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4:11 PM
Q: Teaching children to teach themselves

blundersLooking for a learning system that tests a child's skills related to learning how to learn. Really not sure what the skill sets would be, how they would be tested, or how the would be taught.

This question seems to me to be both a shopping question, and overly broad. Any thoughts to how this could be improved, or should it just be closed?
4:30 PM
@Beofett Yeah that sounds way too broad.
That's also effectively asking, "How can I parent as minimally as possible," which, c'mon.
5:07 PM
@PeterGrace That image sums up every Anne Geddes picture I've ever seen!
@PeterGrace ahahaha! AHAHAHAHA.
Praise be unto reddit
that is one unhappy child....
this one's pretty unhappy.
5:11 PM
@AarthiDevanathan that one seems actively angry. As in "I swear, I'll cut you!" angry.
Or, "WTF you just say?"
speaking of angry... we got some fantastic "future blackmail" video this week of Hunter!
I don't have it here. I'll see if I can upload it from home tonight
5:14 PM
sounds awesome
but the backstory alone is fantastic
he found one of his waterproof swimming diapers, and handed it to his mom.
she tried to give it back, but he kept returning it, and staring at her expectantly
she finally put it on his head, at which point he smiled, and happily walked away
The video then shows him playing, with a diaper on his head. At one point the diaper falls off, and he hands it back to mom, who puts it back on his head, and he continues playing
we couldn't ask for better material to present to his first serious girlffriend!
2 hours later…
7:18 PM
@AarthiDevanathan @Beofett I've now closed it as "not a real question" because it can't be answered in its present form.
Looking forward to the chat session tonight! Only 40 minutes to launch!
warning: I will likely be pretty quiet. I am tiredface. I woke at 0430 this morning (that's 1030 for you, @Torben) sooooo
I hope my internet doesn't die again during the chat
it's died twice today so far
good luck!
@AarthiDevanathan given that the topic is site promotion, I think you need to grab a coffee and saddle up. Or, take a 20 min power nap starting NOW. :)
all right, all right. brews some tea
7:50 PM
all right, people are coming in. Looking good so far :-)
Hey there, @RegDwight :D
Me no people. Me bot.
LOL lies, I see you on English.
I just passed my Turing test.
@AarthiDevanathan How is that a contradiction?
English is full of bots.
7:56 PM
@RegDwightѬſ道 Discrete statements, actually.
My point exactly.
@RegDwightѬſ道 Wait, really?
Ask Lauren.
I will. Right now, in fact.
She simply looks puzzled.
in English Language and Usage, Mar 23 at 13:35, by Robusto
The fact is, when someone begins a sentence with "the fact is," that sentence will probably contain not a single provable fact.
Anyhow. Where is everybody? And why did I get invited, above all?
@RegDwightѬſ道 You found a quote in a transcript that is 8 months old -- that fast? How?
in English Language and Usage, Jun 17 at 12:36, by RegDwight
Tab number 4166624. Note the 666. Easy to remember.
Huh. :O
8:01 PM
in English Language and Usage, Sep 30 at 18:56, by RegDwight Ѭſ道
@MrShinyandNew安宇 I have every chat message open in a separate tab for quick and easy access later.
@RegDwightѬſ道 Chances are, this is everybody. And, I guess you popped in here once, hence the invite?
Dude, chat is beyond me.
@AarthiDevanathan Yeah, I suppose I did pop in at some point.
in English Language and Usage, Feb 17 at 19:07, by RegDwight
I'm on all sites 24/7.
Anyhow. Enough with the nonsense.
So, we're 1 minute into the chat, Aarthi. Time to say WELCOME EVERYONE and get this show on the road.
I should start by saying that I am not a parent. I am a child, though.
8:03 PM
We have 2 stack exchange staffers here, 2 moderators, and 2 users. Good mix.
Actually, I believe it is 3 stack exchange staffers, and 3 moderators?
Peter = one of us!
and yes, it's 3/3
Oh! I didn't know that
no users = sad face
Peter is new:
Posted by Alison Sperling on October 18th, 2011

Peter Grace joins Stack Exchange as Sysadmin in the NYC Headquarters, expanding the System Administration team to 3 people.  George, Kyle and Pete are working hard to make sure our growing sites continue to make the internet a better place.

