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6:34 AM
@TheLethalCarrot ugh. With that dialog, my my, that character must be edgy.
1 hour later…
7:54 AM
@Kepotx but if she spreads them round Westeros without being there herself...
you hire golden company for sieges and battles, not logistics and land control
of course, without any fAegon, golden company can turn in side of dany
but if they move with euron's fleet and alongside regular Lannister army, they don't have lot of independence to do whatever they want
@Kepotx and it would be very easy for them to turn in a battle. Question is: Will they?
depending on how they are used, this could be a disaster for the Lannister army.
I don't remember how much background is revealed from the Golden Company in the show
Not much at all
It could be seen as too much Deus Ex Machina if they switch side
8:08 AM
Which really leaves it all open for D&D to use them how they want
I mean, if the lambda viewor don't know the blackfyre origin of golden company, the reason why golden company help targaryen could seem odd
Well if they switch sides they will almost certainly explain it
Though I could imagine they might use Varys for that with all his hands in the background stuff from earlier on in the show
8:30 AM
Also, correct me if I'm wrong but in the show, jorah is supposed to be a former member of golden company
Hmm that rings a bell
DAENERYS: Didn't you fight for the Golden Company before pledging your sword to my brother?

JORAH: I did.
Apparently he did yes
they could also switch side to the other Aegon VI
TBH I'd be surprised if they didn't do a GC switcheroo but it is D&D after all
3 hours later…
11:33 AM
@Kepotx would that really stop D&D?
no, but just few lines of dialog could have done the job
subtle Tchekov's gun instead of random thing coming out of nowhere for the sake of plot
@Kepotx well yeah, but that would require vision :P
11:49 AM
it's not like D&D didn't read the book at all
they know the books, now the end, and have probably a broad idea of how will they fill the gap between both
golden company have been mentionned several times before season 8, so if they planned to give importance to golden company, they should have build more background
but yes, maybe in previous seasons they weren't sure of how to portray golden company, if they will break contract to join Targaryen or if they would play a role at all
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12:58 PM
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2:05 PM
Q: Why did the Faceless Men want the Waif to attack Arya?

Vicki StokesI don't understand why the Faceless Men wanted the Waif to keep attacking Ayra and then to try and murder her.


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