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12:47 AM
If anyone besides Mark thinks I pulled the close trigger too soon, please flag or reopen. I'm happy to be wrong, but don't see the positive in the post that Mark does in his comments.
Q: How do I stop my calls logging on my Dad's iphone?

JessMe and my dad both have iPhone's and both on the same network. Whenever I ring someone or someone rings me, it doesn't ring on his phone is just shows up in his call log. How do I stop this? We have different Apple ID's, I have turned Hands-off off and I have also turned iPhone cellular calls of...

Just because other bad questions exist isn't a good enough reason to reopen one that's closed IMO.
16 hours later…
4:44 PM
I'm closing this as "list of X"
Q: SVN client for Mac

Sandro DzneladzeI cannot seem to find any good Subversion client for my Mac! I use TortoiseSVN at work, and it's awesome, but it's for Windows only. My colleague uses Cornerstone for his Mac, and it is not bad and has a good interface, but it does cost money. I could stick with Terminal, but a GUI makes it easi...

Does anyone have heartburn with that?
It's not horrible, but the answers aren't being curated and kept up to date
Also - to the people down voting my answers today. Enjoy your weekend, I'm like this dude
'ello! :)
@bmike - now I have a hankering to go donkey street surfing this weekend ;-)
5:43 PM
So you guys are also fond of palindromic reputations? :)
@PauloCereda - currently, mine's 12103… that gives me a good chance of being briefly palindromic in the next day or so ;-)
@Tetsujin :)
6:06 PM
@bmike may I ask a question regarding flagging?
2 hours later…
8:05 PM
@PauloCereda totally - numbers are fun
@Tetsujin I'm so that guy. Some day my beard will be that white (maybe not like the wizard white - but ernest hemingway beard - totally I'm going to rock that while surfing whatever)
@bummi no
@bummi or yes
but waiting for someone to answer on chat is sillier than gifs - just throw it out if you're shy asking on Ask Different Meta which is where flagging questions are best raised.
8:40 PM
@bmike :)
1 hour later…
9:57 PM
I don't think it's a meta question, it's a personal request for feedback, nothing I would see as useful for the community. I'm not going to complain, just trying to improve my flagging on this site, so I'd need some feedback.

I can't see the delete answer anymore, I'd supsect I flagged some rubbish as abusive, which got declined (I may be wrong with this assumption):

*flagged as offensive declined - Offensive is reserved for CLEAR RUDE or swear words / anger against humans. This isn't in any way obscene.*
2 hours later…
11:49 PM
@bummi Here's the guideline for offensive.
The post in question looks sort of "cat on a keyboard" nonsense you're referring to per the meta post you linked to.
Q: Why don't we treat rubbish the same as spam?

DukelingSpam gets fairly heavily punished - 100 reputation penalty, if I recall correctly, and the content itself gets hidden in the revision history. Now if we just have some rubbish: dfajiojaifojadiofjadhigaowkokaomdiovnuiyhioqejgioqejgio I'm not talking about someone posting a question or comme...

so rubbish isn't actively mean or harmful other than bumping something that shouldn't get bumped. Vote it down, vote to delete or flag for low quality if you really need to flag it and don't think the community can clean up the post. Spam is commercial solicitation. No commercials there AFAIK.
Offensive is targeted hate to a group, person or language designed to shock due to loaded cultural connotations. Like when President Obama used the word "nigger" - even racially charged words can be used non-offensively in some situations. It might be controversial, yet not true offensive. youtube.com/watch?v=JZBKNtSRch8
Hopefully my example here isn't offensive, but it takes a community to decide and if this one feels that's too rude, it should get edited to keep the meaning clear.
Make sense?
(and discussing even single ideas on meta is good - what's the chance dozens of people will feel the same as you or want to know how to flag? - pretty high chance IMO)
Also - big thanks for a) flagging something you honestly knew wasn't right b) seeking to learn more

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