Pete has been married to his lovely wife Kristy for eight years and they have two sons Nate, 3 and Ben, 1.  An avid gardener, Pete has successfully grown pumpkins, radishes, cucumbers, swiss chard, snow peas and more.  In his spare time, Pete enjoys playing computer games and guns with George. …

@Beofett Agreed. But we had this problem the last time, too.
8:05 PM
Uh, I count 2 parenting moderators. My greetings to other site mods but I was kinda trying to introduce everyone... fail?
@TorbenGundtofteBruun sorry, didn't mean to nitpick.
@Beofett I'm fine with corrections.
@RegDwight is an English mod, iirc.
more people are entering! Yay! And so many weird names :-) Hello, hello!
@AarthiDevanathan An English bot, ftfy.
8:07 PM
shh Don't give it away
You'll spoil the surprise.
@RegDwightѬſ道 As a blue diamond, you have the brute force fix for that.
Sorry, I won't fix myself.
That's not what I volunteered for.
@RegDwightѬſ道 broken beyond repair?
Anyhow. I didn't mean to disrupt this serious business.
Just trying to get some people over.
Did anyone hand out / hang up any of Jin's cool posters? meta.parenting.stackexchange.com/questions/257/…
8:09 PM
Kit right there is a parent, methinks. Also, not affiliated with Knight Industries.
I am not a parent. I am nosy
Hi @Matt!
hi @Kit :)
And @Aarthi, did anything noteworthy come of the pta.org advertisement? meta.parenting.stackexchange.com/questions/234/…
Oh gosh, hi everyone!
8:10 PM
hi @AarthiDevanathan!
(Am I the only one trying to get the topic started?)
Hi @Aarthi!
What topic?
leans back and enjoys a piece of good Swedish chocolate
@TorbenGundtofteBruun I have to admit that I did not. I could not think of any locations nearby where such an advertisement would be both permitted and relevant to our target population
leans back and enjoys a piece of good Russian chocolate
8:11 PM
@Kitḫ We scheduled this chat event to discuss site promotion tactics for parenting.se
@Kitḫ The "Site Promotion Discussion" that was scheduled for right now.
And to talk about future chat events :)
@Beofett kindergarten posterwall, office billboard near the canteen.
Oh, is that it? Well, then.
8:13 PM
Okay! Let's do this thing right!
@TorbenGundtofteBruun we're too early for kindergarten, and I work in a retirement living community, and we have no office billboard nor canteen :(
@Beofett aw shucks. Do your grocery stores perhaps have customer billboards? The kind where people can advertise their bikes and used kittens?
Er, kittens and used bikes!
Makes a note to post in our local stores
@TorbenGundtofteBruun Hrm, they might at that. I'll have to check and see what rules, if any, might apply
Whoa, it's @SteveJackson :D
unless I am misreading, it does not seem like there was a huge influx resulting from the pta ads :(
8:17 PM
We had....126 clicks
If i recall correctly.
So I'm not doing passive ads anymore.
@AarthiDevanathan that's very sad. How about that tv audience event? Was it the tonight show or something?
@AarthiDevanathan nods busy day - got the invite, but mostly lurking
The Today Show!
I went and scoped it out today. It's still a possibility, but I'm thinking it wouldn't be as useful / feasible as I'd thought.
@AarthiDevanathan I was close! Hey, actually I was spot on, just in another time zone!
8:19 PM
@SteveJackson I am glad it's 21:19 at my location. Today at work was crazy, no time for nothing.
@AarthiDevanathan would it be as high-visibility as we want, do you think?
That's part of it. It also probably wouldn't be the same kind of reach.
I dunno; the team and I have to think it over.
I am totally NOT a marketing mind, so I don't have a lot of ideas for BIG reach. I mostly think small. Local posters, posting on G+, etc.
@AarthiDevanathan I'm not sure how many people who regularly watch the Today show would be in the cross-over spot between stackexchange and parenting demographics
but perhaps I simply have an incorrect stereotypical view of their viewership
@Beofett There must be viewer statistics and metrics about this. But very likely not publicly available?
@TorbenGundtofteBruun I'm actually not opposed to this.
I'd just like to do one really big thing. Finding that, though, is way difficult.
8:23 PM
I'm not familiar with the show. I'd expect lots of parents everywhere.
@AarthiDevanathan Does SE have a marketing guru on staff? Any inputs from that front? Or from other sites' promotions?
