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6:29 AM
7:03 AM
askubuntu.com/q/1377998/1460940. Can you move the comments to a chat? @Zanna
7:51 AM
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@Algnis no need, the comments are no longer needed, so I deleted them
what was all that you wrote in comments on OP's answer about "giving credit"? Others should give credit to you by deleting their useful answers? That's not what I meant when I said giving credit was nice (also I don't recall getting any credit from you for my Bash function hahaha)
@Algnis if OP writes an answer saying exactly what they did, it's terrible to ask them to delete it
please don't do that
if they copy and paste your answer then it can be deleted
but in that case OP posted a valuable and detailed account of their steps
you asked them to give credit to you, but not to the author of the answer you asked them to follow and you yourself did not give credit to the author of that answer
I am not very impressed
8:10 AM
I am sorry for that
I shouldn't have recommended deletion
But though I spent an hour just on it and I was so frustrated
what was frustrating?
Seating in front of screen for hours waiting for reply
You know, it's entirely your choice to engage with a question. You really don't have to sit there waiting for someone else to reply. You are free to do whatever else you want to do.
@Zanna yeah, but I wanted to help that as I felt like I was correct with that solution
in any case, it's not the other person's fault that you're frustrated by their slowness. We might be keenly glued to AU all day long, but other people have other stuff to do
8:16 AM
What do you mean by I didn't give you any credit? Haven't I said thanks? Where do you want me to give your credit
I understand it can be difficult to be patient, but this kind of thing happens verrrrry often. So patience is an essential learning here
@Zanna I know, also I am really patient about reaching to 1K
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@Algnis I'm just joking around, but you were being so secretive about some question you wanted to answer using the code you were asking for... If other people helped you write an answer, you can give them credit in the answer
@Zanna Haha the question wasn't on any SE ate
see for example this answer of mine
and also the last revision here - this is giving credit
8:22 AM
@Zanna I wasn't knowing that you also ask questions and give answers (LOL Don't take it seriously please)
9:18 AM
it has been known to occur
@Zanna Are you aswering my question in Islands of whatever
no... I try not to be that confusing... I was responding to your immediately preceding remark
as in, me making posts on AU has been known to occur
I was just talking that nowadays I don't see you answering much
yes... I mean it has been known to occur, possibly in the ancient mists of time
11:13 AM
@Natty tp
@Natty tp
@Natty I am not sure if I have to flag it as spam or not @Zanna
@Natty ne
@Natty ne
11:27 AM
@Algnis seems to be a link only answer, which should be flagged as not an answer, not as spam
@Natty fp
Invalidated the previous feedback on askubuntu.com/a/1378026
@Natty fp
Invalidated the previous feedback on askubuntu.com/a/1378031
@Algnis "ne" means "needs edit" - if the answer is okay even without editing, reply "fp"
although to be fair I really have no grasp of when "ne" should be used... maybe whenever the post could possibly benefit from an edit... that doesn't really make sense to me, but I may be totally wrong
12:03 PM
Why is this yellow
I can't see anything yellow there
can you describe what part of the picture you mean?
1:06 PM
@Zanna Q: Proper way to remove the certificate from trust list
Only that question is yellow
1:24 PM
@Natty tp
Yay!!! I am finally 1k rep
I am not so happy because I didn't get many privileges
Those privileges I got are useless!
1:50 PM
@Natty fp
@Natty @Zanna I first edited the post and then replied fp is it ok? Or I should have first replied ne and then edit it and reply fp
@Natty Also look at a flag done by me on the post, I am not sure what kind if flags should I use and when should I use!!
@Zanna Can I ask a meta-question related to guidelines for flagging
@Algnis oh you mean the highlighting? That's because you're following one (or more) of the tags on the question
@Algnis privileges?
@Algnis yes, it make no difference - Natty stores the version of the post it saw, which is the earliest version
@Algnis this is a thank you post - that can be flagged as not an answer
@Algnis you can, but there are already some meta posts about that
@Zanna this also means it's a good idea to click the "Sentinel" link before replying to Natty, because the post might have been edited - we should give feedback to Natty based on the version Natty saw
@Natty tp
Invalidated the previous feedback on askubuntu.com/a/1378051
@Algnis that one was tp
thank you post is a common type of post we consider not an answer, it's tp for Natty
Q: How do I flag correctly?

