal DreimanIn the end of season 7, Daenerys's dragon, Viserion, Does it make any difference in that case?

12:54 PM
@BaeltheBard isn't Winterfell specially built on special warm streams to bring warmth to its rooms? We can then assume that builders had also thought about air to breathe.
Meh the question is stupid, "okay I can accept there are dragons, White Walkers, reanimated corpses and shadow babies BUT how do the crypts get air!? IT JUST ISN'T POSSIBLE!!!11!!!!!11!!!1!!1!!!!!"
@TheLethalCarrot But look at me, I can point out obvious flaws in this show's logic
Yup, I never understand how quick people are to believe the impossible yet obsessively question a slight change to reality
1:57 PM
@TheLethalCarrot this particular question is rather odd, but otherwise, this is called willing suspension of disbelief. even if there is magic, physical law still exists for common things, so impossible things unexplained by magic are just a big reminder that this is only a tv show
I sortta understand it but still find it odd, people are just more likely to question what is closer to reality
in the same way, historical-ish tv-series with oversized weapons make me feel odd
Like the whole "Err merrr gerrrd the dragon travels impossibly fast" thing, like you can believe a dragon exists but question how fast it can fly?
I have no problem if the tv-show change history, because the events can be plausible in-universe. But a gigantic doublehead axe of several kgs is just impossible to handle in long battle,
2:34 PM
Q: Is there any confirmed reason for why White Walkers grow up so fast?

Naman KumarWe saw that Craster sacrificed his 99 children to the Night King, following which there was a ritual in which the Night King touched the baby with the tip of his finger, turning him into a white walker. However in S8E2, we see that many White Walkers are back - and they're all grown up. It might...

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4:57 PM
@Kepotx it's not like getting air into an old crypt designed to have an entrance (I.e. a space for people, never mind air to get in and out) is the most impossible thing ever
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10:18 PM
Q: What does it mean - "My family is a bunch of Baratheons"

MacItalyI recently posted a picture of my wife and I at the theater to see the play WICKED. I had a beard (I don't know if that's relevant). My brother commented, "My family is a bunch of Baratheons" Since I don't watch Game of Thrones...I know, I know...but what is he referring to? What is that suppos...

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11:40 PM
Speaking of weird places non-nerd brains go while watching fantasy, I have a good one. After watching all the way through season 6, one of the people I've introduced to the show finally asked about something that he said had bugged him since episode 1.
11:56 PM
He could not wrap his brain around messenger ravens.
Carrier pigeons only know "home".

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