@TorbenGundtofteBruun Nielsen has a full set of demographic data, statistics, and metrics, but I'm not sure if it is available
We should advertise on Teen Mom, or Toddlers and Tiaras, or another of those horrible reality shows about parents ruining their children's lives
@Beofett That's a US statistical institute, right? You could check out whether it's expensive to get hold of. If cheap enough, it might give you interesting pointers. Better yet, they might offer some tips or ideas, or other shows/events, if you tell them what you're trying to achieve (for a fee?).
@TorbenGundtofteBruun We do have one. Ummm. She was the one who mentioned that our font page looked like a guide to "how minimally can I parent and not get in trouble?" kind of site.
@AarthiDevanathan I don't think our questions are really that low-level? But granted, the site is a world apart from the usual online parenting hangouts and forums.
@TorbenGundtofteBruun They're actually international, but yes, I'm pretty sure they sell the data
8:29 PM
@Beofett You mean make a TV commercial that runs in a break in these shows? That sounds expensive, and that is the kind of show where I think the audience is beyond reach, pedagogically speaking.
@AarthiDevanathan I have to admit that my cousin, who I referred to this site, and who also is a) extremely geeky, b) a parent, and c) very active in online communities, said that she was surprised at how "dumb" some of the questions here were
@TorbenGundtofteBruun It's not that; it's that it was when the hotsaucing and the other questions were on the front page. We looked like a "Where's the line on abuse for parenting? How badly can I parent and get away with it?" kind of site.
@TorbenGundtofteBruun yeah, I'm sure that that is beyond the scope of any reasonable budget.
@Beofett That's also an issue. I don't think we necessarily have a quality problem...but I also often am able to answer questions by searching on BabyCenter.
@Beofett Alex says he would pay those people not to use our site :P
@AarthiDevanathan this is why I am so eager to see more research-based answers
@AarthiDevanathan lol
8:31 PM
@Beofett We also need more questions about older kids.
The only place I can think of where parents hang out and are receptive to Q&A is a pediatrician's office. There's tons of kids and parents at the zoo for instance, but I wouldn't be receptive to any kind of advertising there. The time I mainly think of parenting questions is at the doctor's and the rest of the time I muddle along like everyone else, I gather.
@AarthiDevanathan absolutely!! I can provide that in ... five to ten years?
@SteveJackson excellent input! makes another note to ask permission to hang a poster there
same boat as @Torben here :P
I know, I know. Aaaah.
We should get nannies on the site.
I feel like no one has more questions than someone dealing with another person's kids.
/mostly joking.
Is it possible to approach major pediatric hubs for some sort of partnership? An exchange of advertising on our site for displaying our posters in their waiting rooms?
8:35 PM
@AarthiDevanathan I stumbled onto sittercity.com yesterday. Can we advertise there? (I know you said passive adverts are dead.)
I just wouldn't want it to look like we were endorsing a particular doctor.
@TorbenGundtofteBruun Shiny. I'll look into it.
@AarthiDevanathan We have had some very good questions from sitters/nannies. And about them, too.
@AarthiDevanathan And they likely wouldn't want to look like they were endorsing content they didn't control.
internet... dying... again
8:38 PM
@SteveJackson I just realized our local hospital has a fantastic (uh, what's the english word?) "birth ward". That would be an obvious place to hang a poster!
@AarthiDevanathan I've seen ads on other SE sites that seem to be "voted" into position. Does SE also accept commercial ads or only community-generated ones?
Is that, "maternity ward" here?
@AarthiDevanathan YES! Where people go to get born and such. Their parents spend a lot of time walking up and down hallways...
@TorbenGundtofteBruun It's a tough call on that. I can offer our adspace, but I have to go through an approval process.
The sites where the community votes up ads: only graduated sites can do that.
@AarthiDevanathan Fine, if there's approval then I don't see a problem.
@TorbenGundtofteBruun That's sort of what I was thinking, I mean I was paralyzed with questions in the hospital. And there's all kinds of flyers and stuff in the OB (obstetrician's) office. It would be pretty hard to get permission in the US though.
8:41 PM
@AarthiDevanathan And we're far from graduating, so we'd need something that works in the beta stage. ("Far from" only means we need more traffic; quality is very good IMHO.)
approval means I have to show (1) that the partner would be awesome, and that (2) it would be relevant. There are more -- and I don't have the final say -- but that's the main requirements boiled down.