Byte CommanderAs there are many complaints about uncertainty of which flag to use for what post and even conflicting feedbacks from different moderators or established users, I would like to see some kind of official flagging checklist / decision helper / cheat sheet which can be followed by all flaggers and r...

I don't think that guide is as comprehensive as it could be
personally, I have never found the apple picture illuminating
it explains what we consider not an answer
Ok @Zanna
@Zanna yes, 1k users get so dumb privileges
Like what would I even do by seeing vote counts ?
And why do I want to create rooms for specific user
oh that's a really useful thing I think
you click the score number next to a post and you can see the up and down votes on it
2:04 PM
That is so dumb
I wanted to have some good privileges
Like Edit, Reviews, OPen and close votes or some other
There are not so many benefits from any of the privileges I have got so far, Except comments and chat rooms
imho, the most useful privileges come first, like being able to vote, flag and comment
Yeah, that are the only privelliges I like so far
I wanted edit privileges
@Algnis you've been gaining reputation very fast... don't you think that more time to learn how to edit and close would be valuable?
Or access to some Qeues
@Algnis that is my favourite privilege as you might imagine from my editing record hahaha
2:08 PM
@Zanna Not so much, As editing is just improving kinda grammar stuff
I think the number 1 editing thing needed is formatting
most people can write pretty okay, but they don't know how to use markdown
I didn't become a prolific editor until some time after I got the editing privilege
because I hadn't finished learning markdown and the style conventions of the site
Well... In that case, other people can help (like you)... But still instant edits are kinda useful
definitely, especially when the Suggested Edits queue is so slow
And other stuff like queus and close and open votes
@Zanna yeah it is too slow, most of my edits take years to get accepted
that really takes a lot of time to learn
much harder than flagging
2:11 PM
@Zanna Well I don't think it will take me a lot of time to reach 2k hahahahah
As I am having like one of the most rep in quarter
close votes you get at 3k
@Zanna That is so dumb!!!!!!
Close votes are so dumb
It is same as flagging
IDK what is so good in that
the thing is that it is difficult to do correctly
But I hope I will reach 100K soon (before the end of this year)
@Algnis you do know that you don't get rep for editing after that, right?
2:15 PM
Yeah I know
I don't want that 2 rep
I hope so at the end of this year we both reach 100K (especially you)
this year? hahaha no chance I will reach 100k
You will
I have no need for more reputation
2:16 PM
You have a full month
Yeah that is true you have literally every privilege
but what is going to happen soon is that we are going to start getting hats
I will do my best to get a lot of hats
wait and see - soon you will know :)
it's a thing that happens in December
Hun Can I have a brief idea ?
A thing I noticed is as I am having more rep more people are replying, communicating and up voting my answers
Q: What is Winter Bash all about?

G M RameshI would like to know what winter hats are all about. Do they add any reputation or badges later? I'm excited about these winter hats.

oh... the FAQ is giving 404
I hope that doesn't mean it's not going to happen this year
1 hour later…
3:48 PM
@Zanna According to Natty's documentation, ne should be fed to Natty when "... the post reported by the bot is badly formatted and needs an edit." IMO this does make sense, as Natty has various reasons that it uses to decide whether to report a post or not. If a post needs to be edited and an edit alters one of these reasons (most edits do), then the post should be reported as ne.
In most cases, if I edit an answer caught by Natty, then I report it as ne. The main exception is when I edit a reported answer that only needs a typo fixed or something similarly minor.
oh thanks! the reason list is helpful!
4:30 PM
You're welcome! :)
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