@TorbenGundtofteBruun See, but @Beofett's friend noting the "dumbness" of our questions is a quality issue.
Our hospital is dedicated to childbirth, and offers parenting classes. During those classes they handed out a number of resources, including a list of web resources for parents.
@AarthiDevanathan you're right, the first impression counts for a lot.
we're much better than some of the resources recommended, even with our "quality" issues
@Beofett sounds like a perfect opportunity! I only wish my geographical region wasn't so English-phobic...
8:43 PM
@AarthiDevanathan I'm actually not so sure about that. It's part of the reason a parenting Q&A site is tricky - there really isn't a stupid question, but once you know the answer its human nature to judge the asker as a simpleton for not knowing this fundamental question of child rearing which is, y'know perfectly natural and completely obvious to everyone.
/me peeks in
@TorbenGundtofteBruun Time to visit the UK then!
@Beofett: Killer question you just posted.
@TorbenGundtofteBruun snap that was you? :D love it!
8:45 PM
@HedgeMage Hjerteligt tillykke med fødselsdagen! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! Anata no tanjoubi o omedetou gozaimasu!
The whole "we need questions about older children" gave me a mini-brainstorm :P
@AarthiDevanathan You mean "move there". Hmm, I'm just settling in here. And I've already moved enough in my life.
and happy birthday, @HedgeMage!
@TorbenGundtofteBruun Nahh. A 3-month visit would achieve the same. :D
@Beofett My only concern is that this feels like astroturfing. Mind, I don't really have an issue with that. BUT. I don't want that to be the primary way of us getting views.
/tries something
@AarthiDevanathan Seeding questions was something we had discussed before, and I thought the official position was that it was "okay", at least in moderation
8:49 PM
@AarthiDevanathan /crowd expectantly goes quiet, waiting for the fireworks.
@Beofett Yes, seeding is very okay. But it can be hard, because if users ask clarifying questions of you, what do you say? So seeded questions need to be pretty self-contained.
Thanks @Beofett... I'd thank @TorbenGundtofteBruun but I have no idea what he said :P
@TorbenGundtofteBruun I refer to myself when I was that age, since I started smoking as a teen :P
@HedgeMage Danish, German, Japanese :) Guess what it means?
@Beofett Then it's not a cheat question -- rock on!!
(As an aside, one day I'll learn to say, "Rødgrød Med Fløde" correctly, @Torben)
@TorbenGundtofteBruun That makes more sense... it seemed long for "happy birthday" :)
8:51 PM
@AarthiDevanathan you're on your way! It's spelled right :-D
@TorbenGundtofteBruun Hooray Google!
So what did I miss? Anything interesting get decided?
@AarthiDevanathan do you have Android? It can read it aloud for you.
@TorbenGundtofteBruun Alas I do not.
it's like
@HedgeMage no decisions but some ideas are bouncing around
SIX MINUTES TO GO. -- Can someone throw in a surprise-perfect-suggestion before we close? (We won't really close; this'll go on for as long as we keep talking.)
8:54 PM
Sooo I'm thinking:
we get a ton of our traffic from google searches right?
Most healthy SE sites do
are you thinking google adwords? (was kinda thinking that stuff is already happening)
these are the top parenting-related searches
by competitive-ness
8:56 PM
So we need to start asking questions about grants for parents?
laughs no no!
@AarthiDevanathan darn! /me stops typing
but i'm going to be more cognizant of this from now on.
Ooh, an event?
@Beofett Woot! Actually there have been a few financial questions
8:56 PM
maybe more single-parenting questions?
@PeterGrace welcome to the end of the event :D
@TorbenGundtofteBruun having just applied for medical assistance for Hunter, I'm sure my wife and I could come up with a valid question or two
@aarthi LOL, my banner says "An event is starting in 13 minutes..."
I guess the cost of buying the word "parenting" on Google is astronomical?
@PeterGrace what.
@AarthiDevanathan I'm pretty good at answering them, but I can't think of any to ask :/
8:57 PM
@HedgeMage strokes chin
@PeterGrace did you last refresh the page 70 minutes ago? or did it get your time zone wrong?
@beofett ASD? We've gone through the medical assistance / IOP process recently too.
@HedgeMage that's my position too! :-/
@PeterGrace to be honest, I'm not sure of the details. I know we just got the doctor's letter confirming the diagnosis/evaluation, and my wife sent in the paperwork last week
@Torben my guess is that the random notification I heard 70 mins ago was in fact that little notification. But it didn't "*" the chat, so I wasn't sure which of my 10+ it came from.
8:58 PM
@TorbenGundtofteBruun In my experience, PPC ads don't get us very far. We've tried it before, and it's just not a great fit for the kinds of users we want to bring in.
@HedgeMage okay
@beofett nice, if it is indeed an ASD, and you got a medical diagnosis, you're sort of ahead of the curve, at least for our area. Developmental pediatricians have year-plus waiting lists around here.
@AarthiDevanathan As a former (smoking) latch-key child of a single working mother, I'll see if I can come up with some decent ones :P
Nate's appointment is next week
he's had a clinical/psychological diagnosis, but not the medical diagnosis which infers some other meaning on his care
@PeterGrace ah, just figured out ASD
9:00 PM
@Beofett Better: ask your mother.
no, Hunter has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis
@AarthiDevanathan I would if I were talking to her :P (too bad she didn't have this site back then!)
@beofett that sucks. Good luck.
@PeterGrace thanks. so far he's completely asymptomatic, and we're asking for re-testing for the genetic markers, since there's been a number of odd things in the process so far
9:01 PM
@beofett is there a history in either side of the family?
@PeterGrace One possible instance 2-3 generations back on my wife's side
@Beofett Ahhh. And yes, a shame for her.
Well. Okay, so we're over time.
the problem is the definition of CF is so nebulous, especially when going strictly by genetic markers (of which there are over 1300 known) in an asymptomatic case
@AarthiDevanathan I think this was a good start
We have nannies/sitters, single parents, older children/teen questions, and...yes.
I think what we as a group should focus most on is building our internal sense of community.
To wit, the chat events and topics and stuff:
Q: What would be good topics for chat events?

Torben Gundtofte-BruunAlthough the two chat-event-related meta questions (1) (2) have not yet received very many answers, the chat room itself has been chock full of topic suggestions recently. It's a gold mine! I think we should save all those great suggestions as meta answers here. Let's hear your suggestions for ...

goes and upvotes that sheepishly
I'll keep looking out for real life promotion options, but I strongly believe that if we develop a stronger site identity, we'll be better able to promote, just as a general thing.
@AarthiDevanathan you're right about that! The site may look so-so from the outside, but I think insiders value it.
9:07 PM
Meanwhile, I'm going to work on getting a house ad up for this site across the SE.com network
I've been putting off getting that done properly. I should stop being a lazybones :P
@TorbenGundtofteBruun Agreed. I know I sounded really critical of the site, but that wasn't my inherent purpose.
@AarthiDevanathan the fact is, with all the competition out there, first impressions really are important
Also very much agreed.
@AarthiDevanathan Criticism is always valuable! In marketing they say there's no better customer than an unhappy one because he tells you what to improve. Happy customers (=users) are useless, marketing-wise.
It would be nice if the default view for new visitors was a sorted list of highest-voted questions, instead of the active ones
@TorbenGundtofteBruun This is very true. Lord knows it's true for lots of other things, as well.
Failure (real or perceived) and detractors are the most valuable things of all.
9:11 PM
@Beofett YES! Can we have that? We already have the feature that 200+ rep removes ads, and this ties right in. -- Only show top posts until you're logged in.
well, I'm out. Time to head out to pick up the kiddo. Thanks, everyone!
@Beofett When we link-out the site, we could link to this instead
@TorbenGundtofteBruun I'd love either that, or by views
@Beofett /waves
@Beofett /waves~
9:13 PM
So....yeah this was awesome. ;D
@PeterGrace if you have a lightning bolt of an idea for Parenting ever, omg please to poke me.
@aarthi sure, if I think of anything I'll let ya know.
well then. :D @Torben thank you for helping me set this up and being so vocal and active and stuff :D
G'night all! I got some ideas from this session (mostly places I could hang Jin's posters), and also a few ideas for seed questions.
@AarthiDevanathan you're welcome! I can't help it.
It's welcomed :D
And I am about to fall asleep on my feet. So. Adieu, all!
9:17 PM
@aarthi toodles
9:29 PM
by, @AarthiDevanathan
I'm happy to stay and keep chatting a bit, so if anybody has any big ideas... :)

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